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Ultrasorbs DryPads Help Reduce Risk of Pressure Sores for Incontinent Bed-Ridden Persons

by Barbara 29. May 2011 13:08

Question about the Ultrasorb Underpads.

Q: "How do I choose from the three types of Ultrasorb Underpads? How do Ultrasorbs differ from other incontinent underpads? Thanks. Sue"

Answer: Ultrasorbs underpads are cost-effective because they protect against leakage that leads to multiple linen and underpad changes. Ultrasorb underpads are found in 1 in 6 U.S. hospitals today.  The high-strength design reduces the need for multiple drawsheets for positioning. One Ultrasorbs does the job of up to 4 regular underpads. Ultrasorbs respects individuals  as the thermo-bonded SuperCore™ pulls moisture away quickly and locks it away from the skin so patients don't feel uncomfortable. The aiir-permeable, crinkle-free design is quiet, comfortable and discreet.  Odor control makes care more pleasant, visits with family and friends more dignified. Ultrasorbs are compatible with low-air-loss mattresses used to prevent pressure ulcers. Hospitals and nursing homes use this as a catheter alternative as indwelling catheter usage is curtailed over CAUTI concerns. Clinically shown to help maintain skin integrity as part of an overall pressure ulcer prevention program. 

There are three kinds of Ultrasorbs:

The original premium Ultrsorb AP or Air permeable pad. Indications: Open air continence management, ICU/CCU patients who should not be moved or disturbed, ER/OR for absorbing significant or ongoing fluid loss and any place where skin dryness is needed.

  •  Patented SuperCore® absorbent draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the 
     touch in just minutes.
  •  Manufactured under U.S. patent number 6,675,702.
  •  Lies flat when wet thanks to SuperCore®  technology, without bunching,  swelling or disintegrating.
  •  AquaShield film provides leakage protection that means fewer linen changes—no double-  padding needed!
  •  Air permeable for added comfort,   dryness and no embarrassing plastic film crinkling.
  •  Effective for use with low-air-loss mattress therapy—protects the bedding and permits airflow.

ULTRASORBS UF (Ultra-Fresh)  Indications: Use Ultrasorbs UF for the same cases as Ultrasorbs AP, plus when odor control due to liquid incontinence is a concern.

  •  Antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh™ protection inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeasts that can cause odors
  •  Locks odor-causing moisture away in the SuperCore® layer
  •  Makes for a fresher room
  •  All the absorbency and dry comfort features of the original Ultrasorbs AP

Premium Drypad & Drawpad ULTRASORBS® ES (Extra-Strength) Indications: Use Ultrasorbs ES for the same cases as Ultrasorbs AP,plus when the practice of stacking extra layers of pads, linens and drawsheets is of concern.

  • Lets you move, lift and position up to 325-pound
  • Innovative LiftSupport backsheet technology resists tearing
  • Eliminates the need and expense of extra draw sheets and reusable underpads for most patients.
  • All the absorbency and dry comfort features of the original Ultrasorbs AP


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