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Havahart Cage Traps for Trapping Animals Like Raccoons and Possums

by Barbara 17. April 2011 09:39

Question about Havahart cage traps to catch nuisance animals like raccoons,

Q: "I am not sure which live animal trap would work the best for me. We live in town. There is a large county park about 15 miles away. If we can catch the raccoons and possums, we could take them there to release them. What Havahart trap or traps do you suggest? Thanks. Tom"

Answer:The main differences among the Havahart traps are the physical size, the number of doors and whether the cage collapses. So base your choice on size of the animal, your comfort with one or two door release systems and storage space.

These are the main types of live catch traps by Havahart, a Woodstream Company

Any of these live catch traps would work. The last two traps are easy set-easy reliease. Choose according to price and size of the animal. If it is a really large raccoon get the 42 inch trap.

The best baits for raccoons are

◊ Fish, fresh or canned
◊ Honey or sugar covered vegetables
◊ Smoked fish
◊ Watermelon
◊ Sweet corn
◊ Cooked fatty meat
◊ Crisp bacon
◊ Marshmallows are a favorite!

Good luck! Thanks for your question.



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