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AquaPod Stores Emergency Water for Drinking, Cooking, Toilets, Etc.

by Barbara 7. March 2011 11:04

Question about the AquaPod Kit Deluxe Emergency Water Storage Kit

Q: "We live in Louisiana. Sometimes our municipal water plant issues warnings that water will be shut off for several hours. Sometimes we get hurricane warnings. How does the AquaPod Water Storage Kit Work? How good is the water as far as taste, etc.? We don't drink a lot of water but we do need to be able to flush toilets, cook, have water for tea and coffee, etc. Thanks. Sue."

Answer: The AquaPod fits in any bathtub and is easily filled using the tub spout. The AQUAPODKIT-DELUXE model lets you store 65 gallons of water, a 14 day supply for a family of 4. There is a hand pump so you can take out what you need without wasting water. Taste tests from customers say the water may take on a bit of a plastic taste after a month or so. Rarely is someone out of water for that long a time! Most toilets today can be adjusted to flush on 3 gallons of water or less. So if used wisely, only for the "big" uses, you can get quite a few flushes from one AquaPod filling.

Remember that reusing juice containers, milk bottles, etc. increases the risk of bacteria growing that could cause intestinal and other issues.

There are actually two AquaPod Kits. The basic kit, AquaPod Kit Emergency Water Storage, AQUADPODKIT-1, comes with a single liner. The  Aqua Pod Kit Deluxe is reusable: it comes with three liners. Additional liners are available at a reasonable cost. This water storage kit is a closed system made of a low density polyethylene bag and a manual hand pump is a practical way to solve emergency storage needs without buying, carrying and storing 65 gallons of bottled water.

Each Aqua Pod Deluxe Kit Contains:

* 3 disposable tub liners, each 40 inches by 80 inches. This will fit in a Jacuzzi tub or standard 5 feet tub. An average tub holds 70 gallons.

* 2 disposable tie clamps to hold the bag to water spigot during approximate 10 minute time that it takes to fill the bag. (Dependent upon water pressure.)

* 1 reusable pump with locking system. Locks the pump to the liner bag.

* FDA approved plastic, LDPE Plastic. Low Density Polyethylene Plastic.

* Shelf Life of the Kit and Liners : Up to 10 years depending upon storage.

* Made in the USA.

Thanks for your questions.

Sincerely, Barbara