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EVA Foam Interlocking Mats and Carpeting for Home, School or Trade Shows

by Barbara 6. September 2010 08:07

Question about the Alessco SoftFloors Interlocking Foam,Inside(Navy Blue)

Q: "I need to set up a trade show booth. Can you give me more information about this jig-saw puzzle type foam square floor covering? And how do I figure out what I need. Thanks, Tom."

Answer: The Alessco Softfloors squares are made of closed cell EVA foam. The thickness of each pad is about 5/8 inch. Each square is 2 feet by 2 feet. The pieces interlock tightly to form a resilient surface to cut down on fatigue from standing long periods of time in one place. We have a calculator on our website to help you determine how many interior, exterior and corner pieces you'll need for your exhibition space. Here is the mat selection "wizard. Alessco Softfloors and Carpet Selection Guide.

Another popular choice for trade shows is the Alessco SoftCarpets Carpet Tiles, Border, Navy Blue.

The Soft Carpets are made of sturdy yet attractive 100% polypropylene, known as PP carpet which is a commercial grade carpet. The carpet is then bonded to a closed cell EVA foam, also known as ethylene vinyl acetate foam. EVA foam gives the carpet tiles a foam-like consistency, making it ideal for commercial display areas,

Both the SoftFloors and the SoftCarpets come in a number of colors. For discounts on larger quantities, contact us directly.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara