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Quantum Eye II, 3 Color Biomimetric Sensor Passive Spot Carbon Monoxide Monitor

by Barbara 17. July 2010 14:07

Question about the Quantum Eye II passive carbon monoxide disposal spot monitor.

Q: "Why would you recommend this carbon monoxide monitor over the single color spot monitors that are much less expensive? I can buy them almost anywhere. Thanks. John, the Private Pilot.

Answer: The less expensive spot monitors show only safe (yellow) and dangerous (dark) carbon monoxide conditions. As a former private pilot, I had one of the single yellow spot monitors stuck to the instrument panel. I did not know there was any other kind. When the spot turned dark, you'd best have an airfield in sight. Carbon monoxide effects one's ability to think straight. I heard a story from an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) in Minnesota about an experienced pilot whose muffler was leaking CO into the cockpit and needed help from the FBO to find the field and land the plane. He was lucky he didn't pass out first!

The Quantum Eye II has three colors, yellow for safe, green for caution or ventilate and dark blue for evacuate. Once out of the carbon monoxide, the sensor will regenerate. Sensor life is about 18 months. Obviously, this is not for the color blind pilot.

We also sell these to forklift drivers in warehouses, truck drivers and home owners who want an extra safety device say on their refrigerator.

A better choice are the 9Volt RV or Marine units. Unfortunately, at this time, Costar/Quantum is manufacturing only 12V units. The standard home 9Volt battery units are not made for high temperatures or high humidity. There are 12V RV units available. However, for aviation use, you need to get an FAA approval to mount permanently any non-aviation approved device in an airplane.

Thanks for your question. Fly safely.

Sincerely, Barbara