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Grandpa Pine Tar Soaps and Shampoos for Relief of Psoriasis, Dandruff, Eczema, Etc.

by Barbara 14. July 2010 09:33

Question about Grandpa Brands Pine Tar Soaps, and shampoos.

Q; "What makes this soap and the shampoos superior to others on the market? What ingredients make them remove the scales?"Thanks. Dave

Answer: First, time testing. Since 1878, Grandpa's pine tar soap has been popular with customers who find it an excellent bar soap for bathing and showering, use the rich pine soap lather for shaving and also as a shampoo. It is all natural plus being 100% biodegradable. As well as helping to remove scales of psoriasis, dandruff, eczema and other skin irritations, this pine tar soap moisturizes and deodorizes.

The active ingredients are the finest pine tar and all vegetable oils with high glycerine content. Grandpa's soap uses only the finest pine tar oil, pinus palustris, in its formulation. No colors or fragrances are added to mask the rich brown color and distinctive scent of natural pine tar oil soap. This is the popular 3.25 oz. soap bar. Other formulations include a pine tar oil shampoo and a pine tar conditioner.

Wonderful Pine Tar Soap Ingredients:Coconut oil, palm oil, purified water, pine tar oil, (Pinus palustris), vegetable glycerin.

We offer a sampler with one 8 oz. Bottle of Pine Tar Shampoo,one 8 oz. Bottle of Pine Tar Hair Conditioner,one 8 oz. Bottle of Pine Tar Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gel and two 3.25 oz. Bars of Wonder Pine Tar Soap

Individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and/or a case of 25 bars of soap are available as well.

Thank you for your question.



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