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Xtra Fresh Air XFA-1500 Air Purifier Use UV-C and Fit in Return Air Ducts

by Barbara 21. June 2010 07:10

Question about the Xtra Fresh Air XFA-1500

Q: "How does this air purifier work? Can I install it myself? Does it fit all return air ducts?" Thanks. Steve.

Answer: The Xtra Fresh Air XFA-1500 replaces the Solaire unit that we previously sold. (If you need replacement bulbs for the Solaire, we have those available. Yes, you can install this unit and it will fit all cold air return air ducts. Where it goes in in the duct work nearest to the air filter.

The X-tra Fresh Air Purifier is a UV-C germicidal light element device that is set to turn on when the blower on your HVAC system is on. For best results, leave the blower running all the time. At a minimum, run the unit during summer if you live in a humid environment and use central air.

  • UV-C Germicidal Lamp Element: Produces cleansing rays similar to solar rays. Bathes cold air return (duct work) of central heating and cooling systems with germicidal UV-C rays!
  • Power Cord: Fast, Easy, Convenient. No hard wiring required. Plug Xtra Fresh Air into the nearest 110 volt outlet. Power cord is 9 feet long with 2-prong plug.
  • O3: Generates super Oxygenated Air (O3) in a scientifically-proven, safe, balanced concentration of 20 to 30 parts per billion (PPB) to purifier and freshen your household air … odors are destroyed, not masked.
  • Secure-hold Magnets: Simple installation and maintenance as magnets securely hold the Xtra Fresh Air unit in place no screws, and a simple fast cleaning and bulb replacement.

The only maintenance is a yearly change of the germicidal bulb. The bulb may appear to be working but it has lost its ability to provide UV-C and O3.

Along with the Xtra Fresh Air, we recommend installing an Envirosept electronic furnace filter panel if your panel size is one inch thick. These units come in dozens of sizes. Just see what size replaceable filter you are using and purchase accordingly. Just slip into the filter opening, plug into a nearby outlet and begin to work. Change filters every few weeks to monthly depending upon your needs. Here at the office, we change ours out every two to three weeks because of all the printers in use.

Thank you for your questions.