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Economical My Weigh Baby Scale or Seca Baby Scale for Breast Fed Baby ?

by Barbara 21. September 2009 12:32

Question about the My Weigh and Seca Baby Scales

Q: "I'm looking for a baby or infant scale to track our baby's weight since my wife and I are tracking our baby's weight while breastfeeding. We'd like a digital scale but not one that will break the bank." Thanks. Bill

Answer: There are many baby scales from which to choose. Most are intended for medical professionals and include computer interfaces and special features.

I recommend these three electronic baby scales as being quite accurate and reasonably priced for at home use. Each one has a TARE function to zero out baby's clothing, an auto dampening function for accurate weight of a squirming baby and a removable weighing cradle. All have digital read-outs and operate on batteries. 

1. The My Weigh MBS-2010 has a 44 pound capacity and retails for about $179. Accuracy: +-0.5 oz.

2. The My Weigh MBS-55 has a 55 pound capacity and retails currently for $169.00 Accuracy: +- 0.1oz, 0.005lb or 0.002kg, 2.0g.

3. The Seca 354 Electronic Digital Baby Scale with Breast Milk Intake Function and 44 Lb./20 Kg. Capacity. Current MSRP: about $200. This portable baby scale offers BMIF (Breast Milk Intake Function). With the breast-milk-intake function, easily determine the exact amount of breast milk intake of a baby. 

The My Weigh scales are typically discounted more than the Seca. All three are quite accurate.

Thanks for your question.

Enjoy your baby!

Sincerely, Barbara

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