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Advantages of Koolatron MK12 Propane Mosquito Trap with Electric Fan

by Barbara 1. August 2009 06:39

Question about Koolatron Mosquito Trap, the Guardian Mosquito Trap MK12

Q: "How difficult is it to install and maintain the MK12 Koolatron mosquito trap?" Thanks.

Answer: I recommend this unit because it is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up and maintain and should give you years of mosquito control.

It takes me about 5 minutes to set up the MK12 propane mosquito trap. That includes moving the unit from storage on my back porch, installing the propane tank and turning on the gas (screw on after setting it on the unit's base), plugging in the cord to an outside outlet, hanging the octenol attractant and lighting the flame. The only maintenance is changing out the propane tank few months or so and replacing the octenol every 3 weeks. I suggest you weigh the full tank and an empty tank so you have an idea when a tank is really empty. Here in Iowa you get charged for a fill whether that is 5 lbs or 20 lbs. And shaking out the capture container at the end of the season or more often if your mosquito population is out of control. (The mosquitoes dry up and disintegrate into almost dust like particles).  

The MK12 uses both electricity and propane. Remember that propane is a major attractant. A female mosquito senses the CO 2 and moisture from the gas burner from up to 40 ft. away. The mosquito flies toward this "breathing" creature. At about 15 ft, the female mosquito senses temperature like a living creature (thermal imaging), tried to "bite" and gets sucked into the unit by the fan. I've been using this unit in my Iowa backyard for over 4 years. I rarely see a mosquito. Thank you for your queestion.

Sincerely, Barbara