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Using Original TV Ears Wireless TV Headset with Hearing Aids

by Barbara 17. July 2009 07:55

Question about the product Product Code: TV Ears Original System 10041 TV-10041

Q: "How are they hearing aid compatible? My parents both wear hearing aids and want to watch TV using a wireless headphone system. They want to leave their hearing aids in at all times while watching TV in case of company. This product looks awkard to put in your ears while hearing aids are in place. Please advise... Help!! Thanks.."

Answer: The headsets do work in conjunction with hearing aids. When I say they work in conjunction, I am basically saying that unlike other headsets you will not hear a large beeping or buzzing sound when trying to place them on top of your hearing aids.

If your parents would like to have a wireless headset and still wear their hearing aids, they have 2 options. I recommend the second option if your parents' hearing aids are T-Coil enabled.

1. Rest the TV Ears headset on top of their hearing aids while watching TV
2. Purchase our Neck Loop system.This would require purchases the TV Ears Pro Unit as that headset can communicate with a T-Coil enabled hearing aid. The Loop operates at 32 Ω (ohms) input w/ 3.5mm plug. This television hearing assist device is identical to the TV Ears with the added features of an input and output jack in the headset. The television head set jacks allow for the addition of many helpful accessories to the TV Ears unit. The link hangs around their neck and creates a temporary “looped” environment. In order for the Link to work with their hearing aid they will need to look to see if their hearing aids have a “T-Switch” on them.

If you choose either unit, please remember to purchase the second headset. Each TV Ears unit can handle up to 2 headsets.

Thank you for your question. Let us know if we can help you further.

Sincerely, Barbara


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