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50 UPF Sunday Afternoons Hats Mean No Sunscreen Drips Into Eyes

by Barbara 10. June 2009 11:08

Question about effectiveness and comfort of SundayAfternoons Hats versus using sunscreen on your face.

Q: "I am a native Floridian and have paid my dues over the past 10 years as I have skin cancer after skin cancer removed from those many years outside in the sun. Now I never go outdoors unprotected: I apply heavy duty sunscreen after every morning shower. If I perspire a lot, the sunscreen drips into my eyes which is uncomfortable at best. Do you have personal experience with the Sunday Afternoons sunhats? How effective are these sun hats at keeping my face, ears and neck safe from the sun? Would I still need sunscreen on my face?" Thanks. Gail

Answer: Yes I do have personal experience with the Sunday Afternoons hats and had one skin cancer removed from my forehead two years ago. (Who wore sunscreen in the 40's, 50's and 60's?) After day one in Hawaii in October 2008, I concluded I would wear my Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat (bought in Palm Desert, CA in 2003 at the encouragement of a friend) and not wear sunscreen. (I had a miserable day one due to the sunscreen dripping into my eyes and ended up dumping bottled water on my face to try to wash them out on three occasions.)

I was surprised that I didn't even need my sunglasses most of the day as the darker underside of the hat plus the large brim shaded my eyes . Indeed, these hats are light weight and give 360 degree solar cover from both UVA and UVB rays. In fact the hats were awarded an unprecedented 13 point utility patent fro sun protection. Except for the mesh ventilation inserts, the hats are rated at 50 UPF which is the highest rating given for clothing for ultraviolet protection against solar rays.

The unisex adventure hat and the Sunday Afternoon sports hats are our more popular sellers.

The adventure hat has these features:
# Rear sizing tape for custom fit.
# Hook and loop closure raises veil off neck
# Moisture wicking sweatband
# Down sloped 4 inch brim is flexible and shades entire face.
# Chin strap with cord lock
# 7.5 inch veil for neck and ears.
# Foam core brim floats.
# Dark underside of hat for eye comfort.

The unisex sports hat is similar. Other styles are available and all come in a variety of colors.

Thanks for your question. Stay safe in the sun!
Sincerely, Barbara.