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How to Install a Mirror over a Bathroom Mirror Defogger

by Barbara 4. April 2009 09:24

Question about the product Product Code: = 120 Volt Heated Mirror Defogger Model CL-MIR18P75W120V. that defogs a mirror area up to 18 inches x 25.25 inches.

Q: "Can the mirror be glued to the wall over this mirror defogger? Or does the mirror have to be clip mounted? Can the defogger element be wired to the light switch for on and off control? Thanks." Julie.

Answer: Yes, you can glue the mirror to the wall over this unit as long as you do not get glue on the unit itself. Installation of the mirror defogger element by Calorique is simple. Stick the defogger element to the wall, make a few simple electrical connections and replace your mirror. You can wire the unit into a light switch.Power consumption is 75 Watts. Included are attached 18 inch lead wires for hard-wiring.

Thank you for your question. Smile when you look in the mirror after stepping out of your shower!

Sincerely, Barbara


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