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Which Outdoor Mosquito Trap is Best for Me?

by Barbara 13. February 2009 06:10

Question about Koolatron Bite Shield and Mosquito Magnet mosquito traps, the Koolatron Bite Shield Mosquito Trap MK14, the Koolatron Guardian Mosquito Trap MK12,the Bite Shield Protector Indoor or Outdoor 1/4 Acre Mosquito Trap, the Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect and Mosquito Trap and the Koolatron Champion Mosquito Trap MK05G.  The current models of the Mosquito Magnet Traps are the Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap, Propane And Batteries and the Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap, Made in USA that uses batteries rather than electricity

Q: "Summers are miserable in my backyard because of mosquitoes. My land drains well so there are no standing water issues. But the mosquitoes just swarm. My yard is about 1/4 acre. Which mosquito trap would be most effective? What are the pros and cons of each unit?" Thanks. Fred.

Answer: Using either a Koolatron Bite Shield or Woodstream Mosquito Magnet trap would greatly reduce the mosquito population in your yard if run continuously throughout the season. Performance is better if you replace the optional Lurex Attractant or Octenol Attractant every 3 weeks in your Mosquito Magnet. Hang a Bite Shield Octenol 3 Mosquito Attractant Lure 2/PK on your Bite Shield Mosquito Traps to increase their catch rate. Also you need to get the unit running at the start of the season. If you live in town, I recommend that you encourage your neighbors to drain standing water and install traps, too. If you have standing water, then you need to use osquito Dunks Standing Water Mosquito Control, 6/PK.

I recommend that you choose a mosquito trap based upon these factors: Availability of electricity in an area downwind from your home. Physical ability to carry and attach a 20 lb. tank of propane. Willingness to keep tabs on the propane tank's level and change out the tank with a filled one every few weeks. Optimizing performance by replacing the octenol attractant every three weeks. Square footage of the area you wish to protect.

For example, the Bite Shield MK12 and the Bite Shield MK14 use propane and are effective for up to 1 acre. The Bite Shield MK05G uses only electricity and is effective for up to 1/2 acre.

The most expensive and newest premium mosquito trap from Koolatron is the Bite ShieldMK14 that uses only propane. Needing no electricity, this mosquito trap with wheels is easily moved for best placement depending upon prevailing winds The best placement for all traps is 30 to 40 feet down wind from the area to be protected and near busy and leafy plants without strong odor. The propane needs replaced about once per month.

The MK12 uses both electricity and propane. Remember that propane is a major attractant. A female mosquito senses the CO 2 and moisture from the gas burner from up to 40 ft. away. The mosquito flies toward this "breathing" creature. At about 15 ft, the female mosquito senses temperature like a living creature (thermal imaging), tried to "bite" and gets sucked into the unit by the fan. I've been using this unit in my Iowa backyard for over 4 years. My placement of the unit is not the best yet the mosquitoes are a non-issue most of the time. I have an outside outlet on my patio so I don't use an extension cord. (I have about 1/3 acre fenced plus the hillside behind the house which is another 1/2 acre.)

The MK05G Mosquito Guardian is the smallest and least expensive unit and uses only electricity. Set it to operate only after sundown or throughout 24 hours. It uses 71 watts, is UL Listed and is about 12 inches in diameter and about 11 inches high. Again, this unit works better with octenol. My son in Minneapolis has used his for several years with no operational issues and with very good but not excellent results for mosquitoes and biting flies since no one around him has a unit.

The Mosquito Magnet traps from Woodstream have the advantages that they do not need an electrical outlet in order to operate. The Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap uses C cells while the Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap uses a rechargeable battery that should last an entire season in more Northern climates. In Florida and similar areas, mosquito traps are needed most of the year. These units are both made in the USA. The Bite Shield larger units are made in Canada.

I hope this has helped you make your choice.

Sincerely, Barbara