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Bird Gel Bird Repellent Gel and Liquid Active Ingredients

by Barbara 8. February 2009 08:55

Question about Bird Proof Gel and Bird Proof Liquid.

Q: "I have birds perching on my gutters and store sign. Sometimes customers have to duck and sometimes they get a messy surprise on their clothing. I would prefer to avoid products that are noisy or toxic. What are the active ingredients in Bird Proof Gel and Bird Proof Liquid? Are they toxic?" Thanks. Steve.

Answer: Bird-Proof Gel is EPA registered (708, EPA Est. # 1621-MI-1) as is TRANSPARENT BIRD REPELLENT (EPA Registration No. 8254-3-8708) The chemical name for both is polybutene which is a petro chemical and is not a DOT regulated products. Bird Proof Gel is not a hazardous material as defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Both can be skin irritants with no long lasting health hazards. Both are listed as
Hazardous Polymerization: NONE. But incomplete burning of the liquid can produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful products.

It is advised that the user wear safety goggles. If you need more information, we can send you the Material Data Safety Sheet which will soon be posted on our website.

I recommend that you get sufficient Bird Gel and/or Bird Proof Liquid to do the gutters as well as the entire top of your overhang. If you can get neighboring businesses to do the same, your bird problems should be over.

Thanks. for your question. Sincerely, Barbara

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What is the solvent for this?

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