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Gas Alarms to Monitor Land Fill Methane Gas

by Barbara 11. September 2008 05:54

Question about the product Safety Siren Pro Series Combustible Gas Alarm

Q: "I work for a disposal company with a maintenance building located on an old landfill. Recently, we had need for a gas detector after an employee complained about a natural gas odor. A professional inspector suggested a gas monitoring device as he found a small amount of methane gas was leaking into that building. We need 6 gas monitors for that building. Is the Family Safety Gas Monitor the best choice? No local code says we need commercial gas alarms." - Dave

Answer: The Family Safety Products gas monitor meets all UL1484 standards: to meet your needs you'd need electrical outlets installed in each room that are within 6 inches of the ceiling. Methane is lighter than air and tends to puddle above a leak. Most standard electrical outlets are about 18 inches from the floor so these units would not work until the room was filled with gas.

If you do not want to install the electrical outlets, then I recommend that you purchase 6 of the Safe-T-Alert 40-411AC gas alarms and install them. These units have a 65 inch cord for nearer to the ceiling mounting.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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