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Does this Twin Extra Long Mattress Cover Encase the Whole Mattress?

by Barbara 11. August 2008 11:26

Question about the product: Rest-Guard Mattress Cover, Twin XL, 15 Inch High,

Q: "Does this Rest-Guard pad envelope the whole mattress?"

Answer: No, this premium waterproof, anti-allergen mattress cover fits the mattress like a fitted bottom sheet. The waterproof top is absorbent and cool to sleep on. The pad covers the entire top and has a stretchy elasticized skirt that fits on the sides of the mattress and secures under the corners of the mattress or box spring similar to a fitted sheet.

The Rest-Guard Twin XL total mattress encasement cover includes the anti-allergy, anti-dust mite features of the fitted Rest-Guard mattress cover plus a concealed zipper bed bug proof waterproof mattress system. The Rest-Guard seal provides complete protection against allergens, dust mites and bed bugs both entering or leaving the mattress.

Encasements are a solution to costly replacements of bed bug infested mattresses and box springs. Bugs and eggs in mattresses and box springs become trapped within the zippered mattress cover, cannot feed (on humans, animals or birds) and ultimately die from starvation.

Thank you again for your question.