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What powers the ThermoHawk 630 & how does it work?

by Barbara 30. July 2008 16:00
Question about the product: the ThermoHawk 630 thermometer.
Q:"What type of batteries does it use? How does it work?"

The ThermoHawk 630 uses 9V batteries. This is a professional infrared thermometer for use in manufacturing plants, checking out HVAC systems or electrical equipment troubleshooting. Hand held, the ThermoHawk 630 lets you check the surface temperature of almost any object from as much as 8 inches distance. Auto mechanics, scientists conducting experiments, electricians testing terminals on circuits and others needing to know operation temperatures between 0~50°C(32~122℉) find this device very useful. Check for leakage around pipes going into your home or uninsulated heating ducts. You can do your own energy audit or check the surface temperature on your refrigerator shelves.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your question.



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