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Will a Radon Detector Detect Outgas from Granite?

by Barbara 6. August 2008 12:01

Queston about the SM-RAD-PRO3 Safety Siren Pro 3 Radon Gas Detector.

Q: " Will this detect radon outgassing from granite countertops? Thanks. Diane.

Answer: First, here is some information found on August 6. 2008 on the Marble Institute of America's website: "Radioactivity in Granite: It’s Natural. All rocks have a small amount of radioactivity in them due to the presence of minerals that contain radioactive elements uranium (U), thorium (Th) and potassium-40 (40K). Because granite typically contains more of these elements than most other rocks, it will be more radioactive than a slate or marble. All of the minerals in granite contain some radioelements; the white or pink feldspars contain 40K, the black biotites and horn-blendes contain 40K, U and Th, and the small inclusions of minerals such as zircon, apatite, sphene, etc. contain the most U and Th."

My response to your question is that the outgassing of radon from granite countertops would have to be significant to put enough gas in your kitchen or bathroom to be a health hazard. Installing the Safety Siren Pro 3 in rooms with granite countertops would detect outgas from granite just as it would radon seeping in from the ground.

The health risks are much higher from radon seeping into your basement or home from the ground. If you live in the Northern half of the USA or in areas designated on the EPA radon map of the USA as high radon areas, your concern should first be to test your basement or first floor if you have a crawl space for radon. The Safety Siren Pro 3 Radon Gas Detector has proven to be quite accurate if positioned at the proper height and in the proper location.

Home radon gas levels are not stable. Over a one-month period, radon gas readings can vary from safe to dangerous. Radon levels change due to humidity, temperature, ventilation and season. EPA currently recommends corrective action if radon levels exceed 4 pCi/L (4 Pico-Curies per liter) on a long-term basis. For these reasons, a continuous monitor is better than periodic canister tests.

Important Notes:  The Safety Siren Pro 3 cannot be sold to or shipped to Iowa or New Jersey Contact the Iowa Department of residents. Contact the Iowa Department of Public Health at (515) 281-7689 for further information. Per Iowa Department of Public Health rules, Chapters 43 (136B) and N.J.A.C. &:28-27 Regulations. Contact the NJDEP-Radon Section at 609-984-5423 for further information.).

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Thanks for your question.