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Choosing a Rollator or Wheeled Walker with Seat

by Barbara 15. August 2009 10:27

Question about the Walkabout Lite 4 Wheel Rollator, the Walkabout Contour 4 Wheel Rollator and the Lumex Contour Deluxe Rollators.

Q: "Which of these rollators would best meet my mother's needs? She currently is using a foldable walker. I'd like her to be able to get outside more and think a wheeled walker with a seat is the answer. Thanks. Michelle.

Answer: Among the three rollators, the best choice for both indoor and outdoor use is the Lumex Contour Deluxe Rollator. That is because it has 8 inch wheels for walking across grass and other non-paved surfaces.  6 inch wheels, however, work well for most people who stay on hard surfaces. You did not mention your mom's weight. All three of these units have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The width and depths of the seats may vary by an inch or so. Most are about 13.5 inches wide by about 12 inches deep. All can be adjusted in height for most average sized persons.

Another choice is the Medline rollator with a 250 lb. weight limit. This unit has a 14 inch x 14 inch seat.

All rollators come with a basket that is removable. It can be placed under the seat or in front for carrying personal items.

I recommend that you verify your mother's weight. If she weighs over 300 lbs., then take a look at bariatric models like the Lumex Imperial Hemi rollatorwith a 20 inch wide seat that is 14.5 inches deep.

Thank you for your question. Please contact us when you've verified your mom's weight.

Sincerely, Barbara

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