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Product Review for HouseEvolve

by Barbara 20. November 2009 10:14

Eliminate monthly monitoring fees with the HouseEvolve home monitoring system by FreeVolve. This system improves home safety and allows you to monitor and manage your home from anywhere in the world. Other features include being able to call to check on current conditions, receive warnings of developing problems, and adjust environmental conditions at any time.


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Product Review of Child Safe and Energy Saving Outlet Covers

by mskinner 9. October 2009 11:02

Barbara reviews energy saving electrical outlet covers that reduce air leaks.  Reduce energy bills or use as baby safety products: lower heating and cooling costs.  Increase safety for baby and children by this child proofing product for homes, medical offices, day care centers, etc. Use an electrical plug to push open a sliding door and insert plug. Safety outlet covers are available for ungrounded outlets, standard oval 3 prong outlets and Decora 2 screw 3 prong outlets. White, brown, ivory, red. One tool needed: a standard screw driver.



FloodChek Hoses and FloodStop for Washing Machines

by Safe Home Team 11. September 2009 12:15

Barbara discusses the FloodChek washing machine hoses and the FloodStop automatic water shut off valve system for washing machines. The FloodStop system with water alarm and water sensors alerts of washing machine leaks. Easily installed, the rupture proof washer inlet hoses plus the FloodStop prevent or stop water leaks from causing water damage. 24/7 protection from leaking washing machines or leaking hoses.

Review of Neurowave ReliefBand for motion sickness

by Barbara 9. September 2009 14:20

In this video, Barbara discusses and demonstrates the nausea and motion sickness Relief Band, an active nerve stimulation medical device that stops nausea and prevents motion sickness. Unlike the pressure button sea band devices, the Reliefband uses a modulating electrical pulse to stimulate an acupuncture/acupressure point on the wrist's underside. Powered by replaceable batteries, the Reliefband prevents nausea quickly. This is the only FDA cleared, Over-The-Counter (OTC) medical device for motion sickness and nausea.


Medready Medication Dispenser Product Review

by Barbara 7. September 2009 15:55

Barbara reviews the Medready Pill Dispenser with Keyed Lock. Use this pill box as a senior product or for complicated medication regimens. A combination medication organizer and medication reminder, the pill alarm options include low frequency and high frequency alarms and a flashing red light. Optional modem connection, allows for long distance monitoring. Take medication on time without risk of accidental overdose. Set up an additional pill tray. (note: at 3:25, Barbara meant 240 Volts instead of 240 Watts.)

Squirrel Evictor Strobe Light Product Review

by Barbara 31. August 2009 13:19

Barbara reviews the Squirrel Evictor MB10K and MB100K strobe lights These pest animal control units are mounted in attics or crawl spaces. Home pest control includes these environmentally safe strobe lights that get rid of roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, feral cats and mice. No damage to your building, no poisons, no traps, no repeat visits by exterminators, no decaying animal smells, no harm to the animals.Note: Currently only replacement strobe light bulbs are available due to manufacturer's halt of distribution of products.

RV Propane Gas Detector Product Review

by Barbara 24. August 2009 22:25

In this video, Barbara reviews the Safe-T-Alert 30 and 40 series Gas Alarms for RV's and Campers. These flush mount, 12V propane detectors are made in the USA and can alert you to propane dangers.


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