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Celebrate 100th Year of Mother's Day with Mothers Day Gifts

by Barbara 21. April 2014 10:16

Question about possible mother's day gifts.

Question: "I need some gift ideas for Mothers Day. Mom seems to have almost every kitchen utensil she could ever need. I want to gift her with something unique. Please give me some ideas. Thanks. Susan."

Answer: Safe Home offers a wide variety of gifts both whimsical and practical. Here are some examples of our best sellers for Mothers Day:

For the Bird Loving Mom:

For the Gardening Mom:

For the Mom Dealing with Head Ache or Muscle Pain from Too Much Exercise or Too Much Gardening.

Go to the website for thousands of other products that might make your Mom's life more pleasurable, less painful, or less work!

Thanks for your question. Hope this helps.



Replace CCI Controls 12V Carbon Monoxide Alarms with Safe-T-Alert

by Barbara 26. April 2012 10:09

Question about replacement of CCI Controls carbon monoxide alarms with Safe-T-Alert Models.

Q: "How do I know which carbon monoxide alarms should replace the discontinued CCI controls models?" Thanks. Jim

Answer: Here is a chart provided by Safe-T-Alert. The Safe-T-Alert 65 Series come in flush mount (the 65-542) and in surface mount (the 65-541). Available colors are brown and white.


CCI CO Alarm
Safe-T-Alert Replacement
CC-3400.000 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.001 Flush Mount 65-542-BR
CC-3400.003 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.004 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.050 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.051 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.052 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.053 Flush Mount 65-542
CC-3400.060 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400-064 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.062 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.063 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.064 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.090 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.091 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.093 Surface Mount 65-541
CC-3400.094 Surface Mount 65-541

All propane and carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every 5 years.

65-542 flush mount case dimensions are 6.5” W x 3.5” H x 1 3/8 " deep. A 4 inch wide x 3 inch high cut out is required with a 1 3/8 inch clearance for installation.

Thank you for your question. To find these products on our website, go to Go to the search box. Enter for example Safe-T-Alert of 30-442 in the search and you'll get results fast. Send us email to or phone us if you have more questions.

Sincerely, Barbara

Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Truck Cab Sleeper Compartments Can Save Drivers' Lives

by Barbara 11. May 2011 06:48

Question about the Safe-T-Alert SURFACE Mount 12V RV and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, White, 65-541.

Q: "Which carbon monoxide alarm would you recommend for use in a truck sleep compartment? I manage a large trucking company and am concerned about carbon monoxide leaking into the sleeper compartments.We have now begun installing auxilliary power units so the truck can be heated and cooled when the driver is sleeping. Thanks. Thomas."

Answer: A large trucking company in the Eastern part of the USA began purchasing the Safe-T-Alert SURFACE Mount 12V 65-541 Carbon Monoxide Monitor in 2005. Their initial purchase was 60 units. Since then, as they add new trucks, they purchase new units. And as the sensor life expires for the units, they replace them. This CO monitor/alarm also comes in a Safe-T-Alert 65-541 Black. New smaller units, the Safe-T-Alert 62-542-WT 12V CO Alarm, Flush Mount, White and the Safe-T-Alert 62-541-BL 12V CO Alarm, Surface Mount, Black are other options. Both come in white or black. The dimensions of the surface mount are 3.5 x 2.5x 1.25 inches deep. A mounting bracket is included. The flush mount is 4.5 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches deep. Shelf life is 10 years; usable life from time power is applied is 5 years maximum.

This is from our customer, dated today, May 22, 2011. "We had an incident several years ago that involved a driver being overcome by Carbon Monoxide in the sleeper of a truck that required medical treatment. It was traced back to an exhaust leak under the cab. Our safety committee reviewed the incident and decided we should look in to installing CO alarms in the sleeping compartments of the trucks. I did research on several types and choice to use the model/style you offer. Also within the last couple of years we have been installing A.P.U.'s (auxiliary power units) on our trucks. They are used in place of the chassis engine running while cooling and heating the truck when the driver is sleeping. This little internal combustion engine produces CO, and is located lower than the sleeper, so it is an extra safety tool while using those small engines. I hope this gives you a little information on why and where we use them."

I hope this helps with your decision. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that, if it does not kill, can cause permanent brain damage.

Sincerely, Barbara


Wear Compression Stockings On Long Flights To Help Prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombis, i.e. Blood Clots) and Swollen Legs

by Barbara 9. May 2011 06:05

Question about Anti Embolism Stocking Knee High M Long, 1PRand Compression Stockings, Stirrup, Lycra, X LG

Q: "My ankles and legs swell on long airplane flights such as LA to Tokyo. I am concerned about deep vein thrombosis, too. I understand these blood clots can occur weeks after you fly and sometimes people die from them. I am afraid this could happen to me. Would these be the best compresion stockings to purchase to avoid those problems? Thanks. Bill"

Answer: Thank you for your very timely question as we are entering the summer travel season. Your physician is your best source of information. See excerpts from  New York Times article from 2007 that confirms your fear is real.

From that article,

"Life-threatening blood clots and flying have been linked for more than 50 years, but a new study of business travelers confirms the risk, particularly for those who take long flights or fly frequently.Immobility is considered a major factor behind the condition, called deep vein thrombosis. But while it is often referred to as “economy-class syndrome” because of the cramped seating there, D.V.T. also occurs among those who fly in business class and first class, the researchers found.

People who fly four hours or more, the study found, have three times the risk of developing clots compared with periods when they did not travel."often referred to as “economy-class syndrome” because of the cramped seating there, D.V.T. also occurs among those who fly in business class and first class, the researchers found. People who fly four hours or more, the study found, have three times the risk of developing clots compared with periods when they did not travel.   D.V.T. occurs when a blood clot forms within the large deep veins of the body, usually in the leg. If untreated, part of the clot may break off and travel to the lungs, where it can cause a pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal condition.

Frits R. Rosendaal and Suzanne C. Cannegieter of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, the study’s lead researchers, tracked almost 9,000 employees of large international companies and organizations over a four- or five-year period, in what they call the most comprehensive study of its kind to date. The results were published this fall in the online journal PLoS Medicine; preliminary findings were reported in late June by the World Health Organization.

“We now know out of 4,500 people who fly, one will get a D.V.T. within eight weeks after travel,” Dr. Cannegieter said. “It’s not really a huge amount,” but, she said, the risk increases with the duration of a flight and the number of flights in a short period. Obesity, a person’s stature, oral contraceptive use, hormone replacement therapy and inherited blood clotting disorders also increase risk. A combination of these factors “may increase risk twenty- to fiftyfold,” Dr. Rosendaal said." End of excerpt from NY Times.

Safe Home recommends you consult your physician to learn whether thigh high or knee high compression stockings would be appropriate to reduce your leg swelling. The other options include walking around the plane several times frequently during the flight. Buying off the shelf anti embolism stockings is not the best choice because the compression may be too much for your needs or too little. Thigh high stockings are designed primarily for those who are bedridden or sitting for long periods of time. To get the proper fit, you need to have someone measure your leg length and your calf circumference.

Safe Home sells two brands of anti-embolism or compression stockings at this time. Medline and Graham Field offer knee length and/or thigh high. The knee length come in a stirrup style and in a full compression to the knee style.These come in flesh tones and in white.

Stirrup stockings by Graham Field are sized in Small 13” – 14”, Medium 15” - 16”, Large 17” - 18” and  Extra Large 19” - 20” according to calf circumference:

  • Form fitting compression stocking helps to control varicose veins and relieve tired aching legs
  • Ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet
  • One-way stretch Lycra material
  • Measure calf to determine stocking size
  • Made in USA

The Medline Anti-Embolism Stocking in knee length is an elastic stocking i white are made of 80% nylon/20% spandex. Sizing is as follows:

  • Small regular  Calf Circumference 10” - 13” (25.5 - 33cm) Leg Length 14” - 16” (36 - 40.5cm
  • Small long Calf Circumference 10” - 13” (25.5 - 33cm) Leg Length16” - 18” (40.5 - 46cm)
  • Medium regular Calf Circumference 12” - 15” (30.48 - 38.1cm) Leg Length15” - 17” (38 - 43cm)
  • Medium long Calf Circumference 12” - 15” (30.48 - 38.1cm)Leg Length 17” - 19” (43 - 48.5cm)
  • Large regular Calf Circumference 14” - 17” (35.5 - 43cm) Leg Length16” - 18” (41 - 45.5cm)
  • Large long Calf Circumference 14” - 17” (35.5 - 43cm) Leg Length18” - 20” (45.5 - 51cm)
  • X-large regular Calf Circumference 16” - 19” (40.5 - 48cm) Leg Length 16” - 18” (41 - 45.5cm)
  • X-large long Calf Circumference 16” - 19” (40.5 - 48cm) Leg Length  18” - 20” (45.5 - 51cm)

White is the only current choice for the thigh length Medline Anti-Embolism stockings. Designed by leading vascular specialists, Medline's EMS anti-embolism stockings provide a tailored, contoured fit with just the right amount of gradient pressure. Pressure is greatest at the ankle and gradually reduces throughout the length of the leg. Stockings are constructed of 85 percent nylon and 15 percent spandexare sized this way:

  • Small short Calf circum.     10” - 13” (25.5 - 33cm)    Leg length 26"- 29" (66 - 74cm)
  • Small regular Calf circum.  10” - 13” (25.5 - 33cm) Leg length 29" - 31" (79 - 86cm)
  • Small long Calf circum.      10” - 13” (25.5 - 33cm)     Leg length 31" - 34" (79 - 86cm)
  • Medium short Calf circum.  12” - 15” (30.48 - 38.1cm) Leg length 26"- 29" (66 - 74cm)
  • Medium regular Calf circum12” - 15” (30.48 - 38.1cm) Leg length 29" - 31" ( 74 - 79cm)
  • Medium long Calf circum.   12” - 15” (30.48 - 38.1cm) Leg length 31" - 34" ( 79 - 86cm)
  • Large short Calf circum.     14"- 17 " (35.5 - 43cm) Leg length 26"- 29" (66 - 74cm)
  • Large regular Calf circum.  14"- 17 " (35.5 - 43cm) Leg length 29" - 31" (79 - 86cm)
  • Large long Calf circum.      14"- 17 " (35.5 - 43cm) Leg length 31" - 34" (79 - 86cm)
  • X-large regular Calf circum.16" -19" ( 40.5 - 48cm) Leg length2 6" - 29" (66 - 74cm)
  • X-large long Calf circum.    16" -19" ( 40.5 - 48cm) Leg length 29" - 31" ( 74 - 79cm)

The White thigh length stockings are primarily for those who are bedridden or do little walking. and are 16 to 18 compression. We will be selling higher compression stockings in the future in the 20 to 30 compression range for those who walk more as these reduce blood pooling in the legs.

Thanks for your question.



Advantages of New V-120 XP3 Hornet Deer Repeller for Cars and Motorcycles Over Older Models

by Barbara 2. August 2010 08:44

Question about the New XP3 Hornet, Model V-120

Q: "I have an older model of the Hornet electronic deer repeller. I just got a new car. I'd like to know how this model differs so I know if I should buy a new unit or re-install the old one. Thanks. Jack."

Answer: Protection against car deer accidents is easier with the new model. The new Hornet V Models utilize the latest and most reliable electronic technology: you do not have to ground the new unit to the vehicle chassis. The V series Hornets come with a 4' pigtail and a 3.5mm plug that connects via a new weather tight connector to a new wiring harness. The easy mount bracket lets you mount the unit to the license plate bracket. The new automotive wiring harness is 10 feet long and comes complete with an inline fuse. You do not have to drill a hole in the firewall for the control switch as you did with the older version. The combined total length of the new 10' automotive wiring harness and the 4' pigtail wire connected to the V series is 14 feet which makes installation easier.  The most unique feature of the automotive V series Hornets is that the wiring harness does not carry power. The automotive V series switches the ground so a short circuit can never occur. This means you can wrap the wiring harness around and through the door jam without the possiblity of a short circuit. The V series motorcycle harness also has the new weather tight 3.5mm plug and a redesigned switch housing for easy installation.

XP3 Hornet V-120 Black or Chrome Deer Accident Avoidance Features:

  • Sound Pressure Level: 120dB (A.S.)
  • Operating Base Frequency: 4.8 ± 0.5 kHz
  • WV Ultrasonic Wave: 18,000 to 21,000 Hz
  • Wave Carrying Length: 1,600 Ft. ±
  • Effective Range: 700 Ft.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 8-16 VDC
  • Current Consumption: 10mA (max.) at 12 VDC
  • The chrome model is very popular with motorcycle owners and those with more expensive sporty cars.

    The Hornet has a 90 day limited warranty and a lifetime service policy by the manufacturer.

    Thank you for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

    How does a BreakOut Safety Tool Differ from a LifeHammer or Res-Q-Me?

    by Barbara 17. July 2010 06:14

    Question about the Breakout Safety Tool Super Value BK-350

    Q:"How does a BreakOut Safety Tool Differ from a LifeHammer or Res-Q-Me? Thanks, Dave"

    Answer: The BreakOut escape tools come in several models. All are black. Some have LED lights. All can easily slip over your sun visor for easy access in the event of an auto accident or, in the case of the LED units, when you need a map or emergency light. Regardless of the model, each units has two seat belt cutter blades and a two headed unit for glass breaking.

    Only the BreakOut, some models, has an LED light.  The LifeHammer should be permanently mounted in your vehicle within easy reach of the driver and front seat passenger. It is similar to the BreakOut tool as breaking the window requires the user to strike the window with some force using one of the two breaker heads. The Res-Q-Me goes where you go as it fits on your keychain. The Res-Q-Me has a spring loaded head with a force of 12 lbs or less to break out a window.. The BreakOut can be clipped onto either or both of the sun visors on a car, truck or RV.

    The BreakOut is Made in USA, the Res-Q-Me is Made in USA and the LifeHammer is Made in the Netherlands.

    BreakOut Models Include:

    So all are black, can slide over the sun visor, have two stainless steel cutting blades for seat belts, two stainless steel breaker points for entry or exit and a hand grip that works for right or left handed persons.

    We recommend the units with magnets and LED's for those who do more rural travel where lights may be needed to change a tire, etc.

    These units also can be personalized for giveaways with quantity pricing available.

    Thanks you for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

    Looking for LifeHammer Car Safety Tool that is Not Orange

    by Barbara 17. July 2010 05:45

    Question about the Original Orange LifeHammer Escape Tool

    Q:"What options do I have to the orange Life Hammer? The orange really clashes with the maroon interior of my expensive car. I do want to have it permanently installed. I don't want my car to look like a highway safety vehicle! Thanks. Howard.

    Answer: Lifehammers are now made in black and in pink. Part of the profits from every pink LifeHammer are given to support Breast Cancer Awareness month with free exams for those who cannot afford them otherwise.

    If you travel a lot and use rental cars, we do suggest that you add a Res-Q-Me to your keyring. We currently sell these smaller auto safety devices in several colors. A Res-Q-Me has a spring activated window breaker plus a sharp seat belt cutter blade. The available colors include black, orange, pink,red, yellow, and blue

    The Res-Q-Me units and the LifeHammers can be personalized for give aways. The Res-Q-Me's are Made in USA while the LifeHammers are made in the Netherlands.

    Thank you for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

    K9 Heat Alarm Keeps Pets or Police Dogs Safer from Heat or Cold in Car or RV

    by Barbara 16. July 2010 12:24

    Question about the K9 Heat Alarm.

    Q: "I have a motorhome and travel with my pets. Would the K9 heat alarm work in my situation? I am afraid the power may go off with the air conditioning or the motorhome will stall when we are shopping for groceries." Thanks. Steve.

    Answer: My first sale for this product was for a motorhome owner just like you. He had been looking for a unit that would sound the horn if the temperature rose inside.

    Although more typically sold to protect police dogs, this heat alarm made in the USA also works to protect pets or other animals from heat stroke or cold temperatures. This is a 12Volt system and includes the window drop module. Other options include a beeper/pager, dual window drop module (Included with this unit), light bar and/or fan system.

    The fan system has 8 blades. Note: Install grills on rear vehicle windows to prevent pets from exiting an unattended vehicle. Use this car ventilation fan with or without the window drop feature. Mount fan carefully to avoid interfering with the window drop and to avoid causing a hazard to the dog.

    Ventilation Fan Specifications: Construction: Black high impact plastic. Physical size” 13 7/8 inches in diameter and 2.75 inches thick. Typical Airflow: 675-800 CFM, dependent upon grill type used. Power: 12V fused, 10 Amps. Note: Professional installation may be required. Fans can be mounted on the inside or outside of the window grill guard. Fan motors vary in shape. Grill may need some minor cutting to allow for motor on inside mount. Fan tap is mounted to a battery hot fuse. One year limited manufacturer's warranty.

    In order to make sure you get the best installation information, we will need the vehicle make, model and year

    The K9 Heat Alarm unit uses temperature sensors along with a microprocessor control system that blows the vehicle horn when an alarm condition is detected. Optional pager has about a one mile range. Backlit alphanumeric display. Microprocessor monitors both temperature sensors and the vehicle's battery. Software based features allow for future upgrades.

    Optional Remote Pager and Beeper Module (SM-HA-RBM-D) for K9 Car Alarm: Two part sophisticated paging system includes trigger, timing circuitry and matching receiver (the "beeper"). Alerts when K9 Heat Alarm is activated by high temperatures or low temperatures. Transmitter: maximum output power of 4 watts as allowed by the FCC. Efficient low-loss sensitive pager/receiver senses transmitted signal up to one mile away. Actual range may vary depending upon environment, installation and/or antenna used. Receiver can be programmed to receive page signals from 3 separate vehicles

    K9 Car Alarm Features:

    • Temperature monitoring system for use in a canine vehicle.
    • Horn Activation Module. Pulsed outputs for the Ace K9 is a distinctive S.O.S. horn honk that makes the vehicle horn sound like no other.
    • Dual Remote Temperature Sensors with extended 15' cables. Place each sensor where you choose. Most Accurate K9 Car Alarm Temperature Sensors on the market with accuracy better than 0.5° F
    • Dual real-time resolution 0.1° F
    • Full Alphanumeric LCD Display.
    • Comprehensive status reports with easy setup.
    • Modular Design allows addition of options such as beeper, pager, dual window drop module, light bar and/or fan system.
    • Non-volatile Memory for temperature alarm setting. Temperature alarm setting is permanent until user reprograms.
    • Monitors and Displays Vehicle Battery Voltage. Alarm sounds before battery or alternator failure.
    • Complete Self-diagnostics of both control head and temperature sensors. Warns if problem with one temperature sensor and sets off alarm if both sensors fail.
    • Software Upgrades. Allows for new features and easy customization for your unique requirements.
    • All outputs are open collector negative signal with internal over current protection of 300 mA.
    • Keypad enables easy access and control of all features. Keypad Size: 4 3/8" W X 3 3/4" H x 1 1/2" D.
    • Warranty: Two Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
    • Outputs provided for options : Remote Siren Beeper Pager Module, Light Bar and Fan System.

    We hope this unit will meet your needs.

    Sincerely, Barbara

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    Replacement Propane Alarm and Automatic Shut Off Valve for CCI Controls Propane Alarm

    by Barbara 2. February 2010 04:28

    Question about the Safe-T-Alert 12V Propane Gas Alarm Series 70 for Motorhome and RV Use.

    Q: "I use my RV for occasional trips. I tried resetting my CCI 7719 gas alarm with automatic shut-off valve a dozen times before I could get it to open today. I need to replace the unit but CCI controls shut down in 2009.  Do you have a replacement unit? The CCI unit is mounted vertically." Thanks. Don from Arizona.

    Answer: Don, you are in luck. Safe-T-Alert just announced a new unit that replaces the CCI Controls propane unit with valve shut-off. The unit is called the 70-742-R-KIT. Included is a combination carbon monoxide and propane gas monitor, a relay to connect to the gas shut off valve and an automatic shut off valve. This valve is for 1/4 inch lines but includes an adapter for 3/8 inch gas lines. It is very important that you replace both your current valve and the malfunctioning CCI unit. The manufacturer warns that otherwise there is danger of a fire. The Safe-T-Alert 70-742 Kit comes in brown black and white. The bonus is that you also get a UL listed carbon monoxide alarm as well as the propane alarm and automatic shut off valve. The unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

    Dual Propane/LP and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Features Include:

    • Meets 1/1/05 requirements set by RVIA for new RV's requiring both Propane detectors and CO alarms.
    • Also detects Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)/Methane.
    • Operational Temperature: -40 degrees F to +150 degrees F.
    • Relative Humidity: 15 per cent to 95 per cent
    • >Audible Output: 85dB at 10 feet
    • Gas Alarm Trigger: Less than 25 percent of the lower explosive level of propane and methane.
    • Gas Level Confirmation: 8 Seconds.
    • CO Alarm Trigger: Less than 15 minutes at 400 parts per million.
    • Test/Reset Button - Tests all detector functions with one touch. Resets and Mutes alarm while safety and corrective actions are taken.
    • >Alarm is fully operational during mute cycle and will re-alarm if hazardous conditions reoccur.
    • Two Indicator Lights: Red CO LED flashes with 4 beeps and 5 seconds silence if CO level is over 70 ppm. Red Gas LED flashes and alarm sounds steady tone when dangerous propane or natural gas level is detected.
    • RV 12 Volt Hard Wired Model. Prevents accidental disconnection during alarm.
    • Includes a 1/4 inch gas valve with an threaded adapter for 3/8 inch lines. Replace current valve with this unit to prevent fires.
    • Built for the extreme RV environment.
    • One Year Limited Warranty.
    70 Series Operating Specifications:
    • UL Listing Propane/Natural Gas - UL 1484 RV Gas Detectors.
    • UL Listing Carbon Monoxide UL 2034 RV Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
    • ULC Listing & CSA 6.19-01.
    • Power Supply and Current Draw 12 vDC 132 mA. Relay 12 vDC - 3 amp is included.
    • Operational Voltage: 12 Volt +/- 15%.
    • Low voltage power warning alarm @ 7 volts
    • Front Case Dimensions: 70-742 - 6.375"W x 3.5"H x 1.385"D
    • Patent Number: US 7,248,156 B2
    • Colors: White, Almond or Brown.
    • Recessed Case Dimensions: approximately 1.5 inches deep x 5 inches long by 3 inches wide.

    LP Gas Detectors are required on RVs . . .

    ANSI A119.2 - Fire & Life Safety
    3-4.8 LP Gas Detectors

    "An LP gas detector must be installed in any RV that contains an LP gas appliance and an electrical system. The LP gas detector must be listed as suitable for use in recreational vehicles under the requirements of UL 1484 Residential Gas Detectors, and be installed according to the terms of its listing.­ RVIA Effective Date 9/96, Revised 9/99."


    All Safe-T-Alert Propane and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that are 5 years old and older are beyond their Mandatory Replacement Time and MUST be replaced.

    Background: Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL®) Carbon Monoxide Standard UL 2034 and Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) CSA 119.2 now require that all Carbon Monoxide alarms be designed to stop service in 3 to 5 years . UL and CSA have determined that Carbon Monoxide alarms have a limited life. Propane alarms use similar sensors and UL will require the same service life in the near future.

    ALL MTI Propane and Carbon Monoxide alarms which are over five (5) years old MUST be replaced. The following Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Models MUST be replaced: SA-4, SA-5, 50-541 and 50-542. Models 60-541 and 60-542 over five (5) years old MUST be replaced.The following Safe-T-Alert Propane Alarms Models MUST be replaced: SA-7 and SA-8. Models 30-441,30-442, 40-441 and 40-442 that are over five (5) years old MUST be replaced.

    Important! Only install CO and Propane alarms that are UL or CSA listed for Recreational Vehicle Use.

    Thanks for your question.

    Sincerely, Barbara

    Deer Accident Prevention with the Electronic XP3 Hornet for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles.

    by Barbara 13. September 2009 06:00

    Question about the XP3 Electronic Deer Hornet to scare deer off roads to avoid car accidents or motorcycle deer accidents.

    Q: "What makes this deer repeller device better than the less expensive "deer horns" you can install on your front bumper? Could I install this myself? I have a motorcycle plus two cars. Some of my friends recommend this device, especially in the fall during rutting season. Please advise." Thanks. Joe.

    Answer: Joe, I will list some basic reasons that this unit is superior over the plastic whistle devices you can fix to your car.

    1. Power: Hornet: Electric sound generator sounds at 120 decibels that carries at least 800 feet in front of the vehicle no matter what your speed. Compare to air being pushed through plastic tubes that make no sound unless you are going 35 mph or gaster.
    2. Mounting Angle: Hornet sound generator, 45 degree angle to road. Plastic whistles: aim straight ahead.
    3. Secure Mount versus glue or tape: Hornet won't be pulled off or broken off in a car wash.
    4. Variable Mounting Height: Hornet: mount 3 inches to 6 feet above the road surface; plastic mount on front
    5. Mounting Damage to Car: With EZ Mount Bracket, the Hornet can be mounted to the license plate holder without drilling a single hole.
    6. Intensity of Sound: Hornet's is the same at any speed. Precision tuned sonic generator produces a high pitched, directional sonic wave that reflects off the road surface of a moving vehicle and produces a virtual sonic echo effect.
    7. Deer and Other Animals Get Advance Warning: Due to intensity of sound. Deer are skittish. More likely to bolt in the other direction if they approach this sound.

    70% less likely to have a deer accident if you install this unit on your vehicle and keep your eyes open.

    Yes, you can install this unit yourself. There is a motorcycle wiring harness kit available which allows installation without any holes being drilled. Most of our motorcycle customers buy the XP3 Hornet in Chrome. The inventor developed this unit after a friend was killed on a motorcycle after hitting a deer and then he himself hit a deer with his car the next week. These units are also installed on train engines particularly in the Northeast and Japan (our sales).

    For motorhomes, RV's and freight trucks, the larger dual horn Interstate Hornet is a better choice as it has an effective range of about 1000 feet. Several large trucking companies are regular customers. In rural areas, especially on interstate highways, these are much superior to the smaller units.

    Thanks for your question. Safe Roads to you from Safe Home Products.

    Sincerely, Barbara