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Source of Steam for Mabis Steam Inhaler for Relief of Sinus Congestion and Cold Symptoms

by Barbara 8. September 2008 05:43

Question about the Product Code: =40-741-000 Steam Inhaler by Mabis Heathcare

Q: "Does The Steam Inhaler Only Use Water As Its Source Of Steam Or Does Some Sort Of Medication Come With It?-Edward."

Answer: No medication comes with the steam vaporizer which does use water as its source of steam. Taking a long steamy shower can have a similar benefit but is time consuming and uses a lot more water. Using the Mabis unit means you can relieve nasal and sinus congestion whenever you need it without using drugs or having to take time away from work or home tasks to shower. Plus you can control the droplet size and the amount of steam. Morning sinus headaches are often viewed as migraines: inhaling steam relieves the pressure for most people without having to take strong medications. Steam is produced within a minute or so. The comfortable, flexible mask lets you inhale without having to put a towel over your head and try to inhale steam from dangerously hot water. If there are several people in your family who need to use the steam inhaler, we suggest you buy another mask or wipe off the mask with alcohol or wash in sudsy water to avoid spread of virusses or germs.

There is an aromatherapy tank where you may add eucalyptus, lavender or your favorite scent. For aromatherapy, the steam inhaler unit does not have to be inhaled as the steam will disperse the scent into the room over the 6 to 9 minute steam time.

This unit does not have a "dish" or depression at the top where you might put Vicks or a similar substance.

As in any "vaporizer" or "steamer", using distilled water is the best choice to avoid clogging or mineral deposits.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara