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Quality Safety Pins at Low Prices for Craft Projects and Medical Uses

by Barbara 17. April 2011 06:45

Question about the Package of 144 Size 3 Safety Pins

Q: "Can these be used for craft purposes? I see you sell Size 3 safety pins by two medical supply manufacturers. Are there larger packages available? The safety pins I see in the craft shops are so expensive. I use them for bead projects. Thanks. Susan."

Answer: Yes, the safety pins that Safe Home sells are great for craft purposes. Use to make beaded safety pins for accessories and safety pin based Christmas angels, bracelets, flags, tea light holders, etc. We sell safety pins in sizes 1, 2 and 3. The safety pins we sell are nickel plated or nickel steel. The nickel steel pins are more expensive. Both can be used for projects or for medical purposes.

What we sell in Size 1 are the Safety Pins Size 1, Nickel-Plated Steel 1440/BX These are 1 1/16 inch long.

The choices in Size 2, the 1.5 inch long safety pins are:

In Size 3 safety pins, which are 2 inches long the choices are:

Remember Safe Home sells many other medical products that could also be used for craft products. These include Tongue Depressors, 6", Non-sterile, 1500 to a case, Pathology Containers,Polypropylene, 8 oz, 250/CS which could covered with glitter, cut-outs, etc. for use as holders for pens, paper clips, etc.

Thank you for your question.



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