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Rain Gauge Options to Know When to Water Lawns and Gardens

by Barbara 29. June 2012 10:48

Question about how to choose a rain gauge.

Q:"I want to use a rain gauge to know when to water my lawn and gardens. What are my choices? I plan to check the water after each rain shower and watering. Thanks. Tim."

Answer: Tim, you have some decisions to make. There are simple rain gauges, ornate rain gages and rain gauges with digital read-outs.

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How large or how much capacity for water do you need?
  • Do you want to empty the gauge or have it empty itself?
  • Do you want a rain gauge that adds interest to your garden?
  • Would your needs be best served by several rain gauge units as opposed to a single one?

These are some of the more popular rain gauges sold by Safe Home:

  1. The P3 International Rain Gauge, Self-Empties,Digital Clock/Readout has an easily viewed LCD readout. Displays current rainfall up to 9.99" and accumulated rainfall up to 99.9" for intervals of 1hr, 24hrs, 7 days, and 30 days.Resolution: 0.03" per inch of rain. Use one AA battery. Quite inexpensive.
  2. The Acu-Rite Rain Gauge Wireless Monitor has a monitor arm set in increments of .5 inches. Enhanced wireless sensor transmission. Three rainfall modes. Self-emptying. Measures in inches and millimeters.
  3. The Vermont Estate Rain Gauge Brass, 26 Inches Tall by Conant Brass measures up to 12 inches of rain in 1/10 inch increments. The stainless steel insert is highly visible with bold black numerals that will last forever. The solid brass drain valve at the bottom makes emptying easy. The collection funnel features a brass screen to keep out unwanted leaves and bugs. Exclusive design uses the convex shape of the glass when filled with water to magnify the numerals by 50%. 26 inches tall by 2.5 inches in diameter. Model CCBVRG8.
  4. The Conant Custom Brass Jeffersonian Rain Gauge is a classy rain gauge that turns into the wind to get the most accurate measurement of rain up to 5 inches in 1/5 inch increments.
  5. The Ancient Graffiti Leaf Rain Gauge Copperplated holds up to 5 inches and is decorative as is the Ancient Graffiti Flower Rain Gauge If you use the less expensive ones like these, you can place them in several places in your yard or garden and more easily keep track of how much water those areas get.

Please visit our website to get more ideas. We have numerous types of rain gages.

Thanks for your question.




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