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Do I Need a Different Otoscope for Looking in My Dog's Ears?

by Barbara 19. September 2009 06:03

Question about the Vetscope Petscope, and EarScopes.

Q: "I use a home otoscope, the EarScope, to examine my children's ears if I suspect an infection is beginning. Do I need a different otoscope to examine my dog's ears? He is a Basset Hound with floppy ears who has had two infections so far. Thanks." Susan

Answer: Yes, you would need to buy either the Vetscope or the Petscope. The difference lies in the focal point of the instrument. The pet otoscope or vet otoscope has a focal length of 6.5 inches. That is the correct focal distance for dogs and cats. There is a detailed instruction sheet with each of the units. You can ask your veterinarian for help during your next pet check-up.

Floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections. To prevent ear infections and insect infestations, the recommendations are to  check your pet’s ears each week. I use an ear cleaning solution and cotton swabs to clean my dogs' ears. They don't like having the liquid squirted into their ears.  Vets recommend regular ear cleaning especially for breeds with drop-ears (beagles, bassets, cockerspaniels, spaniels, pointers, hounds & more).

It is all a trade-off among the breeds. I have had only Boston Terriers for the past 30 years. Their ears stand up (usually) but they surely do snore. Only one ear infection in all that time. I have learned to use an ear drying solution after they get their showers or play in the wading pool.

Thanks for you question. Enjoy your dog!

Sincerely, Barbara

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Checking Ears with An Otoscope

by Barbara 28. December 2007 06:59

Q: "Is the red Piccolite Professional Otoscope Earscope a good product to check for ear infections in a 2 year old? Will we be able to see the ear drums clearly? Are the ear tips different sizes depending upon which one we buy?"

Answer: All the piccolite otoscopes have the same sized of specula. Each otoscope has 20 disposable specula, ten of the 2.5mm and ten of the 4.0mm. The specula can be reused if you wipe them off with alcohol. These units have a halogen light which is very bright and a 3X pivoting magnifying lens. There are no instructions included as this is a professional type model.

We sell a book called the "Ears Book" with photographs and information about ears, ear infections and how to do an examination at home. Unless a medical professional trains you, this book is needed. Also wax in the ear canals can block your view of the ear drum. Use a cleaner from the pharmacy or have a physician remove the wax.

Or you can buy an economical home otoscope made by Notoco. One customer from Muscatine, Iowa who recently bought earscope bulbs from us shared that her unit was 10 years old. She tried looking with the doctor's halogen unit and saw more with the less bright bulb of her Notoco. The Earscope 1202 comes in a set with the "Ears Book" and three reusable specula or choose the professional unit, the 1205 with the book and get another specula. Both Notoco earscopes magnify the image 2.5 times. Please remember that the replacement bulbs we sell are tested to shine a straight beam.

Another health product you should consider is the Earcheck, a device that uses sound waves bounced off the eardrum to indicate whether middle ear fluid is present.

I hope this helps and your child has little need for any of these devices.

Sincerely, Barbara

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