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Question about Animal Away Repeller and Birds

by Barbara 23. July 2007 07:59

Q:"Does this product, the Animal Away Repeller P7810 bother birds? I have a cockatiel inside my house and I am concerned that this might bother him?" Thanks. Beth

Answer: The Animal Away is a directional ultrasonic animal repeller device that is used primarily outside to get rid of stray dogs, cats and other small animals. If the bird is inside and the device is outside, there is no problem. Even if the bird is outside in its cage and behind the device, you should be fine as long as the device aims out into an open area away from the bird. I hope this helps.

Note: The Animal Away and Animal Away Pro are both ultrasonic pest control devices for small animals. They operate on batteries with an option for a power adapter for the Pro model. Usually these units are placed on stakes at the animal's head level.

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Sincerely, Barbara