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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers and Pacemakers

by Barbara 17. August 2007 03:28

Q: "I am looking for an ultrasound product for a very large dining room area to repell flies. I am familiar with the use of ultra sound for larger animals. Would the use of about 15 of these Lentek units,3 Pack of Lentek Ultrasonic Pest Contro 600 Model PR35 in a room have any effect on heart pacers? Thanks. Richard"

Answer: We checked with the manufacturer. Their response: "There have never been any health problems reported associated with the technology utilized in Lentek electronic pest repellers such as the PC series, ex. PC01. The ultrasonic sound waves produced for pest control should not be confused with the ultrasound utilized in imaging equipment, as they are very different in intensity and application. The ultrasound from a pest repeller will not penetrate solid material, including people.

OSHA states that the ultrasonic sounds produced by this type of product have 'little effect on general health' and that there is no exposure safety limit needed for sounds above 20 kHz. If you have further specific concerns, please contact your doctor."

Richard, we do want to clarify that this product is sold for repelling mice and rats. We have no information that this unit or any similar ultrasonic pest repeller units work for repelling flies.

We do sell several different electronic insect traps. Lentek-Koolatron units include the Mini-E-Trap, the 12V UV Light Insect Killer with AC adapter, For flying insects that get away, we sell a very effective electronic flying insect racquet by Lentek-Koolatron.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.
Sincerely, Barbara