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by Barbara 26. January 2012 11:06

Question about the Clark Collection 3 dimensional magnets.

Q: "How do these 3D bird magnets attach to window glass? What are they made from? Do the colors last in the weather? How much force does it take to remove them? How large are they? My mom is a bird lover and an invalid. I know she'd love to have birds on her windows. Thanks. Sara."

Answer: For bird and animal lovers, there are a wide assortment of the 3 dimensional fly-thru type magnet objects. It requires very little force to remove the magnets from the window. In fact, some bird lovers, mount a piece of glass in a frame or use a piece of tempered glass in a stand and mount the birds on the glass as a conversation piece. Each bird or animal or US flag is made from a poly-resin and hand-painted with a durable paint. The amount of fading would depend upon how much sun exposure over time that each would have. Most are quite small, perhaps 3 inches thick including both halves and at the most about 5 inches long.

As you know the units are in two pieces with a magnet on each side. Each magnet has a thin piece of felt on it to protect your window or storm door. Do not buy for use on thermal windows, i.e. double pane with a vacuum inside as the magnets will not stick. If you have storm windows and remove them in the summer or spring, then attach the fly through magnet birds, animals, etc. then. The distance between most storm doors and the main doors allows attachment.

Remember you must attach both sides at the same time i.e. opposites attract.  You may need two people depending upon the window or door height.

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Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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