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Celebrate 100th Year of Mother's Day with Mothers Day Gifts

by Barbara 21. April 2014 10:16

Question about possible mother's day gifts.

Question: "I need some gift ideas for Mothers Day. Mom seems to have almost every kitchen utensil she could ever need. I want to gift her with something unique. Please give me some ideas. Thanks. Susan."

Answer: Safe Home offers a wide variety of gifts both whimsical and practical. Here are some examples of our best sellers for Mothers Day:

For the Bird Loving Mom:

For the Gardening Mom:

For the Mom Dealing with Head Ache or Muscle Pain from Too Much Exercise or Too Much Gardening.

Go to the website for thousands of other products that might make your Mom's life more pleasurable, less painful, or less work!

Thanks for your question. Hope this helps.



Choosing Wind Chimes to Set A Mood, To Accent an Area or to Remain Friends With Your Neighbor

by Barbara 11. November 2013 10:36

Question about buying and hanging wind chimes.

Q: "I'm looking to purchase several wind chimes for my screened porch. How do I know what to purchase? Thanks. Suzanne."

Answer: There are many questions to consider when choosing wind chimes and their placement. Often sounds that please your ear may be abrasive to some else.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How much are you going to invest in your chime or chimes? Some chimes are quite inexpensive. For example, the Cohasset Sail Boat Bamboo Wind Chime. Others like the Music of the Spheres Westminster Wind Chime can cost more than $100.
  2. How many do you plan to buy? If you plan to hang more than one in an area, please choose units that work well together. Ex. The Music of the Spheres wind chimes come in soprano, alto, bass, etc. They are tuned to the same scale just in different octaves.
  3. What is your purpose? i.e to set a mood, to accent an area, etc.
  4. Where are the locations you are considering? Chimes range in length from about 26 inches to 90 inches. Are you going to place these outside or inside? Inside means near a screened window or screen door through which wind can flow. Perhaps you'll have to have a fan nearby to jostle the chimes. Typically how windy is it outside your home or building? How close are your neighbors? (long bass wind chimes can be quite loud).
  5. What components are in the chimes you are considering? Components change the sounds, from soothing to rather abrasive, from tuned to not tuned. Also the distance the sound travels

Then take a look at the options:

  • Glass wind chimes have a higher pitch, are not tuned, add color. Glass chime sounds do not carry as far as metal chimes.
  • Metal wind chimes are aluminum like the Amazing Grace Chime, copper like the Woostock Copper Wind Bell or steel. Often you can add additional chimes to provide harmony. Ex. Music of the Spheres has chimes ranging from soprano through bass. The pitch is usually the same and sound not only carries but lasts longer.
  • Bamboo wind chimes provide soothing sounds, hollow, deep and resonant. They are less durable than metal. Splits in the bamboo have little effect on the sounds

Choosing the number of tubes:

  • More tubes means more notes, more combinations of sounds and different harmonies.
  • Fewer tubes results in a smaller range of sounds, well-tuned ones

Choosing Chime Finish:

  • Painted
  • Natural Metal Finish
  • Natural

Choosing Chime Length:

  • Overall wind chime length determines both tones and sound depth.  the tone and depth of the sound. Longer chimes result in lower, fuller tones: shorter, higher pitched tones.

Looking at the wind chime sail size:

  • This is the piece that catches the breeze. If it is too large and heavy, the sound may be decreased. Choose a wind chime that will not need gale force winds to chime. Usually a gentle breeze of 8 to 10 mph activates a chime. A very heavy sail can "beat up" the wind chime,

Just go to and enter wind chimes in the search box to browse through our very large selection of wind chimes.

Thanks for your questions.




Get Rid of Deer Pests with Havahart Electronic Deer Repeller and Night Guard Red Light

by Barbara 29. July 2013 04:19

Question about how to get rid of deer day and night.

Question:"I have deer roaming through my yard, munching on my trees. This happens during the day and at night. Using deer repellent sprays and granules takes a lot of work. I don't want to install an electric fence as it is unsightly. What do you suggest? Thanks. John

Answer: I have two suggestions. One is the Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent and the other is the Nite-Guard. If you combine the two units, you should reduce deer damage significantly.

The Havahart® electronic repellent for deer uses a behavioral modification technique. The Havahart 5250 attracts deer short range by using an acorn scented deer lure. When a deer touches the post, he or she gets a gentle static shock. So you train the deer to stay out of your yard.This electronic deer repellent includes 3 units, aromatic lure, instructions, cotton balls, and order form for additional lure.

Electronic Repellent for Deer from Havahart®

  • 3 green and silver posts with red tops: Place 5 to 20 feet apart.
  • Aromatic lure, instructions, cotton balls, and order form for additional lure.
  • Delivers 400 volts (substantially less voltage than static shock) with virtually no amps (.01 Joules) to harmlessly repel deer
  • Covers approximately 1,200 sq. ft
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).
  • Average battery life is over one year
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Portable and effective

Add the Nite-Guard for additional deer repelling at night. Also discourages pest animals like coyote, fox, bear, mountain lion, wolf, bobcat, owls, raccopns, human intruders, hawks, mink, weasel, A great product to help protect your campsite from animal pests.

Nite Guard Solar is a solar-powered flashing red light for night animal control. When positioned correctly, this automatic red flashing light repels night pest animals that could harm  livestock or gardens. Nite Guard SolarTM is based on scientific research: night animals flee as they fear they have been discovered or are being watched. Completely weatherproof. Functions to -20 degrees F. Operates in a single direction: 30 degrees angle of sight to right or left. Add additional units to protect large areas. Requires minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight to flash: turns on at dusk, turns off at daylight.

Nite-Guard Main Features:

  • Automatic red light flashing begins at dusk and lasts until dawn.
  • Completely weatherproof: can work submerged in water.
  • Tab for hanging on nail or screw
  • Requires minimum of 4 hours direct sunlight to maintain internal battery charge. Full charge may require several days of sunlight. Not for use in forests!
  • Functional to -20 degrees F.
  • Coverage: approximately 60 degrees, 30 to each side of the Nite-Guard.
  • For best coverage, use 4 or more units. Consider height of animals against which you want to protect your property when mounting unts.
  • Warranty: 1 year from manufacturer. Typical life span: about 2-3 years minimum.

Thanks for your question. Please take some action and save your yard, trees and garden.




Fi-Shock Pet Deterrent Electric Fence or Koolatron CD-01 or CD-02 Cat and Dog Repeller?

by Barbara 20. July 2010 05:58

Question about the Koolatron Cat and Dog Repeller, Battery Powered and the Koolatron Cat and Dog Repeller with AC Adapter

Q: "I have a home in an Atlantic Ocean coastal town near the beach. There is a constant stream of beach traffic including people with dogs. The dog owners pick up the droppings but of course not the urine which is killing my grass in several spots near the sidewalk. I tried the CD-01 without success. Do I have a bad unit?" The batteries last only about 12 days. Thanks Barry

Answer: I discussed this with my Koolatron rep at length. Heavy traffic and salt spray combine, he feels, to make this unit ineffective. He suggested a fence to discourage dogs from squatting. He reminded me that dogs tend to urinate where other dogs do. Also pet owners may be quite unhappy if their dogs cannot walk on the other side of the street.

My own recommendation, if you can do this, would be to install a low voltage above ground electric fence such as the Fi-Shock Economy Pet Deterrent Electric Fence Kit. Perhaps this could be discretely mounted in front of or just above behind a border type fence, preferably a UV stabilized PVC plastic fence.  The Koolatron Cat and Dog Repeller is better suited for backyard or side yard use or for a very deep front yard where it can be mounted to shoot the ultrasound, if activated, across the yard from the side.

These are the reasons not to use the Koolatron unit in your front yard or back yard near the ocean:

  • The Koolatron CD-01 or CD-02 will activate every time that a person, animal or vehicle passes. That means the battery life will be short. Battery Life is determined by how many times the motion sensor picks up motion and triggers the ultrasound. Two batteries should last up to 2000 ultrasonic bursts, Of course, we humans won't hear the sound.
  • A salt spray environment will cause corrosion of screws and perhaps the inside as well over time.
  • The effective distance of the unit pointed toward the street is up to 85 ft in a 70 degree arc so folks across the street may also trip the alarm. Plus dogs across the street will be effected to their owners' chagrin.

If you don't want to put a "flower bed" type PVC fence in place then use the above ground low voltage electric fence alone. This is a single wire strung between PVS fence poles. The Fi-Shock™ economy pet deterrent kit trains pets and or keeps unwanted critters away. This product can be used to break your pets' bad habits and keep them fenced in. The electric fence delivers a mild shock, deterring animals from the area. It plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet and delivers continuous output.

The Fi-Shock electric fence kit includes the charger, 10-23” PVC fence poles, 1-22” ground rod, 100’ of aluminum wire, 50 cotter pins for fastening wire and 1 ground clamp. It is easy to install and has a 1 year limited warranty. Unless the dog/dogs jump over the fence, your yard will be protected from urine damage.

Thank you for your question.



Gardem Accent Echo Valley Illuminaries, What Makes Them Glow?

by Barbara 16. July 2010 04:42

Question about the Echo Valley illuminary garden accents and stakes

Q: "What makes them glow? How long should the glow last if you live in a sunny climate like Arizona? I am looking for a garden accent to put among the shrubs and perennials when blooming is over. Thanks. Mary.

Answer: Patented luminescent crystals within the glass globes absorb light energy from the sun during the day and emit a soft green glow for hours after dusk. Expect at least 4 hours of glow once night falls if exposed to enough sunlight or artificial light during the day. The deep blue glass globe swirled with green tones is about 2.25 inches in diameter.

First, Echo Valley Illuminaries are NOT solar landscape or accent lights. Without batteries, the Illuminaries use only “passive” solar energy, i.e. the sun or incandescent light to charge the crystals.

Second, the length and intensity of the glow is dependent upon where you position or locate your Illuminaries product. Fll sun during the day makes for maximum crystal chargeability. Position away from any potential source(s) of light interference like exterior or interior house lights, street lights, etc. for maximum visual clarity. Moonlight also reduces the amount of glow: put illuminaries where it is completely dark at night for best brightness.

Third, dusk to “dark” varies throughout the year. Summer means more exposure to the sun. The latitude effects the glow as well. In Alaska and Norway, for example, there is a very short day in the winter and a very long day during summer months. So expect less glow in the winter unless your location has more equal amounts of "night" and "day."

Extreme weather conditions like excessive heat, thawing and freezing of winter, high winds and torrential rains can reduce the life expectancy of these products. Do remove them and store them during these types of conditions.

The Dragon Fly Stake is a set of 4 stakes, each about 29.5 inches long. Most customers buy a minimum of 4 stakes, either the same or mixed. These also make great gifts for gardeners.

Choices include the Fairy Stake, the Saturn Stake the Mushroom stake and others. Our selection changes during the year depending upon our inventory.

The Solar Kissing Fairies uses battery power rather than crystals. This is one of our most popular Echo Valley products other than the Illuminaries.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Early Mosquito Control with Propane Mosquito Traps from Koolatron and Woodstream.

by Barbara 3. June 2010 05:33

Question about controlling mosquitoes with mosquito traps.

Q: "How does a propane mosquito trap work? When should I install one? What are the advantages of one trap over another? Thanks. Jim"

Answer: Propane mosquito traps all work basically the same. The heat and moisture generated by the trap mimics the attractants of a perspiring human body i.e. carbon dioxide (CO2), moisture and body temperature (thermal imaging. The color, shape and airflow through the trap plus an additional attractant, octenol in the case of the Koolatron units also draws mosquitoes to the trap. Octenol can be hung from the other units as well. The best time to start a trap is when the first mosquito eggs are hatching. The goal is to capture the females before they reproduce again. Draining water from ponds or low lying areas or adding mosquito preventatives helps as female mosquitoes return to lay their eggs. The women wants the blood, not the males!

There are three kinds of larger traps sold by Safe Home Products. The all electric trap, the propane and electric which requires electricity to run the fan and the all propane.

Woodstream propane mosquito traps use no electrical power other than batteries, replaceable or rechargeable. Koolatron traps include all three types.

The propane only traps have the advantage that you can move them downwind from your outdoor play areas. All that we sell protect up to about 1 acre except the electric one which is about 1/2 acre.

The Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap by Woodstream has a patented Counterflow™ Technology that lures, captures and controls mosquitoes. This is a sophisticated unit with Smart Technology: 5 different user-friendly setting options plus 4 fuel savings modes to reduce propane use. The Mosquito Magnet® Executive can automatically start-up/power-down by itself using a rechargeable battery when the temperature reading is above or below 50° degrees. And you'll know when the battery is low, the propane is out or even when the propane nozzle is clogged. The self-contained mosquito net is rigid for better performance of the mosquito trap.

The Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap by Woodstream also uses the Mosquito Magnet® patented Counterflow™ Technology and uses 4 C cells. Silent, odorless. Dual-tone color design is proven to attract more mosquitoes.

The Koolatron Mosquito Trap Guardian PRO-Summer Bonus Kit is offered only through June 17, 2010. Then the price increases significantly. Until then, the propane tank cover and extra octenol attractant are also included. This propane only trap, like the Woodstream traps, has a one year warranty. It uses no batteries, only propane.This is a more basic trap: change the propane tank about every 4 weeks, check at 3 weeks.

The Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12FE requires electricity to run the fan plus propane. This is the least expensive of the propane type units and works quite well although placement is limited by available electricity.

The 20 lb. propane tank and gas for all tanks must be purchased separately. Too hazardous to ship!

Thanks for your question. If you have questions about which one might best meet your needs, please email

Sincerely, Barbara

Choosing Window Mount Cardinal Bird Feeders

by Barbara 31. October 2009 09:48

Question about the Duncraft Cardinal Feeder and the Duncraft - Super Songbird One Way Mirror Window Bird Feeder.

Q: "My dad wants a window type bird feeder as a birthday gift. Which unit do you suggest? How does it mount? What do you feed cardinals? Thanks. Jill"

Answer: The Duncraft feeders mount with suction cups. Both units have mirror film installed so you can see the cardinals or other birds and they won't be scared by seeing you! These are currently the most popular holiday birdfeeders that we sell. The first unit is 12 inches long by 4 inches high by 5 inches deep and holds about 2 pounds of mixed seed. There is a one way mirror film that lets you birdwatch as they feed. Two heavy duty suction cups attach the bird feeder to window glass. Easily filled and cleaned, too.  The second unit is 8.5”H x 11.5”W x 3.5” L and has two seed containers and a larger mirrored viewing area. There is a special cardinal bird seed mix. We recommend sunflower seeds as the most popular and less messy seed to use.

Thanks for your question.





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Add Suet Feeders to Attract More Wild Birds to Your Yard

by Barbara 20. September 2009 12:52

Question about suet cakes, suet feeders and seed feeders.

Q: "I have several seed feeders in my backyard. My neighbor also feeds birds suet. What would adding suet feeders add to my backyard birdwatching? Would the squirrels get into the suet? Thanks'. Paul

Answer: Paul, views have changed about feeding birds suet. Adding suet means adding more of the clinging type birds for your pleasure. Yes, squirrels can get into suet. There are squirrel resistant suet feeders, too.

Now many bird lovers offer suet all year around. Nesting birds need more energy in the spring. Suet provides it.  For insect eating birds in summer, suet can substitute for insects especially in years when insects are in short supply.  Suet helps birds store fat needed for energy to migrate or to prepare for the cold winter weather and to survive winter in colder climates.

Most suet is made from meat fat, Some regard beef fat from kidneys as the best suet. Suet can also be made from vegetable fat. Suet can be flavored, mixed with seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, berries, etc. or just plain. Suet comes in many forms, netted bells to hang directly from trees, blocks, plugs, pellets which birds can carry back to their nests to eat,etc. There are suet feeders available that are made from coated wire to which birds can cling or perch. Most suet loving birds are cling feeders like woodpeckers. If you plan to feed suet, be well-supplied as once birds discover it, it is eaten quickly.

The birds most seen eating suet are chickadees, woodpeckers, warblers, titmice, kinglets, nuthatches, jays, and wrens. Starlings can be a real pest in some areas: you may want to use a starling resistant suet feeder. that is suited primarily for birds that hang upside down to feed. Likewise, pest squirrels can be better kept away by a squirrel resistant suet feeder.

I recommend that if you buy suet on-line, that you buy a minimum of 6 to 12 blocks, bells, etc. Otherwise your shipping costs will void out any savings or convenience as shipping 6 to 10 pounds cost very little more than shipping 2 pounds.

The choices are too numerous for me to add to this blog. I suggest you search for suet and you'll see the choices we offer.

Thanks for your questions and enjoy your backyard birds.

Sincerely, Barbara



Comparison of Sunday Afternoons Protective Sun Hats

by Barbara 7. September 2009 04:26

Q: "Dear Customer Service, I have the following questions regarding your hats.
I have the following questions regarding your hats:
1) If I want max sun protection, which one is better:  sunday afternoon adventure hat(GCSDWAHMCS) or sport hat (GCSDWSHLCS)?:
2) What are the materials for the hat? cotton, nylon,..
3) can I machine-wash w/ cold water?  . will the hat shrink if I tumble dry in dryer? 
4) How thick are material above top of head:  1 layer? 
5) Is there styrofoam insert inside hat if it suddenly rains?
6) Do you have picture of back of hat?
Thanks. Howard"

Answer: Thank you for your question. No one has before asked us to compare them. I have the Adventure Hat, have had it since 2001 when it was available only in California at a few places. I got the one with the scarf and quickly removed it as I found it a bother. The hat is so lightweight you hardly know you are wearing it.

Here are quick answers to your questions in bold.
1)  If I want max sun protection, which one is better:  sunday afternoon adventure hat(GCSDWAHMCS) or sport hat (GCSDWSHLCS)?: the Adventure Hat covers more of your neck, ears.
2) What are the materials for the hat? cotton, nylon,...100% nylon
3) can I machine-wash w/ cold water?  No, handwash. will the hat shrink if I tumble dry in dryer? The nylon won't. However the styrofoam might crumble. Machine drying is not recommended. not advised.
4) How thick are material above top of head:  1 layer? 2 layers except for the mesh vents. Both hats are lined. That and the tight weave are what give the hats the sun protection.
5) Is there styrofoam insert inside hat if it suddenly rains? styrofoam insert is to keep the hat floating if it blows off while you are canoeing. It won't keep your head dry.
6) Do you have picture of back of hat?  unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the back of the hat. You can get a good idea by going to these webpages and taking a look at the sides.

Unless noted, these are features of both hats:
  • 100% Nylon construction except for decorative braid (none on the sport hat)
  • 2 layer constructions:  nylon lined with a darker fabric to help protect eyes and make vision more comfortable.
  • 50 UPF (Mesh vents not rated).
  • 2 mesh vents, one on each side of the hat
  • Wide brim to protect the face. The Adventure hat has a 4 inch flexilbe brim. The Sport Hat brim is also 4 inches and tapers over the ears and overlaps the 5 inch neck veil.
  • Neck veil: Adventure hat has a 7.5 inch neck and ear veil with a grip tape on the veil so you can shorten it off the neck.. Sport hat veil covers only the neck and is 5 inches long.
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Portability: the Sport hat is a smaller profile, easier to pack,
  • Sport hat: 2.2 oz, Adventure hat: 3 oz.
  • Sizing hole in the back of sport hat for pony tails.
  • Handwash cold, line dry, no iron care
  • Chin strap with cord lock to keep hat from blowing away.
If you plan to wear the hat for golf or tennis, I recommend the sport hat as the larger brim of the Adventure hat may block your vision.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

Advantages of Koolatron MK12 Propane Mosquito Trap with Electric Fan

by Barbara 1. August 2009 06:39

Question about Koolatron Mosquito Trap, the Guardian Mosquito Trap MK12

Q: "How difficult is it to install and maintain the MK12 Koolatron mosquito trap?" Thanks.

Answer: I recommend this unit because it is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up and maintain and should give you years of mosquito control.

It takes me about 5 minutes to set up the MK12 propane mosquito trap. That includes moving the unit from storage on my back porch, installing the propane tank and turning on the gas (screw on after setting it on the unit's base), plugging in the cord to an outside outlet, hanging the octenol attractant and lighting the flame. The only maintenance is changing out the propane tank few months or so and replacing the octenol every 3 weeks. I suggest you weigh the full tank and an empty tank so you have an idea when a tank is really empty. Here in Iowa you get charged for a fill whether that is 5 lbs or 20 lbs. And shaking out the capture container at the end of the season or more often if your mosquito population is out of control. (The mosquitoes dry up and disintegrate into almost dust like particles).   More...