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In South and Hawaii, Lurex is Superior to Octenol to Lure Asian Tiger Mosquitoes to Mosquito Magnet Traps

by Barbara 8. April 2011 08:19

Question about whether to use Lurex or Octenol to increase mosquito capture rate in my Mosquito Magnet Independence Trap.

Q: "I live in Kentucky. I just bought a Mosquito Magnet Independence Mosquito Trap because we expect a huge problem with mosquitoes this summer. Which lure works the best for this area? An octenol lure came with the trap. Thanks. Sam."

Answer: You live right on the boundary line. Lurex is recommended as the better lure for Asian Tiger mosquitoes for Southern USA and Hawaii. Asia Tiger mosquitoes are more common in those areas and are day-biters as opposed to most mosquitoes who bite more at night..  Lurex3™ is a patent-pending mosquito attractant that mimics naturally occurring human skin scents or odors known to attract mosquitoes. This EPA-registered product is the only attractant developed for the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Lurex3™ out catches octenol by 3:1 on the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Lurex is also effective at luring no-see-ums and black flies as well as other mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and Heartworm.

If you have tried the Octenol lure and are still getting bitten by mosquitoes who haven't found your trap more inviting than you,  you need to use Lurex3™.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your questions.



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Disposable Yellow Jacket and Wasp Traps Lure Stinging Insects Away from Food

by Barbara 8. September 2010 06:05

Question about the Contech Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap

Q: "My wife is allergic to yellow jackets. Would this wasp trap help control the problem when we eat out on our deck? Thanks. Jim"

Answer:  Yes, we recommend that you place the Contech yellow jacket trap in the corners of your yard to draw them away from your deck. The wasp trap has no poison chemicals. Yellow jackets looks like bees but live underground and are aggressive. If you know where the yellow jackets are nesting, put these bait trap close and lure these insects into the trap unless those nests are near your deck. Avoid wasp stings or hornet wasp stings by using traps to lure the yellow jackets, wasps and hornets away from your deck.  Remember though that no trap is fool proof.

Among the traps Safe Home currently sells:

Yellow jackets are attracted to food, especially sweet smelling beverages and desserts. Oklahoma State University advises that paper wasps and yellow jackets and their nests should be avoided and not disturbed. Wasps and bees often visit garbage cans in picnic areas and other recreation sites, so it is best to avoid sitting or standing next to such sites. When wasps are common in recreation areas, carefully look for wasps and bees before sitting on the ground and check your food or drink before consumption. Stings inside the mouth and throat are particularly dangerous because of the potential of swelling and closing off the windpipe. When in wasp-infested areas, avoid wearing sweet-smelling colognes, perfumes, and hair sprays and bright orange, yellow, and blue clothing, as they will attract flying wasps. Khaki, tan, and dark colors are less attractive to wasps. If a wasp does approach you, it is best to remain still or move away slowly, because rapid movements such as swatting may stimulate stinging.
According to the University of The Contech wasp trap is safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free.

How and Why the Wasp and Yellow Jacket Trap Works:

Using the Contech Wasp Trap is easy. Simply place the bait in the bottom of the reusable plastic jar, add an inch of water and two drops of liquid dish soap, suspend the lure above the bait, and hang the trap from a tree or structure away from the house or patio (to avoid attracting wasps to occupied areas).

The trap’s patented bait and lure combination attracts nearby wasps and yellow jackets, and captures them within the jar. An attractive translucent cover conceals trapped wasps from view. After about 14 days, simply empty the dead wasps into the trash, replace the bait, and the reusable Wasp Trap is ready to go again.

The Wasp Trap uses a highly effective, yet safe and non-toxic attractant developed by Pherotech International - an industry leader in the development and commercialization of non-toxic insect trapping technology.

Wasp Trap and Wasp Lure:

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

How to Use Mosquito Repelling Candles Outdoors or Indoors

by Barbara 28. June 2009 09:13

Question about using Geraniol bucket candles mosquito repelling candles.

Q: "What is the best way to use mosquito repeller candles?" Thanks. Mac

Answer: We recommend that you light geraniol candles at least 30 minutes to an hour prior to your outdoor gathering. Space the candles about 8 feet apart around the perimeter of the area where you plan to entertain. Make sure the Geraniol pillar candles or bucket candle is on a flat, heat resistant surface where it is unlikely to be knocked over. For the best protection, we recommend that you place mosquito traps down wind from your party and keep them running continuously during the mosquito/biting insect season. The best unit is the all propane mosquito trap since you can place it anywhere you choose without an electrical outlet nearby.

Take care when using any burning candle to make sure that it’s on a flat, heat-resistant surface to prevent the candle from tipping over or spilling wax, and never leaving a burning candle unattended.

Among the pleasant smelling geraniol options are:

Remember if you have a pond or other standing water you may need to take more action. Mosquito Dunks are made with natural BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis), Mosquito Dunks represent a major breakthrough for people and the environment compared with the traditional toxic chemical approach to mosquito control. BTI is a live bacteria that's deadly to mosquito larvae, Once a month float a Dunk in the water garden and every place water accumulates around the home. Each Dunk will effectively treat up to 100 square feet off surface water regardless of depth. Dunks may be broken to treat small areas. Mosquito Dunks are an effective biological mosquito larvicid. EPA registered in all 50 states. Unused and dried out Dunks retain their potency indefinitely.

Note: Citronella oil has been determined by the EPA to be a safe substance. When burned indoors, the citronella scent can cause problems in people who are susceptible to health problems from scents.

Thank you for your question. Enjoy your parties.
Sincerely, Barbara

Help, Barbara, I Need Pantry Moth Traps!

by Barbara 4. April 2009 08:06

Question about Contech Pantry Moth Traps.

Q: " "Barbara, this is Mom. I have a great idea for a product you should sell, Pantry Moth Traps. " This is what my 87 year old Mom told me two weeks ago (March 23, 2009) when she phoned me. After living for over 50 years in her home, Mom had pantry moths for the first time. She suspected they were either in birdseed or dog kibble stored in her kitchen pantry closet. She thought they were clothes moths for the first few days but then realized, not. (Note: My Beloved Mother left this world on November 11, 2012. She was 91 on October 31, 2012. She was my best friend. I miss her and her wisdom so much.)

Answer: Guess what Mom! I've been selling pantry moth traps for the past year as well as fruit fly traps,yellow jacket and wasp traps and fly traps!

Being a good daughter, I promptly sent her two sets of traps. Mom responded that within the first day she'd already captured 11 moths!

What are pantry moths? How do we get them? And how do we get rid of them.

Pantry moths are found in bird seed, flour, dog food, biscuits, pasta, cereal, dried beans, bread, spices, cookies, etc. Store birdseed, dog food and similar products in sealed containers. Birdseed is especially inviting to pantry moths so its better to store that outside on a screened porch or in the garage.

Pantry moth larva are very small, about the size of a grain of rice. When I had an infestation years ago, they came into my house in a box of crackers. I didn't notice them until they literally had eaten into a bag of rice. When you spot moths or larva, increase your search. If you find them or webbing or larva, get rid of that food fast!

The Contech Pantry Moth traps are non-toxic and use pheromones to lure the moths. Each package contains two lures and two sticky pads. The lures attract moths for 4 to 8 weeks. When the sticky pad is full of moths, discard and open another trap. Our moth traps catch 4 times more moths than comparable traps used by the commercial pest control industry.

Use one trap per room: you don't want to confuse the moths by giving them more than one option! Mom put one trap in the pantry closet, one in the kitchen and one in each bedroom on the first floor. Also clean out your cupboards, vacuum them thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag or canister contents outside into a sealed bag that goes immediately into the garbage. Then wipe out the cupboards with a vinegar solution.

Thanks, Mom, for contributing to my Blog and for being my Mom!
Love, Barbara

Attracting Bats to Backyard Bat Houses for Insect Control

by Barbara 17. January 2009 21:00

Question about using bat houses to attract bats to backyards to control insects.

Q: "I am looking for a "green solution" for insect control around my home. We have a wooded lot. How do I attract bats to my yard? Are bats dangerous? Are some bat houses better than others?"Thanks. Lloyd.

Answer: Bats are greatly misunderstood: research shows that one bat can consume more than 600 mosquitoes per hour. Bats eat other flying species of insects such as corn borers and cutworm moths. So, yes, this is a cost-effective organic pest control method you should pursue. You can make your own bat house if you'd like. Buying a kit or pre-constructed kit may be cost effective when you consider the tools, time, etc.

How to Attract Bats:

  • Install bat houses.
  • Have water nearby: a lake, a pond, a bird bath, etc. where insects gather. (How about a backyard koi pond with solar water pump?)
  • Plant night-blooming flowers.

Bat House Instructions:

  • Most bat houses are made by a rough, nontoxic wood (such as plywood or cedar): a rough surface makes it easier for bats to climb in and out of the house.
  • Size of the house: at least 2 feet tall, 1 foot wide, and 3 inches deep.
  • Mount your bat house is in the fall or winter. This lets the wood of the house to age and odors dissipate.
  • Install facing south, preferably where sunlight reaches the house most of the day.
  • Mount on a pole, tree or under the eaves of a house, garage or barn about 12 to 15 feet above the ground.
  • Be patient: it may take up to a year to attract a colony.

Like any mammal, bats can catch rabies: the risks are low and you are unlikely to handle a bat.

Some suggested bat houses:

  • Heath Bat House BAT-1ADimensions: 11.5 inches by 12.8 inches by 2.5 inches deep. Meets guidelines from Bat Conservation International.
  • Schrodt - Colony Bat House:A triple chambered nursery capable of accomodating dozens of mature bats and their offspring. Etched brass moon and branded bat design. 17 inches tall.
  • Songbird Cedar Large Bat Chalethis large bat house has grooves on the inside front and back so bats can "hang out" in comfort. The Songbird Cedar Bat Chalet has two compartments, room for a colony of bats. Mount 15-20 feet high on pole, structure or tree. Install now for next summer. Dimensions: 18 inches by 4 inches by 13 inches.

There are many other options. Remember that bats do not chase away birds nor do they suck the blood of humans!

Refill Sticky Cards and Natural Attractant Lures for the Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap

by Barbara 22. June 2008 07:10

Question about the product: Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap and Lure by Contech

Q: "Do you have the refills for these? How would I order those at the same time?"

Answer: We do sell fruit fly trap refills. There are two lures and two sticky pads in each refill. Since the refill weighs very little, we recommend that you add these to your initial order to avoid additional shipping charges. Each package of Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Traps includes two plastic traps, two lures and two sticky pads. The trap jars are re-usable year after year. The fruit flies enter through a tube and fly down toward the lure and get caught on the sticky pad. When the sticky pad is full, you remove the lid, dump the contents into the garbage can, rinse the jar and insert a new lure and sticky card. You can place the trap on your kitchen table, next to ripening bananas, peaches, etc. These also work well in fruit markets, supermarkets, restaurant kitchens, etc. since these traps use no poisons.

A natural attractant entices fruit flies into the decorative trap, where a disposable sticky pad ensures they don’t escape. These traps are safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free. This is an easy and effective way to eliminate fruit flies from your kitchen, without using harmful sprays or chemicals. Included in each kit are two jars, two lures and two sticky pads. Each lure combination lasts about 5 days.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Sincerely, Barbara


How to Deal with Thousands of Flies in a Garden, Yard or Inside a Building

by Barbara 14. May 2008 12:11

Question about the products: The Contech Outdoor Fly Trap CT-FLY152, the Victor Poison Free Super Fly Roll and the Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait.

Q: "We have a 20 x 30 foot garden. When we water, the flies swarm the ground. Nothing we have seems to help. We have one bag trap now that has picked up just a few flies. We are talking about thousands of flies that seem to swarm the area. How many traps do we need and which work  the best.

Answer: We have a variety of traps for flies.  Only three can be used indoors.

Contech Outdoor Fly Traps and Lures

The Contech Outdoor Fly Traps and Lures contain a natural lure and bait combination. This lure and bait combo is extremely effective against most species of nuisance flies including house flies and horse flie. Once drawn to the trap, the flies are lured inside to die. Easily used. Uses proven attractant technology developed by a leading supplier of pest management products for the US Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture. Each unit includes one bait and one lure. Effective for about 10 days. Requires( bait, an inch of water and two drops of dish soap. Hang from a tree or structure near the house or patio. Do not use indoors due to strong odor.lasts for ten dayss to the trap, and drawing them inside. Safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free, the Outdoor Fly Trap is the environmentally friendly way to control outdoor flies.

Victor® Poison Free® Super Fly Roll:

The Victor Poison Free Super Fly Roll contains patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies. This easy-to-release paper is on a long-lasting 19 foot roll. The glue does not stick to your fingers but does stick to the flies keeping them trapped on the paper! For best results, unroll the full roll with glue surface facing the ground. Flies are drawn to the sticky side of the trap. Can be used inside barns, sheds, etc.

Victor® Poison-Free® Fly Magnet® Disposable Fly Trap:

Hang Victor Fly Magnet Traps with Bait that are poison-free and disposable around the perimeter of your property to keep your flying insect problems away from your home and outdoor living area. This fly trap attracts house, barn and bottle flies. It contains the best bait formula available on the market. No cutting or assembly required and the hanging mechanism is included!! This bag trap is easy to use - just add water and hang, then when full, just snap top onto trap to seal and place in trash. It's that convenient and that easy!   Traps are re-usable. Once filled with flies, dump contents, re-bait, add water and do it again! Replacements baits are available    Clean disposal -- snap top onto trap to seal and place in trash. Victor® Fly Magnet™ Replacement Bait for the Victor Fly Magnet M382 comes with three non-toxic replacement baits.

Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait

Another option is the Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait . This is a gallon sized fly trap that is reusable with M318 bait. This trap has a unique top that is white and diamond shaped, the color and shape also attract flies.

Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect and Mosquito Trap

The Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect and Mosquito Trap attracts flies and mosquitoes as well as gnats or moths. Made by Lentek/Koolatron, this unit uses three devices to attract flying insects inside. The 4W UV black light bulb emits ultraviolet rays at the 365nm wavelength, which creates a photo catalytic reaction when it comes in contact with the Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide) coating inside the trap. Octenol is a proven attractant to blood-seeking flying insects: each Bite Shield™ Octenol cartridge lasts 45 to 60 days. Note: never use Octenol inside your home or business. Then a powerful fan draws the flying pests into the capture tray where they die and dehydrate. This unit does require 110VAC power. Hang it on a wall. Effective area is about 322 square feet.

Victor Poison-Free Indoor Fly Trap

The Victor Poison-Free Indoor Fly Trap attracts and traps flies indoors. This non-poisonous, tower-shaped trap contains patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies. Easy to use, easy disposal. Keep those disease-bearing, annoying flies away from your family. Just peel off the release paper. Place in well-lighted area. Hang the trap and dispose of the trap when it is full. Cover food: keep garbage can lids tight. When 90% full, dispose of the trap. Can be used outdoors if in area protected from water and weather.

Do remember that flies are attracted to food on your patio as well as composting food waste, animal feces, etc. If you compost or use compost in your garden, you may need a minimum of 4 to 6 traps to keep the fly population in check.

Thank you for your interesting question. Check the website for additional fly traps.



Can this Wasp Trap Stop my Paper Wasp Problem?

by Barbara 3. April 2008 13:23

Question about the product Contech Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap CT-WASP152.

Q: "Will this product work for paper wasps? My County Extension Agent says traps won't work for paper wasps. Do you agree? We live in West Texas--Lubbock. The paper wasps were so bad late summer that we couldn't get in the house."

Answer: Your County Extension Agent is correct. This trap is designed to lure yellow jackets and wasps away from outdoor areas where food is being consumed. The trap will not rid you of a paper wasp colony.

To get rid of paper wasps, you must remove the nest completely and then spray and then spray an insecticide to kill any surviving wasps. Otherwise the surviving wasps will return to the same spot and build another nest.

The University of Minnesota extension service recommends June as the best time of the year to control wasps, after the queen has established her colony and while the colony is still small. Do this at night when wasps are less active as they have trouble flying at temperatures below 50° F. Never seal a wasp nest until you are sure there are no surviving wasps inside. Sometimes doing this drives the wasps to nest inside a building.

There are no insecticides that repel wasps. Apply a ready-to-use aerosol "wasp and hornet spray" into the entrance of the nest during late evening according to label directions. If no activity is observed the next day, the nest has been successfully exterminated. If live wasps are still observed, repeat the treatment at three-day intervals until they are all dead.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.


How the Lentek bug racket works

by Barbara 19. March 2008 07:38

Question about the Lentek Electronic Racket Zapper, Product Code:LK-RZ02

Q:" Can you please tell me if the "triple mesh" feature for this electronic fly swatter means that all three are actively charged for zapping bugs, or is it just the center one with two protective screens on each side?"

Answer: Only the center mesh is live: the outside two mesh layers are offered as protection from accidental "shock" if you should touch the mesh with your hand as you might with a tennis racket. Single mesh units will shock on contact with your hand or other body part. Still handle this insect zapper with care.

Using this electronic swatter means no more chasing after annoying flying insects and then having to hit them against a hard surface, splattering bug parts on walls, table, etc. Just push on the button to activate the grid and release to turn it off. Once you make contact with the fly, bee, etc. the insect dies and drops to the ground.  Buy a package of three and save!

Thanks for your question.


Ultrasonic Pest Repellers and Pacemakers

by Barbara 17. August 2007 03:28

Q: "I am looking for an ultrasound product for a very large dining room area to repell flies. I am familiar with the use of ultra sound for larger animals. Would the use of about 15 of these Lentek units,3 Pack of Lentek Ultrasonic Pest Contro 600 Model PR35 in a room have any effect on heart pacers? Thanks. Richard"

Answer: We checked with the manufacturer. Their response: "There have never been any health problems reported associated with the technology utilized in Lentek electronic pest repellers such as the PC series, ex. PC01. The ultrasonic sound waves produced for pest control should not be confused with the ultrasound utilized in imaging equipment, as they are very different in intensity and application. The ultrasound from a pest repeller will not penetrate solid material, including people.

OSHA states that the ultrasonic sounds produced by this type of product have 'little effect on general health' and that there is no exposure safety limit needed for sounds above 20 kHz. If you have further specific concerns, please contact your doctor."

Richard, we do want to clarify that this product is sold for repelling mice and rats. We have no information that this unit or any similar ultrasonic pest repeller units work for repelling flies.

We do sell several different electronic insect traps. Lentek-Koolatron units include the Mini-E-Trap, the 12V UV Light Insect Killer with AC adapter, For flying insects that get away, we sell a very effective electronic flying insect racquet by Lentek-Koolatron.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.
Sincerely, Barbara