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How to Deal with Thousands of Flies in a Garden, Yard or Inside a Building

by Barbara 14. May 2008 12:11

Question about the products: The Contech Outdoor Fly Trap CT-FLY152, the Victor Poison Free Super Fly Roll and the Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait.

Q: "We have a 20 x 30 foot garden. When we water, the flies swarm the ground. Nothing we have seems to help. We have one bag trap now that has picked up just a few flies. We are talking about thousands of flies that seem to swarm the area. How many traps do we need and which work  the best.

Answer: We have a variety of traps for flies.  Only three can be used indoors.

Contech Outdoor Fly Traps and Lures

The Contech Outdoor Fly Traps and Lures contain a natural lure and bait combination. This lure and bait combo is extremely effective against most species of nuisance flies including house flies and horse flie. Once drawn to the trap, the flies are lured inside to die. Easily used. Uses proven attractant technology developed by a leading supplier of pest management products for the US Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture. Each unit includes one bait and one lure. Effective for about 10 days. Requires( bait, an inch of water and two drops of dish soap. Hang from a tree or structure near the house or patio. Do not use indoors due to strong odor.lasts for ten dayss to the trap, and drawing them inside. Safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free, the Outdoor Fly Trap is the environmentally friendly way to control outdoor flies.

Victor® Poison Free® Super Fly Roll:

The Victor Poison Free Super Fly Roll contains patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies. This easy-to-release paper is on a long-lasting 19 foot roll. The glue does not stick to your fingers but does stick to the flies keeping them trapped on the paper! For best results, unroll the full roll with glue surface facing the ground. Flies are drawn to the sticky side of the trap. Can be used inside barns, sheds, etc.

Victor® Poison-Free® Fly Magnet® Disposable Fly Trap:

Hang Victor Fly Magnet Traps with Bait that are poison-free and disposable around the perimeter of your property to keep your flying insect problems away from your home and outdoor living area. This fly trap attracts house, barn and bottle flies. It contains the best bait formula available on the market. No cutting or assembly required and the hanging mechanism is included!! This bag trap is easy to use - just add water and hang, then when full, just snap top onto trap to seal and place in trash. It's that convenient and that easy!   Traps are re-usable. Once filled with flies, dump contents, re-bait, add water and do it again! Replacements baits are available    Clean disposal -- snap top onto trap to seal and place in trash. Victor® Fly Magnet™ Replacement Bait for the Victor Fly Magnet M382 comes with three non-toxic replacement baits.

Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait

Another option is the Victor Fly Magnet Trap with Bait . This is a gallon sized fly trap that is reusable with M318 bait. This trap has a unique top that is white and diamond shaped, the color and shape also attract flies.

Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect and Mosquito Trap

The Bite Shield Wall Mount Flying Insect and Mosquito Trap attracts flies and mosquitoes as well as gnats or moths. Made by Lentek/Koolatron, this unit uses three devices to attract flying insects inside. The 4W UV black light bulb emits ultraviolet rays at the 365nm wavelength, which creates a photo catalytic reaction when it comes in contact with the Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide) coating inside the trap. Octenol is a proven attractant to blood-seeking flying insects: each Bite Shield™ Octenol cartridge lasts 45 to 60 days. Note: never use Octenol inside your home or business. Then a powerful fan draws the flying pests into the capture tray where they die and dehydrate. This unit does require 110VAC power. Hang it on a wall. Effective area is about 322 square feet.

Victor Poison-Free Indoor Fly Trap

The Victor Poison-Free Indoor Fly Trap attracts and traps flies indoors. This non-poisonous, tower-shaped trap contains patent-pending three dimensional patterns and colors that are highly attractive to flies. Easy to use, easy disposal. Keep those disease-bearing, annoying flies away from your family. Just peel off the release paper. Place in well-lighted area. Hang the trap and dispose of the trap when it is full. Cover food: keep garbage can lids tight. When 90% full, dispose of the trap. Can be used outdoors if in area protected from water and weather.

Do remember that flies are attracted to food on your patio as well as composting food waste, animal feces, etc. If you compost or use compost in your garden, you may need a minimum of 4 to 6 traps to keep the fly population in check.

Thank you for your interesting question. Check the website for additional fly traps.



How the Lentek bug racket works

by Barbara 19. March 2008 07:38

Question about the Lentek Electronic Racket Zapper, Product Code:LK-RZ02

Q:" Can you please tell me if the "triple mesh" feature for this electronic fly swatter means that all three are actively charged for zapping bugs, or is it just the center one with two protective screens on each side?"

Answer: Only the center mesh is live: the outside two mesh layers are offered as protection from accidental "shock" if you should touch the mesh with your hand as you might with a tennis racket. Single mesh units will shock on contact with your hand or other body part. Still handle this insect zapper with care.

Using this electronic swatter means no more chasing after annoying flying insects and then having to hit them against a hard surface, splattering bug parts on walls, table, etc. Just push on the button to activate the grid and release to turn it off. Once you make contact with the fly, bee, etc. the insect dies and drops to the ground.  Buy a package of three and save!

Thanks for your question.