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Chain Fire Ladders or Emergency Ladders for 2nd thru 6th Stories, Made in USA Safety Products

by Barbara 8. June 2012 07:09

Question about Made in USA escape ladders

Q: "I manage a residence for abused women. Our building is 6 stories high. We do have some fire escapes. However, many of the bedrooms are not near the fire escapes. We are looking for ladders that can be kept under a bed or in a closet for emergency escape in case there is a fire. We prefer to Buy American. Which ladders do you suggest we purchase? Thanks. Beth."

Answer: We recommend the Bold Ladders which are made in the USA by Bold Industries. There are 12 foot, 20 foot, 35 foot and 50 foot ladders.

  • Quickescape 12 foot ladders. Weight: about 15 lbs. Choose from a QuickEscape QFL12SL Emergency Ladder With Sleeves, 12FT or a QuickEscape QFL 12 Emergency Chain Ladder, 12FT without plastic sleeve covering. Note: plastic covering helps to reduce the possibility of tangling. The 12 foot ladder is an Emergency Escape Ladder For the 2nd Floor. The QuickEscape® Emergency Escape Ladder hooks over a window sill for quick escape when other exits are blocked. Place the ladder hooks over the window sill and climb down the ladder to safety.  A portable ladder, the Quickescape ladders are tested to support over 1000 lbs.and fit standard windowsill walls up to 10" thick. There are easy to install or remove standoffs for each rung: standoffs give more stability while allowing flexibility to avoid a variety of wall obstructions or hazards. For example, if there is a lower floor window located directly below the designated egress (escape) window and the path of deployed escape ladder will goe along that wall. For this situation, prepare the ladder in advance by removing the standoffs that would hit the window, thus avoiding breaking the glass. The ladder is made from 18 gauge steel with a 2/0 double loop chain in red and gray. There is a life time warranty.
  • Quickescape 20 foot emergency escape ladders. Weight: about 22 lbs. Each ladder is identical in construction to the Quickescape 12 foot ladders. The difference is that this ladder is made for escape from a 3rd story. Choose either the Quickescape with plastic covering of the chains or the Bold QuickEscape Fire Ladder, No Sleeves, 20FT with plain chains.
  • ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladder, 35 feet long. Weight is about 24 lbs. This fire ladder is made for escapes from the 4th floor. Red and white in color, the gauge of the ladder is 18 gauge and 20 gauge. Again the ladder supports up to 1000 lbs. total and has removable stand-offs. Choose from a 35 Ft ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladder with plastic covering the chains or Bold FL35 Res Q Ladder, No Chain Sleeves, 35 Feet.
  • ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladder, 50 feet long. Weight is about 38 lbs.  This ladder is made for escapes from the 5th through 6th floor. Red and white in color, the gauge of the ladder is 18 gauge and 20 gauge. Again the ladder supports up to 1000 lbs. total and has removable stand-offs. Choose from a 50 Ft ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladder with no covering the chains or a 50 Ft ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladder with plastic on the chains. Plastic sleeves mean less likelihood of the chain tangling during deployment and more comfortable climbing down.

Remember that along with having escape ladders available, you need to have fire exits marked as well as the locations of the ladders marked. Smoke hoods are often recommended for those who are in rooms without windows with direct access to those with fire ladders. Install and regularly test smoke alarms.

Note: Due to Liability Issues This Product is Returnable Only In Event of a Defect Verified by the Manufacturer.

Thank you for your question. We do discount larger quantities of ladders, smoke hoods and most of our products.




Replace Safe Escape Smoke Hoods Every 5 Years or 5 Years from Manufacture Date

by Barbara 3. March 2011 14:14

Question about the Safe Escape Fire Smoke Hood ASE30,Soft,20/CS

Q: "What is the real shelf life of the Safe Escape Smoke Hoods? Our company purchased 40 in 2005 as we are on the 20th floor of a building in Chicago. We just realized they are dated April 2005. Thank you. Steve"

Answer: The shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture. All units will have a minimum warranty of 48 months. This is because they are made in China and shipping to the USA warehouse, to us and to our customers takes time. If an order is 5 or more cases of 20, the products can be shipped directly to our customers in the USA, Canada and other countries. The reason for the maximum shelf life of 5 years is that the chemicals begin to deteriorate over time. This happens even though each smoke hood is vacuum sealed in a pouch inside the carrying or storage case.

The Safe Escape 30 minute and 60 minutes smoke hoods have a 3 part system that protects against:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCL)
  • Acrolein (CH 2 CHCHO)
  • Anthrax
  • And many other toxic gases and smoke

Additional Warranty: If this unit is used in conjunction with an actual documented case when either fire or smoke are present, submit a fire or police report. We will forward this to the manufacturer and you will receive a replacement unit with a 5 year shelf life direct from the China manufacturing facility. This replacement will be free excluding shipping, duties and taxes. 

The units you purchased have a maximum 30 minutes escape time. If you are concerned you may need longer time to descend to the first floor to escape, then consider the Safe Escape Smoke Fire Hood ASE60 Soft Case 60 min.. The other smoke hood options are the Safe Escape 30 minute in the hard case and the Safe Escape 60 minute in the hard case. We also sell a Safe Escape Chem Bio Smoke Fire Gas Escape Hood. The hard case units can be mounted on the wall. Othewise they are identical to the soft case ones. This provides 30 minutes' escape time. The additional protection offered is against more than smoke as you see below.

5 Part Chem Bio System Protects Against:

  • GREEN: Sarin, Hydrocyanic Acid, Hydrogen Arsenide, Phosgene, Diphosgene, Chlorpicrin, Pestmaster, Dichloromethane, Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Lewsite Gas, Mustard Gas, Sarin, Benzene
  • RED: Benzene, Chlorine, Acetone, Alcohol Class, Aniline Class, Carbon Disulphide, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloroform, Methyl Bromide, Chlorotoluene, Nitroalkaline, Chlorpicrin, Ammonia Gas, Suphur Dioxide, Chlorine Gas, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Phosgene, Phosphorate or Chlorine organoagricultural chemicals.
  • WHITE: Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • PURPLE: Radioaerosol, Bacteria aerosol, Other Toxic Smoke, Fog, Dust

Shelf Life: 12 year on hood. 4 year on replaceable filter. Note: the cost of replacing the filters by the factory makes this option more expensive than new smoke hoods. Warranty: If this unit is used in conjunction with an actual documented case when either fire or smoke are present, submit a fire or police report. We will forward this to the manufacturer and you will receive a replacement unit with a 5 year shelf life direct from the China manufacturing facility. This replacement will be free excluding shipping, duties and taxes.

Contact us and we will be glad to provide you with a quotation for any quantity of smoke hoods of any type we ell.

Thank you for your question.



PEARL, The Home Fire Escape and Rescue Ladder in a Cabinet

by Barbara 21. November 2008 11:16

Question about the Pearl Protected Escape and Rescue Ladder.

Q: "I read about the Pearl fire ladders. How difficult is it to install one? We live in a two story house. I want my family to be able to escape a fire. I am concerned about panic setting in and the kids not remembering the chain ladders are under the bed." Thanks Tom

Answer: Installation is not that difficult. The PEARL ladder is a 23 foot 8 inch ladder for 2nd and 3rd story homes or buildings. The PEARL is housed in a cabinet mounted between wall studs in a hallway, bedroom or other room. Usually the ladder is mounted under a window. Studs must be 16 inches center to center with a finished wall space equal to the dimensions of the cabinet. If you do not have 14 inches of wall space, you may notch out part of the molding (window apron and/or baseboard) to make room for proper installation.

We recommend professional installation. If you are handy, DIY installation takes about an hour. The easiest time to install is when a home is being constructed or remodeled.

You can use this ladder for up to a 3 story installation. The primed cabinet can be painted to match the wall The cabinet dimensions are 14" high x 16.5" wide with an access door of 13.5" x 15.25".

# Anti-slip rungs: Spaced 14" apart, stand offs on each rung. Fingers and toes have ample room for climbing.
# Ladder Rungs: Extruded aluminum ladder rungs (6061, T6). Lightweight, strong and durable.
# High heat resistant Nylon webbing . Lightweight, stronger, tangle-free alternative to chain.
# Load Capacity: 1500 pound maximum.

Repacking this ladder is not something we recommend. so don't try to rehearse fire drills with it! Children can deploy it much easier than a portable chain ladder as PEARL weighs less and is easier to get out the window.

I do recommend two PEARL ladders minimum per second floor and above. You need more than one escape route besides your stairs.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

Using a QuickEscape ladder from a deck overhang

by Barbara 26. September 2004 08:55

Q: "Hi there, Would the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder 12 feet or the 20 feet ladder work from a deck overhang? I am looking for a means of escape from my deck - something I can hook over the railing and climb down - I noticed the QuickEscape Emergency Escape Ladder has some sort of extensions (stand off's?) on each rung to rest on the house (probably for sturdiness) would this ladder work if there were nothing for those extensions to rest against? and would kids feel apprehensive climbing down it? Cindy "

Answer: This is a flexible chain ladder so these are some of the variables:

  • The deck railing/window sill must be thick enough so the hooks grip it. Otherwise there is nothing for the top to push against for stability.
  • To be safe, the stand-offs must brace against the house. Otherwise, the ladder dangles dangerously and is likely to swing in the air. Stand-offs both add stability as a person descends and allow for toe room between the ladder and the house.
  • Stand-offs can be removed or adjusted to allow for climbing over obstructions, etc.

If there was a wall against which the ladder could rest, your kids probably would use the ladder in an emergency. Otherwise, it would be scary and dangerous.

Are there windows nearby that have the necessary sill thickness against which the ladder hooks can brace?

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Sincerely, Barbara