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Which Do I Need? Low or High Density Trash Bag or Can Liners? High or Low Micron or High or Low ML.?

by Barbara 15. May 2011 05:35

Question about high density 45 gallon can liners and low density can liners.

Q; "I need to buy a quantity of can liners for my business. I don't know which ones to purchase. Primarily, these are to line cans for paper to be recycled. Please help. I am confused by the micron labeling on your website. The trash bag liners in the stores are labeled in mil. Thanks. Jack."

Answer: The difference between high density and low density is the kind of resin used in the manufacturing. It sounds strange but the low density resins are more puncture resistant and tear resistant than the high density resins. For your purposes, the high density bags are more appropriate since you are talking about papers rather than sharp objects. High denstity can liners are much less expensive because they are thinner and use a less expensive resin as well. We sell both kinds of trash bags in black and in clear. For your purposes, the clear are probably better.

Now we come to the micron issue. Our Medline brand liners have the thickness of the liners in microns rather than the mil. you are used to.  If you divide the micron by 25.4 , you get the mil thickness. So The second bags you noted above is given as a 2.0 mil thickness while the first one is 17 microns or very thin, i.e. .66 ml.

Low Density trash can liners range from .30 to 2.0 mils. With improved resin technologies, today's thinner trash can liners are much stronger than those from years ago.

High density trash can liners range from 6 microns to 28 microns.

These are some of your choices for the 45 gallon size in the high density clear can liners:

If you want to encourage your employees to sort their trash from their paper, I suggest you provide each employee with a recylcling waste basket and an area covered waste container for trash. Purchase clear high density can liners for the paper and the black for the trash. For example, I suggest you choose the High Density Clear Liners, 24 x 24, 8 mic, 10 gal,1000/CS for the paper recycling baskets and use the Low Density Black Can Liners, Heavy .65 mil 30x36,250/CS for the trash receptacles.

Safe Home sells clear and black, low and high density, liners for trash cans, waste baskets, linen carts, etc. Let us know how we can help you further.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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