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Measuring for Pull On Incontinence Briefs with Elastic Waists

by Barbara 10. April 2011 11:42

Question about Protection Plus Briefs Overnight L 40-56 In 64/c

Q: "My mother needs something more than the absorbent urinary incontinence pads, especially at night. Is this the correct size of disposable overnight bladder incontinence product for her? I don't know what to measure. Thanks. Gail.

Answer: Medline, the manufacturer, gives this as a measuring guide for the pull up disposable brief. Note: For Sizing, measure hip bone to hipbone over the abdomen. Double the longest measurement. Add 2 inches. When in doubt, purchase the larger size. Example. Hipbone to Hipbone=21 inches. 2x21=42 plus 2=44 inches. So this person would need a size large which is what you chose.

This is the entire catalog for the Medline urinary incontinence products: Medline Incontinence Catalog.

This is in a pdf format so you would need to download the Adobe Acrrobat reader, which is free.

Thank you for your question.