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120VAC/DC Converter for 5 amp or less 12V Thermoelectric cooler or warmer?

by Barbara 10. June 2009 10:19

Question about using a thermoelectric cooler/warmer indoors on AC power.

Q: "Which AC/DC converter do you suggest for a larger thermoelectric cooler/warmer that draws up to 5 amps? We'd like to use our cooler indoors as an extra fridge or pre-cool prior to going camping." Thanks. Thomas

Answer: Currently, Koolatron has two units that meet your needs. These are the Koolatron AC Adapter for 12V Cooler and Battery Charger, ABC-1 and the Koolatron AC Power Adapter for 12V Travel Coolers, AC15.

The ABC-1 is the Deluxe Version of the Koolatron AC Adapter is compatible with all Koolatron thermoelectric coolers. This deluxe AC adaptor does everything the AC-15 adapter does plus it is a 120VAC car battery charger. Power your Koolatron Cooler/Warmer at home or office with this AC Adapter. For use with all Koolatron 12V Coolers and warmers and other 12V items as well. Not only is it an AC adapter, it is also a battery charger for your car. Plug into the car's cigarette lighter and charge your car battery over night. You can use it to power all sorts of 12V items that require no more than 12V at 5A of power and use a cigarette lighter socket for a power source. It also is protected against overloading and overcharging. Converts 110VAC to 13VDC. Use indoors only.

The AC15 is not voltage regulated and depends upon the input voltage and the load current. The output voltage is not regulated and depends upon the load current: the output voltage may exceed 14 volts when load current is less than 0.5 amps. 5 amps power draw.The output voltage of the power adapter Important: This power adapter/battery charger is for indoor use only. Intended for use with Koolatron thermo-electric coolers: the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of the product for use in other applicatDirections for Use: Place unit upright on a hard, flat surface with cooling vents unobstructed. Connect cooler to power adapter output socket first. Then connect the power adapter to an AC outlet. When disconnecting, first remove the AC plug first, then the DC plug. This unit has an auto-resetting electronic shut-down circuit for your protection and for the protection of the unit. A green illuminated LED indicates proper operation. When the shut-down circuit operated, the LED will not be lighted. Disconnect the power adapter from the AC outlet. Allows it to cool down for at least 10 seconds and the circuit should reset. The LED will again light. Any load that causes the LED to go off either draws too much current for the power adapter to handle or has a defect causing a short circuit..

Warnings are similar for both units for safety:

  • Do not operate in an environment where the unit may get wet
  • Do no operate in direct sunlight or near radiant heaters
  • Do not restrict ventilation above or below the unit
  • Do not operate without a load for longer than 15 minutes: Only for the AC15
  • Do not grip cords when disconnecting: grip only the plug and socket
  • Do not rotate the plug in the socket: push straight in and pull straight out.
Thanks for your question.