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Explain How an ID Guard Stamp Works to Protect My Identity on Junk Mail

by Barbara 2. August 2010 12:48

Question about the Kespon ID Guard Stamp PLUS

Q: "I believe in recycling. Shredding credit card offers, utility bills, etc.takes time and makes a mess. I saw the Kespon ID Guard on QVC and wonder how it works. Would it really protect me from identity theft. Please give me more information. How does it differ from, say, a return address stamp. Are there ink pad refills available? Thanks, Susan."

Answer: As Seen on QVC, the ID Guard product uses a specially designed pattern along with a compounded pigment and oil based ink to mask letters and numbers effectively. You can stamp out personal information quietly and cleanly just like you would use a deposit stamp or a return address stamp. The difference is that you are covering an area 1 inch by 2.75 inches or 24 mm by 70 mm with a single push of the top of the stamp.

There are certain papers where this identity guard stamp is not as effective. For example the ink takes a long time to dry on photo paper that is glossy and will leave ink blots on paper that has a rough texture. The ink won't dry on plastic sheets or coated papers. This is a sturdy stamp as the body is made of ABS plastic and POM and both the ink pad and the tray are ABS.

Currently available are the Bright Pink ID Guard Stamp PLUS and the Fluorescent Green ID Guard Stamp Plus. We chose these colors as they are less likely to be confused with the more traditional stamps used to endorse checks and to stamp return addresses. We also carry the small ink pad replacements.

Users are happy not to deal with shredding and the shreds that seem to multiply like flies.

Thanks for your question. Sincerely, Barbara