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Automatic Water Valve Shuts Offs and Alarms When Washing Machine Leaks

by Barbara 9. June 2016 02:38

Question about the products Washing Machine FloodStop FS3/4H-90 and FloodStop FS-3/4-H Washing Machine,In-Line Auto Water Valves.

Q:"Please tell me how many inches it is from the valve connector to the inside 90 of the device. Please send diagram with measurements if possible. Our valves are located in the back of the box and I have concerns if the valves will protrude past the front cover, plus I want to install water arrestors. Thanks, Jim."

Answer: We checked with the manufacturer's rep as this was beyond our expertise. Bob's response: "I have no diagram available for him, but understand his question.

The distance from the inlet end of the valve where the spinning female threaded collar is to the inside edge of the 90 degree downward outlet end of the valve is 2 9/16 inches (slightly over 2.5 inches). The FloodStop 3/4-H90 was specifically designed for wall box type installations. Numerous wall boxes were evaluated to determine the valve design so it would fit all brands. I cannot remember when someone returned a FloodStop 3/4-H90 because the outlet end of the FS valves did not protrude past the front cover of the wall box. Typically installing water arrestors increases the extension of the FS valves out from the hot and cold water hose-bibs."

FYI: The FloodStop is a dual valved water damage control device that turns off water to a washer machine when the water sensor (placed usually under the machine) senses moisture. The newest model utilizes AC power with a battery backup and has twin ball valves that shut off the water.

For those who have a different system, we do have the straight line version.

Thanks for your question.


Attaching Rupture Proof FloodChek Washing Machine Hoses

by Barbara 22. November 2008 06:55

Question about using the FloodChek Washing Machine Hoses and the Product Code: =SM-FC-Gooseneck2. Gooseneck Connectors.

Q: "My washing machine sits fairly close to the wall. I'm concerned that the Floodcheck washing machine hoses are too stiff to install correctly. Can I attach these gooseneck connectors to the back of the machine so that the hoses do not stick straight out, and then attach the hoses to the free end?" Thank you. Howard.

Answer: Yes, the purpose of the goosenecks to provide an angle so the hoses do not stick straight out. We recommend the gooseneck connectors when space is tight for installation. Some customers must install two sets, one on the water supply pipes and one on the washer, to be able to use these rupture proof hoses. Floodchek hoses come in 5 feet and 7 feet lengths, have sturdy brass connectors and are guaranteed for 20 years. If you have a steam dryer, we do sell single hoses as well. Reduce the risks of water damage further by adding a FloodStop Automatic Water Valve and Alarm for Washers, FS3/4H-90 that will turn off water if the machine itself leaks, not an uncommon occurrence.

We also recommend that you add either local water alarms or a unit like the Floodstop washing machine water shut off valve with sensors. The reasons are that sometimes a slow water leak develops under a washing machine that has nothing to do with the hoses themselves. Slow leaks ultimately cause expensive repairs.

Our suggestions for water alarms are:

1. The Flood Detective: The only water alarm that features AC operation with battery back-up. 92 dB alarm. The water sensors detect water at a depth of 1/32", are wafer thin for use under carpets or small spaces and have adhesive strips to keep sensors firmly in place. Flood Detective's fail-safe technology informs you of A/C power loss or low battery levels. 8 foot cord on each sensor. Daisy chain additional water sensors to expand coverage of a single Flood Detective water alarm unit. Multi-sensor Capable: one water alarm can monitor multiple sensors. (Maximum of 5 is recommended for easier location of water leaks.) 7 year warranty.

2.The Gizmode Water Alarm : This is a battery only water alarm with a very loud alarm: Sounds at 110+ db for up to 72 hours. Construction: Sturdy ABS plastic outer shell with 4 stainless steel sensors. Powered by a single 9 volt battery (not included) Low battery warning. Tip resistant. Moisture Sensors: Sensitive to low moisture levels. Standing water not required. Stainless steel sensors: Will not corrode nor stain. Sensor contacts sink deep into carpet, thus detecting the first signs of moisture below the carpet's surface. Size: 3" Diameter x 3" Tall. Takes up minimal space. Optional Sump Pump or Water Overflow Attachment. (Sold Separately). 1 year warranty.

3. The Water Screamer Stand Alone Water Alarm, 130 dB Alarm: This is an extremely loud stand alone water alarm and moisture alarm. Remember that a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is 85 decibels. Use this in basements, near toilets, under sinks, near water heaters, etc. Powered by a single 9 volt battery, the Water Screamer by Gizmode is 4.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches tall. There are four stainless steel probes. Use on carpeting or hard flooring. This is a great unit for crawl spaces, condo complexes, etc. Avoid thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage plus inconvenience by using a Water Screamer that you can hear through walls!

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Can I Buy 3 FloodChek Washer Hoses?

by Barbara 14. May 2008 11:50

Question about Floodchek Washer Hoses ?

Question: "Can I order Three Floodchek washer hoses (that is a pair and a half?) I have a dryer that uses steam (cold water connection) so need one extra hose. Thanks. BA"

Answer: Yes, we are now splitting pairs and selling single hoses.  The hose color of the third hose may be red or blue depending upon current inventory. Other than the color, the hoses are identical. If you buy two pairs, the left over hose would work well to connect to a dehumidifier or to do that necessary annual drain of your hot water heater to get rid of the sediment.

We also have FloodChek 7 Ft Washing Machine Hoses, One Pair. We recommend that you also purchase Brass Swivel Gooseneck Hose Connectors, .75 In., TWO if you don't have much room between the washer and the wall. You may need two pairs if the wall is really close. These are needed because the Floodchek hoses are so heavy duty that they have little bend to them. The other advantages are the heavy brass couplings and the five layer construction.

Each Floodchek hose has these five layers:

  • traditional rubber tube
  • 1st layer of 23# braided rayon reinforcement
  • 2nd layer of 23# braided rayon reinforcement
  • a .012"-gauge rubber jacket
  • a .063"-gauge rubber cover.

This part of the Floodchek hose creation story, paraphrased.

In 1989 a burst washing machine hose occurred on the 34th floor of a 40 story luxury condominium in Hawaii.  The water flowed undetected from late night onto morning. An earlier riser (5:30 a.m.) got out of bed putting his feet onto a soaked carpet and called the manager. The damage was more than $200,000 to a total of 20 apartments. That is when Steve, the manager, began to work on a rupture proof washer hose. There were 400 apartments each with a washer and dryer. The result several years later was the Floodchek, which uses industrial grade hose with several layers and the highest quality machined brass couplings available.

These hoses are not inexpensive: these hoses are guaranteed for 20 years' service on the machines on which they are installed. Using them means your only risk is a leak from the machine itself. Let's be real: no one I know turns off the hot and cold water lines to their washing machines after every use! We do suggest that you also install either a local water alarm such as the The Gizmode Water Alarm, the Water Screamer Stand Alone Water Alarm, 130 dB Alarm or Flood Detective water alarm or a Washing Machine FloodStop FS3/4H-90 that includes one sensor or can use many chained together to alert you with an alarm and water shut off if your washer itself leaks.


Amount of Bend in Flood Check Hoses?

by Barbara 1. May 2006 05:04

Question about the Floodchek Hoses

Q: "Hello. I am interested in purchasing a pair of your Flood Check Hoses but have a question regarding their attachment. My washer will be situated no more than 5 inches from the rear wall with the water supply to the right of the washer (same rear wall). Will these hoses attach and bend sufficiently to clear the wall behind my washer without affecting their performance? If not 5 inches, how much space would you recommend in order to attach these hoses to my washer? In case it matters, the machine is a Kenmore Elite HE3T. Thanks."

Answer: You need about 7 inches for the bend. We sell brass e goose neck adapters that reduce clearance to 3.5 or 4 inches.

Thanks for the question.