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Differences Between Bird-X Structural Bird Netting, Standard Bird Net and Knotted Polyethylene Bird Net

by Barbara 15. June 2012 06:17

Question about the differences between Bird Net Structural 1/2 In. Black Mesh 200 Ft x 14 Ft and Bird Net Standard 3/4 In. Black Mesh 100 Ft x 14 Ft.

Q: "What are the differences between the two types of Bird-X bird netting? I'm not sure which would be better for my application. Thanks Tim."

Answer: The main differences are in the size of the mesh openings, the strength, the flexibility and the weight.

Structural bird net from Bird-X:                           Standard bird netting from Bird-X

Mesh openings: 1/2 Inch                                    Mesh opening: 3/4 Inch

Strength: 8.5 psf (pounds/square foot)                Strength: 2.5 psf (pounds/square foot)

Both are black, UV protected, plastic, barely noticeable. The standard is more commonly used by home gardeners and the structural by vineyards, construction companies, farmers, etc.

There is also a third type, Bird Net PE Plus Premium Grade Knotted ¾ In. Polyethylene 25x50 Ft. This is preferred for orchards or commercial settings where you may want to keep out small animals as well as birds and bats. Because it is knotted, there is stretch to it and it drapes more easily. The mesh openings are 3/4 inch.

If you have questions, please direct them to These bird nettings come in several sizes.

Thank you for your question.



Cardinal Gates Silver Deck Shield Net with 1/2 Inch Mesh Openings for Child Safety

by Barbara 25. April 2012 06:12

Question about the advantages of the Cardinal Gates 50 Ft. Silver Deck Netting over the Cardinal Gates Black Deck Shield Netting

Q: "Why is the silver so much more expensive than the black? Why would installing it be better than the black? Thanks. Tom."

Answer: The silver deck shield netting has a longer life and is less visible on light colored decks or when used to block animals (or children) from pushing between the pickets of fences. Both are easily installed using the wire ties, etc. included with each deck net kit. Both are made from polypropylene plastic and UV protected.

The major differences between the silver and the black deck netting are as follows:

  • Thickness: Silver is substantially sturdier and thicker—more than 7 times thicker than black. Black is approximately 0.26mm thick. Silver is approximately 1.98mm thick.
  • Size of openings: Silver: each "mesh" rectangle measures ½-inch hole size .  Black: each "mesh" rectangle measures about 1.25" x .75". 
  • Visibility: silver is even less visible from a distance.
  • Height: 35 inches for black and 36 inches for the silver
  • Can cut with scissors
  • Ideal for homeowner associations
  • Cable ties (provided) to attach uv mesh netting to deck posts.
  • Eye screws (provided) to attach plastic netting to deck surface.

There are two other lengths available.

Thank you for your question.



Knotted Bird Netting Keeps Birds from Roosting In Salt Storage Facility

by Barbara 3. April 2011 08:37

Question about the Bird Net Knotted ¾ In. Polyethylene 50 Ft x 100 Ft

Q: "Is the Bird-X BirdNet PE-Plus the correct bird net to install to cover the rafters of a salt storage building in north western Pennsylvania? Birds are roosting and causing a mess with bird droppings. We have the contract and want to make sure this is the correct product. Also any hints for installing it? The building is about 80 feet by 90 feet. Trucks move in and out all day during winter, which lasted a long time this year! How many pieces do we need? The specs call for an mesh opening between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch and must withstand 40 lbs per square inch break strength. Thanks. Tom."

Answer: I phoned the manufacturer to be sure (and then phoned you back as you know). Bird-X emphasized that this bird netting is what you need. This Bird-X BirdNet PE-Plus is the strongest bird net they sell and probably will last longer than the building. I was told that the break strength is actually based upon pounds per strand as noted below and the burst strength is a different measurement all together.

Joe noted that you will need two pieces since this comes in 100 ft lengths and is tricky to install if you try to "piece" it together. He also included a spec sheet of the possible bolts, cables, etc. you will need. Here are the Installation instructions. If there was electricity at the salt storage facility, a better choice would be a combination of sonic and ultrasonic bird repellers placed at the entrance and inside. The Super Bird Xpeller Pro and Terror Eyes or other visual deterrents would be the best choices.

Knotted Bird Netting Specifications:

  • Thickness: 0.071" thick (6 strands, each 0.012" thick).
  • Quality Control: filaments are twisted and knotted, pressure stretched and tightened for strength and durability.
  • Mesh (hole size): 3/4"
  • Color: Black.
  • Waterproof: no water absorption, does not rot.
  • Material: knotted polyethylene UV treated twine.
  • Break strength: 52 lbs./23.6 kgs. per strand.
  • Burst strength: 44 lbs/20 kgs.
  • hemical Properties: Polyethylene, a paraffin hydrocarbon, is chemically inert and highly resistant to most chemicals at ordinary temperatures. High resistance to acids and alkaloids at all concentrations.
  • High Temperature: 210-239°F/100-115°C.
  • Low Temperature: -139 to -166°F/-95 to -110°C.

Thank you for your question and your order.



Which Tubular Elastic Net Do I Need to Hold a Wound Dressing in Place?

by Barbara 7. February 2011 11:23

Question about Medline Tubular Stretch Elastic Netting.

Q: " I just realized I am allergic to latex. I had a mole removed from my arm and have a larger sore from the latex adhesive than from the removal. How do you know what size tubular stretch netting to buy? I used a gauze wrap this time but it is uncomfortable.. Thanks. Jill."

Answer: We sell Medline and Curad brands of tubular stretch netting that is latex-free.

Each roll is 25 yards long at the stretched length. Medline provides a chart in their catalog to choose the correct size.

This is the information about the Medline brands: Our product codes are ML-(Their Product Code)

                                           Maximum Circulation

      Product Code      Size      Stretch Width         Relaxed Width     Typical Use

  • NONNET012     1/2      4" (10.2 cm)             5⁄8" (1.6 cm)        Small Fingers, toes,
    wrists, circumcision
  • NONNET01       1         6" (15.2 cm)             0.6" (1.5 cm)        Large fingers, toes, wrists
  • NONNET02       2         7 2⁄3" (19.5 cm)       0.8" (2 cm)           Small hand, arm, leg, foot
  • NONNET03       3         9 1⁄3" (23.7 cm)       1" (2.5 cm)           Med hand, arm, leg, foot,
    multiple fingers
  • NONNET04       4         11 2⁄3" (29.6 cm)     1.2" (3 cm)            Lrg hand, arm, leg, foot
  • NONNET05       5         12 3⁄8" (31.4 cm)     1.5" (3.8 cm)         Avg arm, small leg/knee
  • NONNET06       6         24" (61 cm)             1.9" (4.8 cm)         Lrg leg, amputation, arm
    board, small head
  • NONNET07       7        28 2⁄3" (72.8 cm)      2.3" (5.8 cm)         Avg head, face, ears, neck
  • NONNET08       8        31 1⁄3" (79.6 cm)      2.8" (7.1 cm)         Small chest, back,
    perineum, axilla,
    shoulder, large head
  • NONNET09        9        35" (88.9 cm)           3.2" (8.1 cm)         Med chest, back,
    perineum, axilla, shoulder    
  • NONNET10        10      36 2⁄3" (93.1 cm)      3.6" (9.1 cm          Lrg chest, back,
    perineum, axilla, shoulder  
  • NONNET11        11       40" (101.6 cm)         4.3" (10.9 cm        XL chest, back, perineum,
    axilla, shoulder
  • NONNET12        12        56" (142.2 cm)        4.7" (11.9 cm)       XXL chest, back,
    perineum, axilla, shoulder
  • NONNET22        22        80" (203.2 cm)         8" (20.3 cm)        Bariatric/custom size

I hope this helps. Just remember that the relaxed width is the amount that the product will stretch beyond the width stated. To hold a dressing in place, the netting needs to be correctly fitted.




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Protecting Berry Bushes from Hungry Birds and Rabbits

by Barbara 28. June 2009 07:28

Question about protecting blueberry bushes from birds.

Q: "How do I keep birds from eating my blueberries? This is the second year for the bushes which are covered with green berries. Would a Bird-X bird repeller do the job? I don't want to deal with bird netting if I don't have to."Thanks. Jack

Answer: Your best choice is not the bird repeller unless you install multiple units of the smaller units, the Bird-X Peller 1 and the Bird-X Peller 2. Each unit has only one speaker. You would have to have at least two units or install the Super Bird-X Peller with four speakers. These are noisy, you would have to have AC power and your neighbors might be unhappy.

I recommend that you either drape the plants with standard 3/4 inch mesh bird netting or build what is called a walk-in blueberry cage. Essentially that is a frame over which you drape the netting. That way you can secure the bird net so birds cannot get underneath. After harvest, which usually takes a few weeks per variety, you can remove the netting. The netting should last for years since it is UV treated.

Remember that rabbits and other rodents enjoy the young branches of blueberry plants. To keep them out in the wintertime, surround the bushes with tall chicken wire fencing

Blueberry bushes require little care, if you are in the right climate zones, keep the soil acidic and provide enough water. In 1964, I gave my dad a half dozen small bushes. Four of them survive to this day in western Pennsylvania and continue to produce huge numbers of berries 45 years later. Each spring the bushes are covered with bird netting that is anchored along the edges with bricks. Rarely a bird will get underneath and need to be rescued.

Thanks for your question. Enjoy those pies!
Sincerely, Barbara

Using Knotted Bird Netting to Cover a Pen

by Barbara 19. May 2008 06:47

Question about the product Bird Net Knotted, Polyethylene 25 ft by 25 ft.

Q:"Can this bird netting be used for as game bird netting for bird cages? I'm looking for poultry netting to cover a pen that is 15 feet by 25 feet." Thanks. McKey

Answer: This knotted bird netting has 3/4 inch square openings and is quite flexible. Easily wrap this garden netting around a pen or bird cage. Cut the bird net be cut to fit. Depending upon the pen structure, use one of these methods to attach the bird net. These are usually used to keep birds out rather than in.

1. Wire and polyclips: Often used on concrete, brick or steel structures. Polyclips easily fold over wire and snap together through bird netting spacing 1 – 3 feet apart depending on the application. Polyclips come in a case of 250.
2. Epoxy caulk: Purchase at hardware stores. Use on concrete,brick and steel. Or purchase special adhesive from Ssfe Home Products.
3. Plastic banding and stapling. For wood structures, staple to a solid wood surface through the plastic banding that is woven into the netting every 4 to 5 strands.
4. Wood lath strips: On wooden structures, use nails and wood lathe strips.

Thank you for your question. Good luck with your birds.


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Can Deck Netting Be Used to Childproof a Balcony?

by Barbara 12. July 2003 09:39

Adrienne asks: "Can you use outdoor deck netting i.e. Deck Shield Netting or Cardinal Gates 50 Ft. Silver Deck Nettingto block the open area between the balcony top railing and the roof of the balcony to keep a child from falling over the balcony? If not, do you know of a product made to prevent falls from over a balcony railing?"

Dear Adrienne,

No, outdoor deck netting would not work in your application. Deck Shield is durable, weather-resistant polypropylene plastic netting, UV protected. Cable ties and eye screws provided to attach the mesh netting to deck posts and to the deck surface. Without permanent supports attached to the balcony roof and the top railing, this netting could not safely block that opening.

One way to childproof that area would be to have a carpenter install a sturdy frame in that area. Safe Home Products sells both removeable Guardian Angel and John Sterling brand window guards that can be installed vertically inside that frame to protect that dangerous opening. If this was an exterior balcony above the 6th story, window guards need to be permanently fixed as most fire truck ladders don't extend above the 6th story. One customer had a similar frame installed along with Guardian Angel guards to childproof an interior balcony overlooking her family room.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara