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Christmas Gift Suggestions and Special Gifts for Bird Lovers and Bird Watchers

by Barbara 12. November 2013 11:43

Question about holiday gifts for bird lovers.

Q:"Please suggest holiday gift ideas for bird lovers. My in-laws enjoy watching and feeding birds. Thanks. Marianne."

Answer: Your question is certainly wide open for suggestions.

Here are some of the most popular of our birding product gifts for those who want to attract birds to their backyards.

Bird Feeders Come in essentially three types: Seed, Suet and Nectar. They can be hung from trees, deck hangers, feeding station poles or attached to windows with suction cups. To choose the best ones for your loved ones, look on line to see which birds are typically found in their geographical areas. Note what the birds prefer to eat and then choose from the Safe Home Products' large selection.

Bird Mugs, Dishes and Glasses and Bird Magnets are great choices for those unable to feed birds and for those who enjoy the colorful choices. Consider their favorite birds or the color scheme in their kitchens and browse through our offerings such as:

For new bird watchers, I suggest "Bird, Birds, Birds" a DVD guide to recognize birds and bird songs and the Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher. For bird tips, try this DVD, Mel's Backyard Birding Tips, an inexpensive introduction to birds. 

Choose from dried meal worms(they won't crawl out of your feeders) and squirrel baffles, to keep the bird food from being poached by squirrels.

Thanks again for your questions. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need more help.


Getting Rid of Bats Inside and Outside of a Log/Shake Shingle House.

by Barbara 4. September 2009 14:06

Question about the product Product Code P3-P7816 P3 International Attack Wave Pest Repeller&

Q: "I was inquiring about using the P3 International Attack Wave Pest Repeller for a problem we have. We have recently purchased a log/cedar shake-home that has been vacant for at least 2+yrs, inspection done-some how... missed a "bunch-O-bats" Inside and out!!Never even knew they were there. I have to do something now!!.(2- KIDS) Do you, or can you recommend a product that will drive bats out of an immediate area? How many watts... hertzz... does it take to drive these things elsewhere?? Bat houses take up to a year or more to attract a colony? I could use any ideas!! Please HELP!!! Thanks again. LS

Answer: You certainly do have a challenge. Bat houses are the best answer and great for mosquito population reduction, too. The Attack Wave works quite well for indoor rodents. However, I would not recommend using these units for bats. I have several recommendations.

First is the Transonic Pro ultrasonic and sonic rodent and animal pest repeller.We've sold hundreds and hundreds of these for bats, cats, rats, etc. A log type reception center in Cedar Rapids mounted them on the walls inside the reception area to clear out the bats. Customer have placed them in attics, outside under covered areas up high to chase off bats, etc. Results have been excellent. You will need at least 2 units inside your attic, more if your attic has an irregular shape. These use AC power. Outside you'll need at least one on each outside wall, probably up high where the bats congregate.

A second is the Evictor Strobe Light This is a permanent installation of a 175,000 candlepower strobe light unit that has a low wattage bulb. Although made for squirrels and roof rats, this unit also gets rid of bats. It is a high intensity strobe light mounted in the attic. There are tests being run currently by a testing lab on bats so this can be put on the labeling. Depending upon the attic size and shape, you may need two of these installed 2 to 3 feet above the floor. If you use these in conjunction with the Transonic Pro units, your results should be even faster.

A third is the Quadblaster. This is an industrial strength ultrasonic repeller for larger areas. One customer who installed on in his warehouse said that not only did bats and birds vanish but also the rats and mice disappeared.

Knowing the size and configuration of your home would help. Please feel free to phone us or send us additional information including digital photos by email.

Hope some of these ideas help. Thanks for your questions.



Attract Bluebirds for Natural Insect Control and Beauty

by Barbara 27. June 2009 11:23

Question about the bluebird houses and how to attract bluebirds to my yard.

Q: "My family enjoys bird watching in our backyard. How do we attract bluebirds? We know they are beautiful to watch and we understand they eat a lot of insects, too." thanks. Dave

Answer: Attract and keep bluebirds in your backyard by providing them with houses in which to nest and the foods they love to eat. Bluebirds love insects, especially larva.

Some suggested boxes:

Some suggested bluebird feeders:

  • Song Essentials Bluebird Feeder. Bluebirds soon learn to reach inside this feeder for the meal worms & treats you provide. Designed for easy three step training. 1) Leave the lid open, held by the cable and remove one plexiglas side. 2) Insert plexiglass side. 3) Close the lid so only bluebirds can use the feeder.
  • Protected Bluebird Jail FeederThis feeder is made to discourage larger birds from feasting on meal worms and blue bird food.

Suggested food:

Thank you for your question. Enjoy your bird-watching.
Sincerely, Barbara