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Amcells WHS-800 Electronic Shipping Scale for Larger Items or Wheelchair Scale MADE IN USA

by Barbara 25. March 2011 08:00

Question about portable shipping scales with TARE for larger heavier items.

Q: "We own a business that ships larger packages that are difficult to put on a standard sized shipping scale. Some products are so heavy that we load them onto dollys. Is there an American made scale with a TARE function and a large platform so we can wheel the product/box onto the platform without removing it from the dolly." Thanks. Tom

Answer: What you need to purchase is the AmCells Wheelchair, Bariatric and Shipping Scale Folds. You can easily move the dolly onto the platform and push it off the other side when your weighing is completed. Ramped sides make this easy. The weight limit is 800 lbs with accuracy of 0.2 lbs. Amcells scales are known for reliability both in operation and in calibration. Buy American is my advice. 

The Amcells WHS-800 has these features:

  • Aluminum diamond polished deck with ramped sides
  • Over-sized platform: 40 inches by 30 inches
  • Rail Mounted easy-to-read digital display with printer interface
  • Rail height for digital display: 39 inches. Note this rail assists in the portability of the scale. It is NOT as a stability grip
  • Weight capacity: 800 lbs (360 kg)
  • Accuracy: graduation of 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
  • Pounds to kilograms conversion
  • Functions: ON/OFF, HOLD, ZERO, and PRINT buttons.
  • Power: AC adapter (included)
  • Print function allows printing to ticket printers, slip printers
  • Display Indicator:s elevated by a sturdy bar for easy access and convenience.
  • Materials: high quality aluminum alloy steel and stainless steel.
  • Physical Dimensions of Scale: Folded 3/4 inches High x 40 Inches Wide by 38 inches long.
  • Calibration: factory calibrated prior to shipment.
  • AmCells uses high quality Made in USA load cells that maintain scale accuracy over time.
  • 1 Year Warranty: The manufacturer warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Repair or replacement will be issued for any product which is found defective under the terms of this warranty. Safe Home assists with warranty issues within 30 days of sale.

With the TARE function, you can get an accurate weight for your shipment that is oversized. If you use UPS, you can enter both the weight and the box dimensions manually into the UPS program and get accurate shipping costs.

When you are done with shipping, you can fold the scale and store it or leave it in place for the next business day. The scale is easily moved in warehouse situations since it folds and rolls on two tough urethane wheels.

We have other Amcells, Seca, Healthometer, Befour, etc. scales. However, none of these offer the same options as the Amcells WHS-800.

Thanks for your question.





Remove Guardian Angel Window Guards from Mounts to Wash Your Windows

by Barbara 20. March 2011 14:07

Question about how you wash your window glass when you have Guardian Angel Window Guards installed

Q: "I need to install window guards because the single hung windows in my new house are only 18 inches above the floor. The windows vary in size but most are 36 inches wide. I also have sliding windows in several rooms. I like sparkling clean windows. How difficult is it to remove the window guards? Are the Guardian Angel guards easy to install? Thanks. Beth."

Answer: Guardian Angel window guards are easy to install and easy to remove, for an adult or older child that is. These window guards are now standardized in the side mount heights as well. That means if you move and choose to remove the window guards to use in your new home, you can drill out the screws and re-install them. Unlike the John Sterling window guards, the Guardian Angel remove completely from the mounting bars.

For your single hung windows, mount a window guard or two or three for taller windows by mounting the lowest mount bar two inches above the sill. Then stack additional mounting bars as needed by butting the ends of the mounting bars together. Then telescope the window bars to lock into the mounting bars.Some people prefer to mount the window guards to cover the entire window. In this case use the longer, taller bars and mount vertically.

If you mount in sliders, the best way is like prison bars. Once more you decide the width opening you want and mount units side by side to fill that space. Yes, prison bars may not be attractive but they don't give your child a ladder to climb!

Each window guard has four locks, two on each side of two of the window bars. For example, there is  one lock on one side of bar 1 in a 3 bar unit and another lock on the other side. Bar 3 has an additional pair. You push in two locks at one time to release the bar. Push to the other side and release the second side. To reinstall, do the reverse. Make sure the bars lock into the side or top and bottom mounts.

Guardian Angel window guards are strong, powder coated white steel. They come in sizes that expand from 14 to 17 inches to those that expand from 73 to 120 inches. There are 3, 4 and 5 bar units that you can mix or match to meet your window protection needs.

Use a pair of Window Wedge window stops or a pair of Window Guardian Super Window Stops to keep the windows from opening more than 4 inches beyond the bars.

Thank you for your questions. Go to any window guard web page for access to our window guard guide.



AquaPod Stores Emergency Water for Drinking, Cooking, Toilets, Etc.

by Barbara 7. March 2011 11:04

Question about the AquaPod Kit Deluxe Emergency Water Storage Kit

Q: "We live in Louisiana. Sometimes our municipal water plant issues warnings that water will be shut off for several hours. Sometimes we get hurricane warnings. How does the AquaPod Water Storage Kit Work? How good is the water as far as taste, etc.? We don't drink a lot of water but we do need to be able to flush toilets, cook, have water for tea and coffee, etc. Thanks. Sue."

Answer: The AquaPod fits in any bathtub and is easily filled using the tub spout. The AQUAPODKIT-DELUXE model lets you store 65 gallons of water, a 14 day supply for a family of 4. There is a hand pump so you can take out what you need without wasting water. Taste tests from customers say the water may take on a bit of a plastic taste after a month or so. Rarely is someone out of water for that long a time! Most toilets today can be adjusted to flush on 3 gallons of water or less. So if used wisely, only for the "big" uses, you can get quite a few flushes from one AquaPod filling.

Remember that reusing juice containers, milk bottles, etc. increases the risk of bacteria growing that could cause intestinal and other issues.

There are actually two AquaPod Kits. The basic kit, AquaPod Kit Emergency Water Storage, AQUADPODKIT-1, comes with a single liner. The  Aqua Pod Kit Deluxe is reusable: it comes with three liners. Additional liners are available at a reasonable cost. This water storage kit is a closed system made of a low density polyethylene bag and a manual hand pump is a practical way to solve emergency storage needs without buying, carrying and storing 65 gallons of bottled water.

Each Aqua Pod Deluxe Kit Contains:

* 3 disposable tub liners, each 40 inches by 80 inches. This will fit in a Jacuzzi tub or standard 5 feet tub. An average tub holds 70 gallons.

* 2 disposable tie clamps to hold the bag to water spigot during approximate 10 minute time that it takes to fill the bag. (Dependent upon water pressure.)

* 1 reusable pump with locking system. Locks the pump to the liner bag.

* FDA approved plastic, LDPE Plastic. Low Density Polyethylene Plastic.

* Shelf Life of the Kit and Liners : Up to 10 years depending upon storage.

* Made in the USA.

Thanks for your questions.

Sincerely, Barbara

Replace Safe Escape Smoke Hoods Every 5 Years or 5 Years from Manufacture Date

by Barbara 3. March 2011 14:14

Question about the Safe Escape Fire Smoke Hood ASE30,Soft,20/CS

Q: "What is the real shelf life of the Safe Escape Smoke Hoods? Our company purchased 40 in 2005 as we are on the 20th floor of a building in Chicago. We just realized they are dated April 2005. Thank you. Steve"

Answer: The shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture. All units will have a minimum warranty of 48 months. This is because they are made in China and shipping to the USA warehouse, to us and to our customers takes time. If an order is 5 or more cases of 20, the products can be shipped directly to our customers in the USA, Canada and other countries. The reason for the maximum shelf life of 5 years is that the chemicals begin to deteriorate over time. This happens even though each smoke hood is vacuum sealed in a pouch inside the carrying or storage case.

The Safe Escape 30 minute and 60 minutes smoke hoods have a 3 part system that protects against:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCL)
  • Acrolein (CH 2 CHCHO)
  • Anthrax
  • And many other toxic gases and smoke

Additional Warranty: If this unit is used in conjunction with an actual documented case when either fire or smoke are present, submit a fire or police report. We will forward this to the manufacturer and you will receive a replacement unit with a 5 year shelf life direct from the China manufacturing facility. This replacement will be free excluding shipping, duties and taxes. 

The units you purchased have a maximum 30 minutes escape time. If you are concerned you may need longer time to descend to the first floor to escape, then consider the Safe Escape Smoke Fire Hood ASE60 Soft Case 60 min.. The other smoke hood options are the Safe Escape 30 minute in the hard case and the Safe Escape 60 minute in the hard case. We also sell a Safe Escape Chem Bio Smoke Fire Gas Escape Hood. The hard case units can be mounted on the wall. Othewise they are identical to the soft case ones. This provides 30 minutes' escape time. The additional protection offered is against more than smoke as you see below.

5 Part Chem Bio System Protects Against:

  • GREEN: Sarin, Hydrocyanic Acid, Hydrogen Arsenide, Phosgene, Diphosgene, Chlorpicrin, Pestmaster, Dichloromethane, Hydrogen Chloride (HCL), Lewsite Gas, Mustard Gas, Sarin, Benzene
  • RED: Benzene, Chlorine, Acetone, Alcohol Class, Aniline Class, Carbon Disulphide, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloroform, Methyl Bromide, Chlorotoluene, Nitroalkaline, Chlorpicrin, Ammonia Gas, Suphur Dioxide, Chlorine Gas, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Phosgene, Phosphorate or Chlorine organoagricultural chemicals.
  • WHITE: Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • PURPLE: Radioaerosol, Bacteria aerosol, Other Toxic Smoke, Fog, Dust

Shelf Life: 12 year on hood. 4 year on replaceable filter. Note: the cost of replacing the filters by the factory makes this option more expensive than new smoke hoods. Warranty: If this unit is used in conjunction with an actual documented case when either fire or smoke are present, submit a fire or police report. We will forward this to the manufacturer and you will receive a replacement unit with a 5 year shelf life direct from the China manufacturing facility. This replacement will be free excluding shipping, duties and taxes.

Contact us and we will be glad to provide you with a quotation for any quantity of smoke hoods of any type we ell.

Thank you for your question.