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Safe-T-Alert STA-35-742, STA-30-441 or STA-30-442 Replace CCI 7770 and 7773 Series RV Propane Alarms

by Barbara 29. March 2010 07:37

Question about the Safe-T-Alert RV Propane Gas Alarms, Models 35-742, 30-441, 30-442 and 70-742

Question: "The CCI propane alarm in my RV needs replaced. I've just learned CCI is no longer in business. What are my options? Thanks, Tony."

Answer:  CCI closed down in February 2009.

To determine which unit you need, you need first to answer this question: Do you have a unit that shuts off the propane gas valve if there is a leak or is yours a propane gas alarm without an automatic gas valve shut-off?

For a unit that has a gas valve shut off, you need a 70-742-R Kit which is available in white, brown or black. This kit includes the solenoid valve. Do not connect the Safe-T-Alert to any other valve or you risk a fire. These units replace the 7719.04 and 7719.7.

For a recessed or flush mount propane alarm only, the recessed propane gas alarm model 30-442 in brown, white or black fits the CCI LP Gas Alarm Cut Out (7770 series) for Flush Mount Models. These can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

For a recessed or flush mount propane alarm only, you can add a carbon monoxide alarm and propane gas combination unit, the recessed 35-442 in brown, white or black fits the CCI LP Gas Alarm Cut Out (7770 series) for Flush Mount Models. These can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

For a surface mount propane alarm only, the 30-441 in brown and white replaces the CCI LP Gas Alarm 7770 surface mount series These can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  You can also get additional protection with a Safe-T-Alert 35-541, now available in black or white . This unit combines a propane gas alarm with a carbon monoxide alarm, all in the same case for economy of space.

For a combination carbon monoxide and propane gas alarm, choose the 35-542 recessed unit in brown , 35-542 recessed unit in white or the special order 35-542 recessed combination unit in black. The cut out is the same as the CCI 7700 series cut-out and identical to the Classic Series 30-442-P Safety Alert models.

Note: Some CCI units in Fleetwood or Winnebago RV's have two power leads, i.e. three wires. The Safe-T-Alert 30 and 35 series units have only one power lead. Connect the red power lead to the coach power supply and cap or remove the other power lead. Use butt connectors to replace any unit with spade connections.


All Safe-T-Alert Propane and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that are 5 years old and older are beyond their Mandatory Replacement Time and MUST be replaced.

Background: Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL®) Carbon Monoxide Standard UL 2034 and Canadian Standards Association (CSA®) CSA 119.2 now require that all Carbon Monoxide alarms be designed to stop service in 3 to 5 years . UL and CSA have determined that Carbon Monoxide alarms have a limited life. Propane alarms use similar sensors and UL will require the same service life in the near future.

ALL MTI Propane and Carbon Monoxide alarms which are over five (5) years old MUST be replaced. The following Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Models MUST be replaced: SA-4, SA-5, 50-541 and 50-542. Models 60-541 and 60-542 over five (5) years old MUST be replaced.The following Safe-T-Alert Propane Alarms Models MUST be replaced: SA-7 and SA-8. Models 30-441,30-442, 40-441 and 40-442 that are over five (5) years old MUST be replaced.

Important! Only install CO and Propane alarms that are UL or CSA listed for Recreational Vehicle Use

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


Sound or Ultrasound? Which Will Keep My Dog from Sneaking Into the Kitchen and Eating Bread, Etc from the Table

by Barbara 18. March 2010 10:00

Question about the Tattle Tale and the Animal Away Devices.

Q: My boxer sneaks into the kitchen when we are out. He has eaten entire loaves of bread including the wrapper, cakes, candy and whatever he can get off the table or the counter. This all began after we hid pills in bread several months ago. Would the Tattle Tale or the Animal Away device work better to keep him off the table and/or out of the kitchen. We always know when he's raided the kitchen as we come home and he is hiding in his kennel. Thanks Steve."

Answer: Steve and I discussed this. We decided the Tattle Tale was not the best choice for his situation as his dog is not disturbed by noises, the db level is 90 and the unit sounds only for 2 seconds.

The Tattle Tale is quite effective for most cats and dogs, however. I explained how I used the Animal Away to keep my dog from going into the bathroom to pee on the rugs during bitter winter days. Since the alarm is silent, no one else is bothered but the animal. Just insert a battery, turn on the unit, test after 30 seconds by waving your hand in front of the motion detector and your unit is ready to keep dogs away. Or use outside to keep animals such as rabbits, cats and dogs out of your yard or out of parts of your yard.

The Animal Away Pro model uses two 9V batteries or an optional AC adapter. This unit is somewhat stronger in output and has a variable frequency which also works to keep out raccoons, rabbits and more. It covers a fan shaped area at 70 degrees at a distance of up to 40 feet.

Steve decided that the Animal Away placed toward the doorway to the kitchen was his best option as that would keep the dog out of the kitchen altogether.

Thanks again, Steve, for your question. Glad we could solve your problem without causing pain to your ears or to the dogs.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Eat Better Dog Bowl to Slow Down Gulping Eating of a Dog

by Barbara 10. March 2010 09:59

Question about the Eat Better Dog Food Bowl

Q:"My dog gulps her food so fast that she frequently upchucks afterwards. I see you sell a dog bowl that is supposed to slow her down. How does it work? Is it safe for the dishwasher?" Thanks. Jayne

Answer: The Contech EatBetter Dog Food Bowl reduces pet digestive problems such as overeating, indigestion, vomiting and even gastric dilation-volvulus also known as "bloat." This dog bowl has three raised three wishbone-shaped partitions so the dog has to eat more slowly. I first used these bowls in February 2008 for both Ellie May and Maggie, my Boston Terriers. Not only does it slow them down but also there is less food pushed out onto the floor. My current dogs, Ellie May and Cici, get about 1/2 cup low fat kibble with a little warm water and a few tablespoons of chicken on top twice a day. At night, I run the dishes through the dishwasher, top shelf.

After daily dishwasher washing, the bowls remain looking as new as when I got them. The dishes are made from food grade plastic. The dimensions are 8.5"L x 5.25" W x 2 "H. Each dish holds about 16 ounces of food. Choose from pink, blue or White Eat Better Dog Food Bowl.

Thanks for your question. Enjoy your dog!

Sincerely, Barbara

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