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Which Lumbar Seat Cushions and Positioning Seat Cushions for ElderlyWoman in Wheelchair

by Barbara 31. October 2009 15:14

Question about how the memory foam lumbar cushion and regular foam lumbar seat cushions differ from the skin protection and positioning seat cushions.

Q: "Which seat cushion is the better choice for a person who must spend hours daily in a chair? Is the fleece coccyx wedge seat lumbar ortho cushion or the memory foam, etc. cushions a better choice or the Lumex skin protection positioning cushions? My mom has back problems, spends most days in a wheelchair and is in her 80's. Thanks. Steve."

Answer: The lumbar cushions have a cut-out that takes the pressure off tailbones. The memory foam are more firm than the regular foam as memory foam is more dense. These generally sell for $20 to $50, have no attachment strap (just place on the chair and sit on it). In contrast, the Lumex are retailed at over $275, have a gel center layer plus foam layers on top and bottom and have both side wedges for lateral stability and a center pommel for medial thigh support. More important they have a waterproof cover made to reduce shear/friction plus a strap for firm attachment to the chair. The purposes are to provide long-term skin protection and positioning for high-risk patients plus seating comfort.

There are also lumbar support cushions available to give her support in her lumbar region. For example, the memory foam lumbar cushion by Mabis Health Care and the Care Apparel polyurethane foam velour lumbar cushion can give her better back support in her wheelchair.

She probably would be most comfortable with the Lumex seat cushions and either of the lumbar support cushions. Do realize that the Mabis cushion does have a strap for the back of the chair if slippage is a concern.

Thanks for your question. Please contact us if you need more information.

Sincerely, Barbara

Choosing Window Mount Cardinal Bird Feeders

by Barbara 31. October 2009 09:48

Question about the Duncraft Cardinal Feeder and the Duncraft - Super Songbird One Way Mirror Window Bird Feeder.

Q: "My dad wants a window type bird feeder as a birthday gift. Which unit do you suggest? How does it mount? What do you feed cardinals? Thanks. Jill"

Answer: The Duncraft feeders mount with suction cups. Both units have mirror film installed so you can see the cardinals or other birds and they won't be scared by seeing you! These are currently the most popular holiday birdfeeders that we sell. The first unit is 12 inches long by 4 inches high by 5 inches deep and holds about 2 pounds of mixed seed. There is a one way mirror film that lets you birdwatch as they feed. Two heavy duty suction cups attach the bird feeder to window glass. Easily filled and cleaned, too.  The second unit is 8.5”H x 11.5”W x 3.5” L and has two seed containers and a larger mirrored viewing area. There is a special cardinal bird seed mix. We recommend sunflower seeds as the most popular and less messy seed to use.

Thanks for your question.





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Ultimate Flea Trap Attracts Fleas With Light and Heat, Captures with Glue Disc. No Poisons.

by Barbara 13. October 2009 08:22

Question about the M230 Flea Trap by Woodstream

Q: "I am looking for a way to kill fleas in my dog kennel without using poisons. I also have dogs that winter in my house. Despite topical flea prevention treatments, we seem to get fleas in our house. And do they cause itching! How does the Ultimate Flea Trap work? Is it expensive to operate and maintain?" Thanks. Jack

Answer: This is an inexpensive unit to buy and to maintain. Victor Woodstream corporation's Ultimate Flea Trap attracts fleas and other insects with the light and heat from a 7 watt night light bulb. Once inside, the fleas are caught on a 7 inch diameter glue disc. So killing fleas no longer takes poisons. The trap is circular so the fleas can enter from all directions. Both the bulb and the glue disc are replaceable. There are hints on line that suggest a light and a bowl of water, a potentially deadly combination for fleas and for people as well.

This safe flea killing trap gets rid of fleas without risks or fuss. Capture rate is about 93%. With a one year warranty on everything but the light bulb and flea disc, the Ultimate Flea Trap works best near pet beds, bird cages, garage areas, etc. The disc should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks no matter how many you've caught. It is ready to use except for inserting the light bulb and the glue disc. * Note: Flea trap population varies from week to week. Leave your trap on 24/7 as a preventative measure. Control fleas from stopping them from reproducing.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Firmness of 4 Inch Egg Crate Hospital Grade Foam Mattress Pads

by Barbara 12. October 2009 08:20

Question about the GF convoluted foam mattress pads

Q: "I'm interested in your 4 inch convoluted foam mattress pads for king sized beds. I do not see a density of foam given. I've seen other pads advertised at 1.2 as soft, 1.5 as medium, and 1.8 as average. How dense are these?" Thanks Will

Answer: Thank you for your interesting question. According to G F Health, the density of the 7-4000 mattress topper is given in Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). This pad is 34 ILD which the customer service rep says is firm.

A check on the internet indicates this density is considered a 2.6 visco foam density. Bariatric foam has a 45 ILD rating. To understand what this means, see below. Definitions: Density is based upon the weight of one cubic foot of foam. 2.6 thus means the weight of one cubic foot of this 4 inch foam. Indentation Load Deflection or ILD: the unit of measure to indicate degree of firmness.

One website says the ideal ILD reading for a cushion would be 25 to 50 lbs at 25% ILD reading (the weight an indenter must weigh to compress a 4 inch thick piece of foam to 3 inches) If fifty square inches of 4 inch foam is compressed to 3 inches, that is 25% ILD. If the foam is compressed to 1.4 inches, that is a 65% ILD. For seating comfort, the ideal ILD reading is 25 to 40 pounds at 25%, and 45 to 100 pounds at 65%.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Product Review of Child Safe and Energy Saving Outlet Covers

by mskinner 9. October 2009 11:02

Barbara reviews energy saving electrical outlet covers that reduce air leaks.  Reduce energy bills or use as baby safety products: lower heating and cooling costs.  Increase safety for baby and children by this child proofing product for homes, medical offices, day care centers, etc. Use an electrical plug to push open a sliding door and insert plug. Safety outlet covers are available for ungrounded outlets, standard oval 3 prong outlets and Decora 2 screw 3 prong outlets. White, brown, ivory, red. One tool needed: a standard screw driver.