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Rest-Guard Protects New Twin Mattress for Recently Toilet Trained Son

by Barbara 24. September 2009 08:44

Question about the product Rest-Guard Twin 15 Inch High Mattress Cover

Q: "We are moving our son from his crib with its vinyl covered mattress to a twin bed within the next month. He was recently toilet trained and we guess he may have a few accidents yet in the next year. Is this mattress cover the best choice for us?  The new mattress is 15 inches high." Thanks. Susan

Answer: I do recommend this mattress cover. To make your life easier, I suggest you buy at least two covers. That way if he does have an accident during the night, you can change the bed then, if he wakes up, or the next morning and have the bed ready for his afternoon nap. These mattress covers are comfortable to sleep on, too. In the days when my sons were young, the only options were a plastic mattress cover which was either hot or cold unless you topped it with a mattress pad. I recall having quite a collection of mattress pads and sheets.

The Rest-Guard covers are virtually identical to Protect-A-Bed covers. They are hot water washable and dryable on low or line dry. My grandkids find them quite comfortable since they are cotton and polyester and absorbent. They keep dust mites in the mattress, too. We also sell total mattress encasements in all sizes and heights.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


Economical My Weigh Baby Scale or Seca Baby Scale for Breast Fed Baby ?

by Barbara 21. September 2009 12:32

Question about the My Weigh and Seca Baby Scales

Q: "I'm looking for a baby or infant scale to track our baby's weight since my wife and I are tracking our baby's weight while breastfeeding. We'd like a digital scale but not one that will break the bank." Thanks. Bill

Answer: There are many baby scales from which to choose. Most are intended for medical professionals and include computer interfaces and special features.

I recommend these three electronic baby scales as being quite accurate and reasonably priced for at home use. Each one has a TARE function to zero out baby's clothing, an auto dampening function for accurate weight of a squirming baby and a removable weighing cradle. All have digital read-outs and operate on batteries. 

1. The My Weigh MBS-2010 has a 44 pound capacity and retails for about $179. Accuracy: +-0.5 oz.

2. The My Weigh MBS-55 has a 55 pound capacity and retails currently for $169.00 Accuracy: +- 0.1oz, 0.005lb or 0.002kg, 2.0g.

3. The Seca 354 Electronic Digital Baby Scale with Breast Milk Intake Function and 44 Lb./20 Kg. Capacity. Current MSRP: about $200. This portable baby scale offers BMIF (Breast Milk Intake Function). With the breast-milk-intake function, easily determine the exact amount of breast milk intake of a baby. 

The My Weigh scales are typically discounted more than the Seca. All three are quite accurate.

Thanks for your question.

Enjoy your baby!

Sincerely, Barbara

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Add Suet Feeders to Attract More Wild Birds to Your Yard

by Barbara 20. September 2009 12:52

Question about suet cakes, suet feeders and seed feeders.

Q: "I have several seed feeders in my backyard. My neighbor also feeds birds suet. What would adding suet feeders add to my backyard birdwatching? Would the squirrels get into the suet? Thanks'. Paul

Answer: Paul, views have changed about feeding birds suet. Adding suet means adding more of the clinging type birds for your pleasure. Yes, squirrels can get into suet. There are squirrel resistant suet feeders, too.

Now many bird lovers offer suet all year around. Nesting birds need more energy in the spring. Suet provides it.  For insect eating birds in summer, suet can substitute for insects especially in years when insects are in short supply.  Suet helps birds store fat needed for energy to migrate or to prepare for the cold winter weather and to survive winter in colder climates.

Most suet is made from meat fat, Some regard beef fat from kidneys as the best suet. Suet can also be made from vegetable fat. Suet can be flavored, mixed with seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, berries, etc. or just plain. Suet comes in many forms, netted bells to hang directly from trees, blocks, plugs, pellets which birds can carry back to their nests to eat,etc. There are suet feeders available that are made from coated wire to which birds can cling or perch. Most suet loving birds are cling feeders like woodpeckers. If you plan to feed suet, be well-supplied as once birds discover it, it is eaten quickly.

The birds most seen eating suet are chickadees, woodpeckers, warblers, titmice, kinglets, nuthatches, jays, and wrens. Starlings can be a real pest in some areas: you may want to use a starling resistant suet feeder. that is suited primarily for birds that hang upside down to feed. Likewise, pest squirrels can be better kept away by a squirrel resistant suet feeder.

I recommend that if you buy suet on-line, that you buy a minimum of 6 to 12 blocks, bells, etc. Otherwise your shipping costs will void out any savings or convenience as shipping 6 to 10 pounds cost very little more than shipping 2 pounds.

The choices are too numerous for me to add to this blog. I suggest you search for suet and you'll see the choices we offer.

Thanks for your questions and enjoy your backyard birds.

Sincerely, Barbara



Using Portable AC Power Supplies (PowerPacks) to Power a TV at Tailgate Parties

by Barbara 19. September 2009 13:27

Question about operating a TV from a portable power pack.

Q: "We want to buy a portable power supply to use when we tail-gate at football games. We like to watch other football games while partying and waiting to enter the stadium. Which unit or units do you recommend? Thanks." Pete

Answer: First, learn the watts you'll need both to turn on your portable TV set and to keep it powered until the game. Next, how many hours do you plan to operate the TV? Do you plan to operate other AC appliances as well? For example, a 400 watt power pack typically is advertised to operate a 5" Color TV (20 Watts) for about 8 Hours.Or is this a 12V TV?

Most customers are purchasing the 600 watt power packs such as the Duracell or the Duracell XPower Powerpack 1500 Watt Inverter. If you camp a lot or lose power often and have lots of sunshine, add the Go-Power 80 Watt Solar Kit with Digital Regulator to keep the unit charged. A digital regulator is necessary or you may overcharge the unit and ruin the battery.

Thank you for your question. Feel free to contact us once you know the wattage requirements of your TV set.

Sincerely, Barbara

Do I Need a Different Otoscope for Looking in My Dog's Ears?

by Barbara 19. September 2009 06:03

Question about the Vetscope Petscope, and EarScopes.

Q: "I use a home otoscope, the EarScope, to examine my children's ears if I suspect an infection is beginning. Do I need a different otoscope to examine my dog's ears? He is a Basset Hound with floppy ears who has had two infections so far. Thanks." Susan

Answer: Yes, you would need to buy either the Vetscope or the Petscope. The difference lies in the focal point of the instrument. The pet otoscope or vet otoscope has a focal length of 6.5 inches. That is the correct focal distance for dogs and cats. There is a detailed instruction sheet with each of the units. You can ask your veterinarian for help during your next pet check-up.

Floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections. To prevent ear infections and insect infestations, the recommendations are to  check your pet’s ears each week. I use an ear cleaning solution and cotton swabs to clean my dogs' ears. They don't like having the liquid squirted into their ears.  Vets recommend regular ear cleaning especially for breeds with drop-ears (beagles, bassets, cockerspaniels, spaniels, pointers, hounds & more).

It is all a trade-off among the breeds. I have had only Boston Terriers for the past 30 years. Their ears stand up (usually) but they surely do snore. Only one ear infection in all that time. I have learned to use an ear drying solution after they get their showers or play in the wading pool.

Thanks for you question. Enjoy your dog!

Sincerely, Barbara

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Help! My Mattress is Infested With Bedbugs!

by Barbara 18. September 2009 08:40

Question about the king bedbug mattress and box spring protectors

Q: "What do I do now? My husband must have brought home bedbugs in his suitcase. We are itching and scratching. We've called an exterminator but he says there is no way to treat the mattress and box springs which were very expensive pillow tops." Thanks. Karyn

Answer: I recommend you cover both the mattress and box spring with individual Rest-Guard Deluxe King Bed total encasements that are 20 inches high. Also use Rest-Guard total encasement pillow covers on all your pillows in the bedroom and then cover your mattress with a fitted Rest-Guard waterproof mattress cover.

Any bed bugs you seal up in the Rest-Guard "Fully-enclosed" mattress covers will be trapped inside and will not be able to escape and will eventually die, the reason is because the inside of our covers are specially designed with a waterproof polyurethane backing on all six sides and have a re-enforced zipper liner which have smaller teeth, this prevents bedbugs and their eggs from escaping through the zipper teeth, which means you will not have to dis-guard your bed bug infested mattress or Box spring. Our manufacturer Rest-Guard recommends keeping the mattress covers intact for at least 12 months (bed bugs can live a very long time without feeding). The bed bugs and eggs inside will die, and the mattress is protected from further infestation.

Below are some notes from their website:

** Note: For cleaning & hygienic reasons, we suggest purchasing the Rest-Guard Fitted sheet Mattress protector, and place this cover over the fully-enclosed cover, simply remove the fitted sheet protector cover every 2-3 weeks and machine wash & dry as mentioned above and replace for continued protection.

** Note: Mattress covers can only trap bed bugs that are hiding on your mattress. You should also fully enclose your box spring as well to complete your bedding protection for both bed bugs and allergens. However, these covers will not protect you from other bed bugs hiding in your bedroom. For complete elimination of bed bugs from your bedroom and your home, you will need to contact a pest extermination specialist who understands how to rid your home of bed bugs.

Hope this helps. All is saved, not lost.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Are Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizers Better than Alcohol-Based Ones?

by Barbara 16. September 2009 06:36

Question about the Medline Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

Q: "Should I buy a non-alcohol based sanitizer or one with alcohol for use in my restaurant? Which works better?' Thanks. Janet

Answer:  I recommend that you first consider what your needs really are.

The non-alcohol based hand sanitizers contain benzalkonium chloride, a synthetic germicide. HandClens®  Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer is usually sold only to facilities like psychiatric wards, prisons, alcohol treatment centers, schools, etc. . The concerns about alcohol based sanitizers are that persons may use them to become intoxicated or that the alcohol could be a fire hazard. (National Fire Protection association (NFPA) concern). These are  as effective as the alcohol based but more expensive.  The HandClens brand in both foam and gel surpass the minimum FDA standards for an antiseptic hand sanitizer. Dispensed as foam, Handclens lasts longer than other products of similar sizes and is safe to use in any environment. It doesn't dry hands and it has a pleasant fragrance.Contains Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient and moisturizers to help protect the skin.

The alcohol based sanitizers must have a minimum of 62% alcohol to be effective. It is also important with all hand sanitizers that you keep your hands wet for at least 15 seconds. Among the more powerful hand sanitizers we sell is the Sterillium Comfort Gel Sanitizers Although intended more for hospital settings, this is the best sanitizer we know for restaurants, schools, etc. where large numbers of people gather. The other sanitizers we sell include Epi-Clenz Instant Hand Sanitizer has 70% alcohol in a gel sanitizer, Epi-Clenz Plus is a lotion type alcohol based hand sanitizer (62% alcohol) that is unscented and has oils gentle to hands, Epi-Clenz Breesia Scent and about 6 other sizes and scents in foam and in gel.

So, unless you have compelling reasons to avoid alcohol based products, I recommend you get a dispenser for your restaurant and purchase bags of one of the alcohol based sanitizers with a minimum of 62% alcohol.

Thanks for your question. Stay well.

Sincerely, Barbara

Deer Accident Prevention with the Electronic XP3 Hornet for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles.

by Barbara 13. September 2009 06:00

Question about the XP3 Electronic Deer Hornet to scare deer off roads to avoid car accidents or motorcycle deer accidents.

Q: "What makes this deer repeller device better than the less expensive "deer horns" you can install on your front bumper? Could I install this myself? I have a motorcycle plus two cars. Some of my friends recommend this device, especially in the fall during rutting season. Please advise." Thanks. Joe.

Answer: Joe, I will list some basic reasons that this unit is superior over the plastic whistle devices you can fix to your car.

  1. Power: Hornet: Electric sound generator sounds at 120 decibels that carries at least 800 feet in front of the vehicle no matter what your speed. Compare to air being pushed through plastic tubes that make no sound unless you are going 35 mph or gaster.
  2. Mounting Angle: Hornet sound generator, 45 degree angle to road. Plastic whistles: aim straight ahead.
  3. Secure Mount versus glue or tape: Hornet won't be pulled off or broken off in a car wash.
  4. Variable Mounting Height: Hornet: mount 3 inches to 6 feet above the road surface; plastic mount on front
  5. Mounting Damage to Car: With EZ Mount Bracket, the Hornet can be mounted to the license plate holder without drilling a single hole.
  6. Intensity of Sound: Hornet's is the same at any speed. Precision tuned sonic generator produces a high pitched, directional sonic wave that reflects off the road surface of a moving vehicle and produces a virtual sonic echo effect.
  7. Deer and Other Animals Get Advance Warning: Due to intensity of sound. Deer are skittish. More likely to bolt in the other direction if they approach this sound.

70% less likely to have a deer accident if you install this unit on your vehicle and keep your eyes open.

Yes, you can install this unit yourself. There is a motorcycle wiring harness kit available which allows installation without any holes being drilled. Most of our motorcycle customers buy the XP3 Hornet in Chrome. The inventor developed this unit after a friend was killed on a motorcycle after hitting a deer and then he himself hit a deer with his car the next week. These units are also installed on train engines particularly in the Northeast and Japan (our sales).

For motorhomes, RV's and freight trucks, the larger dual horn Interstate Hornet is a better choice as it has an effective range of about 1000 feet. Several large trucking companies are regular customers. In rural areas, especially on interstate highways, these are much superior to the smaller units.

Thanks for your question. Safe Roads to you from Safe Home Products.

Sincerely, Barbara

FloodChek Hoses and FloodStop for Washing Machines

by Safe Home Team 11. September 2009 12:15

Barbara discusses the FloodChek washing machine hoses and the FloodStop automatic water shut off valve system for washing machines. The FloodStop system with water alarm and water sensors alerts of washing machine leaks. Easily installed, the rupture proof washer inlet hoses plus the FloodStop prevent or stop water leaks from causing water damage. 24/7 protection from leaking washing machines or leaking hoses.

Review of Neurowave ReliefBand for motion sickness

by Barbara 9. September 2009 14:20

In this video, Barbara discusses and demonstrates the nausea and motion sickness Relief Band, an active nerve stimulation medical device that stops nausea and prevents motion sickness. Unlike the pressure button sea band devices, the Reliefband uses a modulating electrical pulse to stimulate an acupuncture/acupressure point on the wrist's underside. Powered by replaceable batteries, the Reliefband prevents nausea quickly. This is the only FDA cleared, Over-The-Counter (OTC) medical device for motion sickness and nausea.