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Shorter People & Booster Seat Users Like Car Shoulder Harness Pads

by Barbara 29. October 2008 08:24

Question about the product Fleece Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Covers-Pack of 2

Q: I am 5 ft. tall. No matter how I adjust the seat belt/shoulder harness it seems to put pressure on my neck or body. I saw you sell shoulder harness and seat belt covers. How difficult are these to use? Can I use them in an airplane as well as in the car. I am thinking about buying two sets so I can put one on the seat belt and one on the shoulder harness. Will they get tangled in the seat belt or harness?

Answer: I am 5 ft. 5 inches tall. Despite adjustable seats and harness adjustments, I dislike that "cut-in-two" feeling. I added these covers and the pressure fron the shoulder harness was gone. So I personally recommend these fleece covers. For adults of all ages and children in car booster seats, these inexpensive fleece covers make terrific gifts of comfort.

Daily, I use mine on the driver's shoulder harness in my 2003 Windstar van and the other on the passenger side of a Kia owned by my best friend. The sides fold over around the belt and Velcro together so the covers are easily adjusted and easily moved or removed. I don't feel pressure across my abdomen so I use only the shoulder one. And if you do spill something while traveling, you can remove and machine or hand-wash.

As long as the seat belt across your lap is tight, the airlines should be okay with using one while flying.

Thanks again for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara


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What Size Pond Deicer for A Backyard Fish Pond?

by Barbara 19. October 2008 16:58

Question about pond deicers for a fish pond.

Q: "What kind of pond deicer is best for a fish pond located in Illinois? I don't understand why I need to heat the pond as long as there is a hole in the ice." Thanks. Roger.

Answer: For under $75, you can forget about checking your fish pond daily in cold weather to keep that hole open in the ice. The pond deicers we sell are thermostatically controlled. The electricity costs are nominal compared to the cost of replacing fish due to gasses trapped under the ice. I recommend that you choose a pond deicer according to the size of your fish pond and the depth of the water. We sell deicers from 500 watts for 50 gallon backyard ponds to 1500 watts. For example, the Allied Precision 1500 watt floating pond heater is quite popular as is the Farm Innovators Heated Pond Saucer for small ponds.

Pond deicers float or sink to the pond bottom. The heat generated keeps a hole open in the ice and lets gasses escape from the pond during freezing weather. If you have Koi in your pond and the population has been constant for years, the fish are unlikely to become victim to Koi herpes virus. If you introduce new fish, remember that this disease can remain latent for long periods of time. The virus becomes active only at temperatures between 15C and 28C. No treatment is available. Mortality in Koi is between 50 per cent and 95 per cent. Pond heaters, that maintain specific temperatures in ponds, should be custom designed by pond experts.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Using a Heated Mat for an Outdoor Dog House

by Barbara 19. October 2008 16:23

Question about the product: ES-CZP-FWB Super Footwarmer Heated Mat.

Q: "My Alaskan Malamute is elderly yet wants to stay in his dog house in the back yard in the worst of weather. The dog house is insulated. But he is arthritic. Can I use the Super Footwarmer under a blanket to keep him comfortable?"--Dwight

Answer: The Super Footwarmer is not recommended for animals to lie on. The cord is not protected.

I have two suggestions for you.

First, the Farm Innovators Large Plastic Heated Pet Mat. This 24 inch x 29 inch plastic heating mat for animals comes with a fleece cover, has an anti-chew cord protector and uses only 100 watts of power. There is a thermostatic control to keep the dog mat at a safe temperature.

Second, the Allied Precision large heated pet mat. This plastic covered unit also draws only 100 watts and has a thermostatic control. Not only does it have a anti-chew cord protector, but also it has a fully grounded plug. Dimensions: 23 inches x 29 inches. No cover comes with it. You can cover it with a blanket or any cover you choose.

Safe Home Products also sells smaller sized heated mats for outdoor pets as well as heated dog beds for indoor use.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara


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