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Natural Gas Leak Detector Coverage Area?

by Barbara 30. August 2008 11:12

Question about methane gas detectors for homes.

Q: "What is the coverage area for the natural gas leak detectors you recommend?-Judy"

Answer: Giving an exact coverage area is not possible for a variety of reasons. The best we can say is that a natural gas monitor be mounted near every potential gas leak source. Natural gas is lighter than air and rises to the ceiling above and near the gas leaking appliance. Even inside your home there are air currents in a room due to air conditioning or heating ducts, differences in temperature in a room (warmer air collects near the ceiling, cooler air settling to the floor).

Instruction manuals recommend that a natural gas monitor be mounted near the gas source for the most accurate detection. Mount the detector within 6 inches from the ceiling or on the ceiling at least 6 inches from the wall. Natural gas pools above the source gas, kind of like a stalactite begins from the ceiling of a cave.

We sell one brands of natural gas alarm that is easily installed because of the long cord. The Safe-T-Alert brand is made in Illinois and is UL1484 listed for use with natural gas and propane gas and also work with gasoline fumes and butane fumes. The home unit is the Safe-T-Alert 40-411AC . We sell another unit by Safety Siren Combustible Gas Alarm by Family Safety Products that requires that an outlet be installed near to the appliance at the proper height.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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How Do Window Guards Prevent Theft Through an Open Window?

by Barbara 27. August 2008 07:18

Question about John Sterling security window guards, Max Guards, Fixed Guards and Swing Open Guards .

Q:" Hi I am in need of some expertise here. I am interested in window guards to prevent theft through an open window. If I was to purchase this item ,how do they prevent theft on windows that are open?" A US Navy Chief Gunner Wife.

Answer: The security window guards that we sell are mounted on the inside of the home, apartment or other building. Guards can be mounted to protect only the window opening or the entire window. There are three styles: fixed, removable and swing open. The fixed are not for escape: in some places they are banned and in others they are required in non-sleeping rooms for safety. The Max guards remove completely from the mounting bars. The swing open units do just that.

The two kinds that open have a hole for either a clip or a lock so they cannot be opened from outside the building. The bar spacings vary from 3.5 to 4 inches so a hand could get between the bars but removing anything of any size would be difficult. And removing the clip or lock would be difficult to impossible from the outside. The bars are made of steel. The diameter/size varies from a round bar to the angle type bar of the MAX guards.

The Max guard is available only in one size, the 1175.

John Sterling 1175 Features

  • Dual locking brackets plus fire safety release pin option.
  • Heavy angular design resists bolt cutters.
  • 3.5 inches between window bars. 
  • Bar Options: 5 bar 
  • Width Options: 24-42 inches
  • Angular Flat Bar Design : Resists bolt cutters.
  • Mounting Options: Horizontal or vertical installations
  • Stackable: Fit units side by side or vertical stack to fit window width or height.
  • Standard Color: Off White.
  • Construction: Solid steel window guards
  • Strength Test : Tested to withstand 150 lb. force at maximum extended width.
  • Operational Type: Lift off emergency exit window guards.
  • Unique Hinge Brackets : Allow security guard to lift off when open. Mounting screws are protected when window guard is closed.
  • 4 Mounting Brackets Per Guard: Engage locking brackets simultaneously at top and bottom of guard.
  • Unique anti-lift brackets can be mounted at top or bottom to hold window guard securely to both brackets with only one fire safety pin or padlock. Release guard by lifting slightly before swinging open.
  • One Lock Guard Per Guard: Protects against bolt cutter.
  • One Anti-Lift Latch Per Guard

Fire Safety Release Pin: Option instead of padlock for security. Mounts high on side of window guard out of reach of small children. Requires moderate force to remove.

The 1120 series come in many sizes. The round bar diameter is 5/16 inch with a 4.5 inch space between the bars for the JS 1200 series.Please go to our website to figure out which size or sizes of guards would protect your windows. If you have questions, please send us your window measurements and types of windows and we'll guide you.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

Lentek Yard Contro+ Animal Repeller and Goldfish

by Barbara 25. August 2008 15:40

Question about the product Product Code: LK-YC12G

Product Code: : LK-YC12G

Q: "Is this item safe for the gold fish in my pond? I would be buying it to keep the raccoons away. "

Answer: The water in your outdoor fish pond will reflect the ultrasonic sounds from the Yard Contro+ and water will dampen any sounds from the sonic sounds if you choose that mode. Remember the units will be facing away from the pond for best results. Or you can shoot the sound waves over the pond surface depending upon how large your pond is. You may need more than one unit to keep your fish safe from the raccoons. The motion detector range is about a 3o ft diameter.

Thanks for your interesting question. Good luck.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Installing Window Guards on Jalousie Windows

by Barbara 25. August 2008 15:33

Question about the product Product Code: JS-1123-P WHITE 3 Bar Fixed Window Guards 23-42 Inches wide.

Q: "Can this style of window guard be installed on crank out jalousie windows?"

Answer: Yes, this fixed window guard can be installed on a jalousie window. What is important is that the guards are installed so that when the windows tilt they do not touch the bars. This may mean mounting the window bars on the window frame or beyond the frame into the wall studs after first screwing blocks of wood on the sides of the windows so as to make sure the window glass does not touch the window guard.

What you have chosen is a fixed or security window guard. These are recommended for non-sleeping rooms. If you are going to install this in a bedroom or are concerned about escape, please consider a window guard that can be opened by removing a lock pin. For example, the WHITE 5 Bar Lift Out MAX Long Window Guard 21x40-60 In. is a sturdy security window guard that also lifts out for window washing and escape. Also the WHITE 6 Bar Swing Open Window Guard (24-42 in. wide) swings open for window washing and escape.

As one website pointed out, the advantage of jalousie windows is the great ventilation and that they do not obstruct the view. The disadvantage is that the panes of glass are small,are a security risk as they are more easily and quietly broken out than a solid pane and are almost impossible to seal for energy efficiency.

Thanks again for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Keeping Students Safe from Bed Bugs in College Dorm Room Beds

by Barbara 25. August 2008 10:29

Question about the product, Rest-Guard Bedbug Mattress Cover Twin XL 10 Inch High.

Q: "Today on the CBS Early Show there was a segment called "Bed Bugs at College." My daughter starts college in a week and I am concerned about how to protect her and her mattress (an extra long twin) from bed bug bites. What do you suggest? Thanks."

Answer: I suggest you purchase Rest-Guard Waterproof Queen Pillow Cover for her pillow and two extra long twin mattress and box spring encasements. Recommend that her roommates do the same. These covers are comfortable to sleep on. However, we recommend that you add a regular Rest-Guard cover over the encasement in case someone spills something on the bed: you want to leave the encasement on the bed always. In fact, abandon the encasement at the end of the school year just in case there are bed bugs in the dorm.

There are many articles on the internet about mattress and box spring encasements. The main points seem to be:

  • Use encasements proactively: prevent the bed bugs from getting into the mattress and box spring
  • Encasements can help control bed bugs in an infested dorm by keeping them inside the mattresses and box springs, letting the exterminators do their work in the rooms.
  • Use only encasements tested and designed to be effective against bed bugs.
  • Leave the encasement in place: use another mattress cover on top if desired.
  • Protect the encasement from tears or punctures from the bed frame by padding rough edges before putting the mattress and box spring back on the frame.

From the article recently in US Today, "Ohio State University has seen "several incidents" over the past 15 months, spokeswoman Ruth Gerstner says, including an outbreak in May 2007 in three rooms of a high-rise dorm. Workers treated 114 rooms."

And "At the University of Florida's 4,000 dorm rooms and 980 apartments, "bad" infestations are limited to a couple of times a year, says Wayne Walker, who supervises dorm pest control. The school treats the problem with extreme heat, steam cleaning and pesticides."

What is advised is letting the experts treat bed bug infestations that do it yourself treatments usually fail and just cause the bugs to be more resistant to pesticides.

Thanks for your question and we wish your daughter the best!

Sincerely, Barbara


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Keep Mom from Overdosing on Medications

by Barbara 25. August 2008 09:33

Question about the Medready MR-1500 . Basic Locked Medication Dispenser with Timer and Battery Back-Up.

Q: "My mom is 82 years old and sometimes forgets whether she'd taken her medications. Her medications are taken twice a day and are quite powerful so the results could be a disaster. The Medready MR-1500 seems the best choice since she has no significant hearing or vision problems. How would we set this up to dispense twice a day? And we also want a second pill tray so we can set up the medication for her every two weeks in advance. Thanks, Mitch."

Answer: "After plugging in the battery and the AC power supply, unlock and remove the lid to set the time and alarms. Follow the directions to set time of day for the first and second alarms.Then set the length of time the alarm is to ring. The factory setting is 30 minutes but you can set the ring time from 3 minutes to 250 minutes.

Place one of the enclosed cardboard medication discs over the clock face and load the medication as shown for two doses per day in a counterclockwise direction. Verify the alarm light(s) are on and replace the lid, AFTER sliding the white bar up and AFTER sliding the door closed. MedReady is now ready to keep Mom's medication safe and dispensed only twice a day.

Thanks for your question. And the best to your mom and to you.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Kirks Bath Soap. No Animal Products, Won't Melt Fast.

by Barbara 24. August 2008 04:03

Question about availability of long lasting, all vegetable based bar soaps.

Q: "I'm looking for a bath soap with no animal products and will not get soft after a few uses." Thanks. Henry

Answer: You've found it! Kirks Original Coco Castile Soap is a bath soap with no animal products that stays firm. It is also hypoallergenic and lathers generously in hard and soft water. I began selling Kirks soaps in 2000 as my late father shared it was no longer available in Western Pennsylvania supermarkets. One Illinois customer who'd been exposed to Agent Orange claimed Kirks is the only soap that doesn't irritate his skin. Each 4 ounce soap bar is approximately 3.75 inches long by 2.5 inches wide by 15/16 inches thick (measured with wrapping on.)

Kirks Bath Soap Advantages:

  • Luxurious lather in hard or soft water.
  • Use as a body soap, facial soap or for shampoo.
  • Gentle hypoallergenic soap.
  • Biodegradable
  • No animal testing
  • No animal by-products
  • Horse and dog owners use as an animal shampoo.
  • Ultra gentle with no drying residue.
  • No synthetic detergents.
  • Longer lasting than most supermarket soaps.
  • Natural fragrance: Note no soap is without odor. This is a mild fragrance that is all natural.
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite.
  • Bar weight: approximately 4 oz.

We sell it in 6 bar packages, 12 bars packages 24 bar half cases or an
48 bars
full cases. Both the cost per bar and the shipping cost per bar goes down as you buy more. We also sell Kirks in a liquid form that is the original formula.

Thanks for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara

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Reducing Playground Injuries with Padding

by Barbara 23. August 2008 12:43

Questions about child proofing playground equipment.

Q: "I am in charge of maintenance for a small chain of preschool/day care centers. we've used ground tires as mulch under our playground equipment to reduce injuries. We are now looking for protective padding for the swing set poles, soccer goal posts and other playground equipment to reduce bruises and other injuries. I see that you have pole padding and edge cushioning. How would we install these products?

Answer: Thanks to customers like you and a responsive child safety company, we now sell protective padding for poles as well as the wider edge cushioning. The pole padding comes in lengths of 48 inches and fits poles up to 3.5 inches in diameter. You can use two back to back for larger poles.The most popular color right now is the yellow padding. You can install this cushioning by using wire ties or using a glue such as Liquid Nails.

Pole Padding Specifications:
  • Tough, UV resistant exterior.
  • Child safe dense padding.
  • Superior shock absorbancy.
  • Available colors: Bright Red (BR), Bright Yellow (BY), Black (BK), and Tan (TN).
  • Interior Dimensions: 2 1/8" diameter.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 3 1/2" diameter.
  • Thickness: 11/16".
  • 48" sticks.
For playground equipment with 90 degree corners or long straight stretches, we sell 54 inch long sticks of lab tested fire resistant padding that is non-toxic and is 2 3/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches. The more popular colors are the brown hearth guard, the taupe hearth guard,, and the black hearth guard . We also sell gray and ivory. If you need corners, we sell those individually or in combination with sticks. For outside use, Liquid Nails or a similar adhesive works best.

Please send us photos of equipment and dimensions so we can assist in your safety proofing. Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Hearing Amplifiers for TV & Theater

by Barbara 22. August 2008 10:24

Question about the products TV Ears and Super Ears amplifiers for TV, theater or conversation.

Q: "My wife complains I have the TV too loud. If I turn it down, I can't hear. What are my choices so I can enjoy TV and keep my wife happy? Thanks. Tom"

Answer: We sell both wireless TV headsets and hearing amplifiers. The more expensive units by TV Ears are superior as the headsets are light weight, volume is easily controlled by adjustments on the headset and what you hear is only the TV set. These units are also ADA compliant which means they pick up signals at theaters and other venues with ADA broadcast signals. Prices vary with the features offered. We currently sell the the TV Ears 2.3 MHz for those with normal hearing. The TV Ears Original system is for those with moderate to severe hearing lost. We also sell two hearing aid compatible units with extra features, the TV Ears Pro and the TV Ears Home Theatre .

The two hearing amplifiers that we sell are the basic SuperEars and the Super Ears Plus These hearing amplifiers are inexpensive and easily portable. Like most amplifiers, they are not direction specific even with the built-in microphones. So you'll hear side conversations and other noises. And you'll have to hold the units or lay them on a table or arm rest. The headsets do have connective wires to the microphone/amplifier unit.

Go to our website for more information. Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Does the Snoozer dog seat connect to a car seat?

by Barbara 13. August 2008 15:42

Question about the Oversized Lookout I Dog Car Seat, NO Drawer.

Q: "Does the Snoozer dog seat connect to a car seat?"

Answer: Yes. To connect the Snoozer, take your seat belt/harness and hook it over the back of the dog seat in the grooves. Connect the dog's harness to the restraining strap (included with the car seat) which attaches to the car seat belt.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara