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Will the Animal Away work for Roof Rats? I live in California Where Rats are Invading

by Barbara 28. June 2008 08:12

Question about the Animal Away Repeller P7810 Product Code:ES-P3-P7810

Q:"Does this work for mice and rats? We need something like this where I work. Thank you!"-Michelle.

Answer: The Animal Away is designed mainly for outdoor use against larger animals like cats, dogs and raccoons. The best choice for attics and crawl spaces is the Evictor Strobe Light Small Animal Repeller. This works for roof rats, squirrels, bats, feral cats and raccoons. Safe Home sells several different devices to catch and repel rats and mice in addition to that product. One problem is that these pest animals have sharp teeth and can chew through wood, mesh screening, etc. to get inside where they then can raise their young. And these animals can multiply very rapidly.

Among the products we sell are ultrasonic repellers that directly plug into the wall, ultrasonic repellers that have a line cord for better placement on the floor, rat and mice zapper traps and a strobe light repeller for attics and crawl spaces.

If the rats get into your attic or crawl space, not only will they leave droppings, bring in fleas, chew on wires, etc, but also they will attract squirrels and raccoons who will also set up housekeeping. A rat can enter through a hole the size of a quarter. The rats tunnel through your insulation, reducing its effectiveness and ultimately your attic will take on an odor that attracts other rats and repels humans. Rats sharpen their teeth on rafters and can get down into your walls. You cannot imagine the odor of a dead rat, a rat who died in your wall.

The direct plug in pest repeller units range from small ones with or without nightlights to larger more powerful ones with one or two speakers. For example, the Lentek Pest Contro 600 have night lights. For these to be effective, plug into unobstructed, un-switched wall outlets in rooms to be covered by ultrasonic sound power.

The corded units such as the Transonic Pro are easier to place and also can be set to repel other animals. These units may be both silent and noise generating. To be most effective, you need to get "bounce" off hard surfaces and also "shoot" the ultrasound down floor edges across doorways, registers and other possible openings for the rodents to enter the rooms.

The electric traps are powered by batteries. There are two models, one for rats and one for mice.

The Evictor strobe light comes in two models, one for homes or smaller buildings and the professional Evictor for larger areas. The Evictor works great to repel black rats

Getting rid of mice and rats once they are nested is difficult and requires a multi-faceted approach. Do remember that all foodstuffs need to be in secure containers both for storage and for trash. All openings to the outside should be sealed after you've used ultrasonic or strobe light applications for several weeks. Look for openings in attics and basements, too.

Professional exterminators may be necessary. Do remember that using poisons means that animals may die in wall spaces, ceilings, etc and the stench can be awful. Glue traps are also effective although some find them distasteful and dealing with live rodents is not pleasant.

Good luck. Let us know if we can help your employer to get these nuisance rodents out of your building. Remember that your home is vulnerable, too.


Warning: Keep Smoke Hood Sealed Until Use!

by Barbara 27. June 2008 09:54

Question about the product: TWO Safe Escape Fire and Smoke Hood ASE30A, Hard Case.

Q: "Is this unit still usable? I removed the smoke hood from the plastic bag because I was curious about what it looked like. I did not remove the plugs which were taped over. And I did not wear it. After I did this I wondered if the unit was all right to use. I put it into a heavy plastic storage bag and used a vacuum cleaner to remove all the air". - Thanks, Bernard.

Answer: I contacted the USA distributor. Here is his response: ""The SECURITY Label states quite clearly that once the SEAL is broken the unit is considered used. Also the Label on the actual Vacuum Sealed Bag indicates that once the sealed bag is opened that the unit is considered used and must be thrown away. These units are vacuum sealed (at the Factory under stringent monitored conditions) specifically to insure a 5 year shelf life to the unit and ALL of its contents. Once this is broken it has voided any and all expressed or implied warranty and must be immediately discarded as it is considered to be used.

We have training units which are designed specifically for training purposes available in both the ASE30A and PurifyAir 30M CE Hard Case units."

Sorry I had to give you the bad news that the warranty is voided on that unit.


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Will Supersonic Mole Chasers Affect Dogs or Cats?

by Barbara 23. June 2008 06:26

Question about the Product Code: ES-P3-P7907-4, Four Supersonic Mole Chasers

Q:"Will this product affect dogs or cats in any way?" Bob

Answer: The Supersonic, Vibrasonic and green standard mole chaser stakes that we sell are powered by 4 D cell batteries and vibrate every 15 to 18 seconds. These are mow over units: to install you dig a hole and bury the unit upright so that only the screw on cap is visible above the ground.

Because they are almost entirely buried, the units are barely audible to humans. We've never had any reports of any dogs or cats being affected by them. Perhaps a curious animal might pause near a mole chaser and cock their head when the unit first activates. I have two Boston Terriers who roam the fenced in yard where there are 4 stakes. They have never paid any attention to them, at least never in my presence.

So, the answer is, these devices should not affect a dog or cat.

Thanks for your questions.


How Cool Does A Cooler Cool?

by Barbara 22. June 2008 08:07

Question about the product, Koolatron Krusader 12V Thermoelectric Cooler 52 Qt.

Question: Your information says these coolers keep items cool to 45-50 degrees below the ambient temperature. Does that mean if the inside temperature of my car is 80 degrees it will cool items in the cooler to 35-40 degrees? Thank you in advance for your response." Gary

Answer: We checked with Koolatron, the manufacturer of the Krusader and other thermoelectric cooler models. Here is their representative's response:

"Your customer is correct, the ambient temperature is the temperature within the environment where the cooler is placed. If the cooler is in his car, and it is 80 degrees, the Krusader or other Koolatron coolers will cool down to a low of 35 degrees inside the cooler. Please note that thermoelectric coolers do not reach freezing, so 35 degrees is the coldest the cooler will get inside. In other words, if the inside of the car is 65 degrees, the temperature inside the cooler will go down to around the 35 degree level, not down to 15 to 20 degrees F."

We recommend that you purchase an AC adapter and precool the unit before moving to your vehicle. During your trip, use AC to power the cooler at night if your camp site has AC available or use AC in your motel or hotel room.

Please contact us if you have additional questions. We sell several brands of thermoelectric coolers and warmers including Koolatron and Vector.

Sincerely, Barbara

Will this cushion give me a 3 inch boost?

by Barbara 22. June 2008 08:03

Subject: Question about the product Product Code: Seat Wedge Cushion with Blue Washable Cover Product Code: : CA-227

Q: "Hello, I need at least a three inch boost to see the road. Will this cushion give me the boost or will it collapse? How firm is this cushion? Thanks," Eloise

The maximum thickness of this cushion is 3 inches. It is a fairly firm cushion. However, the compression you'll experience is also related to your weight. Our experience is that if a cushion is too firm, it is also uncomfortable. (We once received a sample of a thick booster cushion that was so firm that when a 200 pound employee stood on the cushion, it made barely a dent. Mom who was then 85 tried it and sent to back to us as too hard.).

My favorite is the memory foam coccyx wedge seat cushion. It comes in tan or navy .

One other option is the Fleece Coccyx Wedge Seat Cushion with Handle which I share on my desk chair with Buddy, the Siamese cat. (He sleeps there when I am at the office during the day.)

All three cushions are 3 inches thick. You may need two cushions to boost you high enough.  See our website if you need a navy memory foam lumbar support cushion or a high density foam cushion with back strap and fluid resistant cover. We also have synthetic fleece neck pillows with polyester fill and in navy and in tan that strap around head rests for additional comfort as you drive or nap in your car.

Please contact us if you have further questions.


Can I use the LED flying insect trap outdoors?

by Barbara 22. June 2008 08:01

Question about the Product: P3 International LED Flying Insect Trap and Bug Trap

Q: "Can this be left outdoors (i.e. is it waterproof)?"

Answer: Yes, the P3 LED Flying Insect Trap can be used outdoors under awnings or patio covers. The unit is water resistant but not waterproof. You can also use the unit indoors.

This unit, like others we sell, uses UV lights to attract flies, yellow jackets, bees or gnats. These are LED lights which should last about 50,000 hours. This unit sits on a table or other flat surface. Once in range, the vacuum fan sucks the bugs inside where they are captured in the removable collection net. Like all bug attraction/kill units, this one works best when it is the only light source.

Another popular unit is the Koolatron 12V UV Light Insect Killer. This is a 12 volt unit handy for camping trips that can be used indoors with an AC adapter. These flying insect traps are silent as are the Koolatron mosquito traps. The older bug "zappers" that electrocute the insects and snap, crackle and pop are rarely sold now.

Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Blood Pressure Monitors with Detachable Stethoscopes

by Barbara 22. June 2008 07:52

Question about the Product: Medic Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Purple Rain, Product Code: : MDF-848XP-PR.

Q: "Can the stethoscope be detached from the cuff?" -anna

Answer: The Medic Palm aneroid sphygmomanometers do not come with the stethoscope included. You would need to purchase or use your own stethoscope. The MDF Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is a 300 mm Hg portable instrument with Inflation Bulb and Valve integrated to the Gauge. This is a professional grade manual inflate blood pressure monitor designed for single hand use and totally latex free.

Safe Home does sell another unit by MDF instruments that has an attached cuff. That is the MDF-808-PR. This unit has an attached single head stethoscope, providing home users with a true self-monitoring blood pressure unit. The Lumiscope 100-021 is a less expensive self taking blood pressure kit with an attached stethoscope. This unit is also used by medical professionals or those with training.

Thanks again for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Is there a more powerful power dome for emergency power outages?

by Barbara 22. June 2008 07:11

Question about the Product: Wagan 400W Power Dome Portable Power Source Generator Product Code: : WA-2354

Q: "Is there a more powerful unit other than this one here. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada and the winters up here can be very brutal. Last year I was taken to the hospital with hypo thermia. I got hypo thermia while I was inside the house that I was renting. Something to run the radio and lights a little while later would be nice."

Answer: A power inverter or portable power pack like the 400 watt one is not what you need. You need to purchase a generator that runs on either gasoline or propane. Our experience with the gasoline generators is that they run about 4 to 5 hours before running out of fuel when run at full power. Depending upon the size, you could at least operate an electric heater or an electric blanket or electric throw plus a few other appliances. A 5500 watt gasoline run generator would power your furnace motor so if you heat with natural gas, you'd stay warm. At 50% power, these units are supposed to run 10 to 12 hours.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Refill Sticky Cards and Natural Attractant Lures for the Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap

by Barbara 22. June 2008 07:10

Question about the product: Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Trap and Lure by Contech

Q: "Do you have the refills for these? How would I order those at the same time?"

Answer: We do sell fruit fly trap refills. There are two lures and two sticky pads in each refill. Since the refill weighs very little, we recommend that you add these to your initial order to avoid additional shipping charges. Each package of Tanglefoot Fruit Fly Traps includes two plastic traps, two lures and two sticky pads. The trap jars are re-usable year after year. The fruit flies enter through a tube and fly down toward the lure and get caught on the sticky pad. When the sticky pad is full, you remove the lid, dump the contents into the garbage can, rinse the jar and insert a new lure and sticky card. You can place the trap on your kitchen table, next to ripening bananas, peaches, etc. These also work well in fruit markets, supermarkets, restaurant kitchens, etc. since these traps use no poisons.

A natural attractant entices fruit flies into the decorative trap, where a disposable sticky pad ensures they don’t escape. These traps are safe, effective, and 100% pesticide free. This is an easy and effective way to eliminate fruit flies from your kitchen, without using harmful sprays or chemicals. Included in each kit are two jars, two lures and two sticky pads. Each lure combination lasts about 5 days.

Please contact us if you need more information.

Sincerely, Barbara


Getting Squirrels Out of Attics & Eaves

by Barbara 22. June 2008 07:07

Question about the product Evictor Strobe Light Squirrel and Rat Repeller Product Code: EP-MB10K

Q: "Squirrels have eaten into our eaves, but have not gotten into the house (yet) Will this or a similiar product work in that type of area? We are not exactly sure where they are, but have seen them go in and out."-Debbie

Answer: The Squirrel Evictor Strobe Light is designed to be used indoors. It is a very large strobe light and will most likely cause the neighbors to complain. You could install one indoors in the attic area in case they do get in. NOTE: Currently distribution of the Evictor products to Safe Home ceased due to a law suit between the original partners. (2013). Replacement stobe lights are available through Safe Home for both sizes of Evictor strobe fixtures.

You may want to try Bird Proof Gel or Bird Proof Liquid . You can apply the gel using a caulk gun or the liquid can be sprayed on. This is an EXTREMELY sticky substance and the squirrels HATE it. Once it gets on their fur they can't get it off. Another suggestion is the somewhat noisy Bird-X YardGard that operates on AC current or batteries. We would recommend continuously running the Yard Guard units for best results. For a large attic you will need several units. Make sure you add more insulation if yours in the attic is thin. Many power companies are currently (Jan 2014) offering rebates up to $1000 for adding additional attic insulation.

Thanks for your question. Good luck!

Sincerely, Barbara