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MedReady Medication Dispenser with Modem Operation

by Barbara 31. January 2008 07:41
Q: Regarding the MedReady with Flashing Light, Lower Frequency Alarm and Modem (HH-MR-P1550FLLF):
  • If the patient does not remove the medication when the alarm goes off, does the compartment stay open until the next alarm?
  • If the medications are not removed, how does the notification system work? I am getting the system for my mother.
  • Would I be called or emailed as well as her being reminded by the call?
  • Yes, the compartment is accessible until the next scheduled medication alarm. Then the pillbox rotates so that the last dose is no longer accessible.
  • If a dose is missed , you are both phoned and emailed.
  • This is how the modem linked pill dispenser works: 1. Contact the manufacturer for a monthly service plan ($16 per month with first 2 months free). Set up the plan to call up to 3 phone numbers plus emails if medication is not taken on time. 2. Connect the modem cable to an active phone line so the modem keeps the website current on medication. compliance. 3. Access the secure website at any time to review medication compliance.
Thank you for your question. Sincerely, Barbara


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Does a 115V AC Cozy Legs use a standard USA outlet?

by Barbara 30. January 2008 11:05

Q: "My Cozy Legs radiant heater's instructions state to plug into a 115 VAC outlet. Is that a standard American household outlet?" ..Kay.

Answer: Yes, that is a standard USA outlet. Your question sent me to investigating alternating current and its voltages. (Somehow I don't recall learning this in high school physics. Or maybe I forgot?)

For residential alternating current (AC), the voltages 110V AC, 115V AC, 117V AC, 120V AC, and 125V AC are all functionally the same. Electric companies have slowly increased the line voltage over the last 100 years to cope with increased loads. The tolerance is generally +/-10%. That's +/- 11.5 volts in this case. So, a 115VAC appliance will run between 103.5 and 126.5VAC. Interestingly enough, AC power in Mexico is about 127 VAC with occasional power surges causing appliances to blow fuses.

For years, Safe Home Products has sold Kill a Watt meters and Watts Up meters that give you electrical information such as power quality of an AC outlet and what voltage, watts or amps an appliance draws, etc.
Thanks again for your interesting question.



by Barbara 30. January 2008 10:04
I am excited about using this new blog to help our customers (and those that are not yet customers) to live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Over the years, I (and the team at Safe Home Products®) have answered thousands of customer questions. We frequently update our product descriptions to include hard-to-find data such as product comparisons, installation instructions, or information that was left out of the manufacturer's specifications such as battery life or cord length.

However, sometimes answers to your questions don't fit neatly within a product page. So my vision for this blog is to provde a general resource for questions on home safety and healthier living.

I will seed this blog by posting questions and our answers from Safe Home Products' customers over the years. But please write me with your questions at
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Fitting Hearth Guard to a 45 degree or 135 degree hearth return

by Barbara 28. January 2008 04:00
Q: "Will the Kids Edge GRAY Hearth Pad, Metal Frame, Up to 78 inches long still work if my returns are at 45 degrees? My hearth is also 17 feet long. Will that impact the ability for this to work? Thank you. Michael."

Answer: These metal framed hearth pads have 90 degree angle corners: they are made to childproof standard rectangular fire place hearths. So if your returns are at 45 degree angles the metal frames will not fit.

Please confirm that the angles are 45 degrees and not 90 degrees plus 45 degrees or 135 degrees, i.e. does the front of your hearth have an outward "V" appearance more like the bottom of a hexagon? If this is the case, you can purchase the hearth pad by gray lengths of 54 inches (4.5 feet) or by the linear foot. For 17 feet, that would be 204 linear inches across the hearth front or 4 lengths. Plus you need to figure on the depth of each return and allow an extra two feet for the angle cuts. You can use Gorilla Glue or a similar glue to connect the pieces together.

If you need help figuring out what to order, please send us either a picture of your fireplace hearth or a diagram and measure the entire hearth including the side returns. Or if you plan to have a handyman install this, please have him contact us.



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Can you buy additional Pet Chime transmitters?

by Barbara 25. January 2008 11:19

Question regarding the Lentek Pet Chime Dog Doorbell..

Q:"Do you have an additional transmitter for purchase? Thanks - Stacy"

Answer: Yes, the dog supply product you are looking for is called the Extra Paw. The Pet Chime can be activated by 1 or more of the paw transmitters. The only problem might be figuring out where the dog is if you have pet paws at more than one door.

If you have questions about our other pet products, please contact us.



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Can I Use Bona Kemi Wood Floor Cleaner?

by Barbara 25. January 2008 10:57

Question about the 4 Oz. Bottle Bona Kemi Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate.

Q: "Hello is this recommended for a Mullican engineered wood flooring? thanks -dwright."

Answer: Yes, Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner is approved for use on Mullican engineered wood flooring.

Before cleaning your floors, please vacuum, sweep or use ar Sh-Duster to get sand and grit off before mopping. Wipe up spills with a microfiber cloth dampened in water or diluted Bona floor cleaner. Never use oil soaps or wax on your polyurethane finished floors.

At least once a month, clean your floors preferably with a Sh-Mop with soft cotton terry covers or microfiber covers. Spray on a small amount of floor cleaner. Never use a soaking wet mop on your flooring.

The advantages of Shmops is that the covers machine wash and dry. This means you never risk scratching floors with dirt or grit embedded in fibers. And you save money over disposable covers.

Thanks for your question. Enjoy your new floors.


Can I use this power inverter while driving?

by Barbara 21. January 2008 10:26

Question about the Xantrex XPower Digital Micro Inverter 400 Watts 813-0400-01.

Q: "I haven't read anywhere that this thing works while driving and if it does is the power drain on the vehicles battery less than if the car is turned off? Also is there any noticeable power drain to the vehicle while driving?

Answer: This 400 watt power inverter will operate while you are driving. The unit uses power from the 12V accessory plug and draws power from the car or truck battery. While you are driving, the alternator is constantly charging the battery so there is no noticeable power drain. When the vehicle is turned off, the vehicle battery powers the inverter.

This tiny 400 watt power inverter offers protection with an over-temperature shutdown, a low battery voltage shutdown (10.5 VDC and automatic reset), a high battery voltage shut down (15.5 VAC and automatic reset)and an overload shutdown.

This micro-inverter provides 320 watts continuous power with 700 watts surge. The battery drain with no AC load is a mere <0.25 amps DC (at 12 V input). The unit runs: Cell phone, camcorder, stereo, laptop computer, 20" TV/VCR combo, 27" TV.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again.

How the Lunchbox Stove Heats

by Barbara 19. January 2008 03:07
Q: "How does this stove heat? Heating element? Steam? Can you put the shelf type meals such as Denny Moore, in them to heat up?" Thanks. Jackie.

Answer: The Koolatron lunch box stove plugs into a 12V auto accessory plug and heats food using an internal coil. The maximum cooking temperature is 300 degress Fahrenheit. If you are preparing food that requires a higher temperature than 300 degrees F, first cook the food at home and then take it with you in your car, truck or motor home.

Please contact us again if you have questions about any of our products.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Water temperature limit of a FloodStop 1.25 inch valve

by Barbara 16. January 2008 10:48

Question about the FloodStop Water Heater 1.25 Inch Ball Valve NPT

Q: "What is the temperature range of the fluid this product can handle i.e., can it be used on a hot water line?"

Answer: Yes. All the FloodStop valves can be used on residential hot water applications. Safe Home Products sells several dual-valve FloodStop models for washing machines and sinks: one of the 2 valves in each kit will be installed on the hot water supply line. The temperature range is limited to what a typical residential water heater can reach, i.e 160 degrees F. Like any valve, the FloodStop valves should not be subjected to freezing temperatures.  These are lead free ball valves.

I’m curious about your application for the FS 1.25-NPT, as this unit is typically used for water heaters where the valve is placed on the inlet (cold) water supply. If you plan to use it on a water heater, you may not have considered the valve is installed before the water heater (cold water) and not after the water heater (hot water).

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions. Thank you for your question.


What is the Size of the Pill Stacker?

by Barbara 15. January 2008 07:10

Question about the MEDport Pill Case Stacker, Medication Organizer.

Q:"Are these really 2 inches in diameter? That seems awfully large, especially compared to the picture of the pills they contain. I am looking for really large and want to make sure. Would buy several sets."

Answer: Yes, I personally measured them to be sure.

  • Section dimensions: 2" diameter x 1" high.
  • Stacked Dimensions: 2" x 5.5" high.

The stacked dimension is 5.5 inches due to the two pill case lids. With two lids, you can take one section in your handbag or briefbase if you need medication during the day. The lids screw on tight.

What I did for my 86 year old mother was to put labels on 7 of the pill boxes, Monday through Sunday. (This meant I had to buy two packages as they come 5 to a pack.) This was a simple way to keep her medication in order without concern about pills spilling out. She just moves the top container to the bottom and refills at the end of each week. The MedReady Basic Pill Dispenser is the only pill box that we sell that has similar sized containers. Each pill compartment is 1" x 1/2" x 3/4" and there are 28 of them.

I like to use the pill stacker for travel as the containers won't spill. Each pill box case unit holds up to 10 vitamin sized tablets or 20 tablets.

Thanks for your question.