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Buying Allergy and Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Covers

by Barbara 25. July 2007 03:25

Q: "Hi, I am interested in a Rest-Guard total encasement queen mattress cover and two queen pillow protectors. Do you have a package price with shipping to Orlando, FL 32825? Also are these unopened in the original packaging from a smoke and pet free home? Thank you for your consideration. J."

Answer: J, Safe Home Products sells only new, unused Rest-Guard bedding products from Taperly Products in Canada. Our business is not home-based. Our offices and warehouse are located in Iowa City, Iowa. Our building is smoke-free and the warehouse is about 5 years old, dry and heated. We sell our mattress covers and pillow covers separately rather than in packages. However, shipping to your zip code is about $11 to $12 via United Parcel Service.

We also sell Vinyl Pillow Covers, Frostlite, Zippered, 11X27,12/BX

Please contact us if you have additional questions. We also sell EnviroSept whole house air filter panels that fit a standard one-inch HVAC slot, the SolAire air purifier with two UV bulbs or two combination UV and ozone bulbs and room air purifiers that might help your allergies.

Sincerely, Barbara

Comments: Rest-Guard mattress covers are available for crib, twin, extra long twin, full, queen, king and California king mattresses in 3 different mattress depths. Pillow protectors are available as well.

Question about Animal Away Repeller and Birds

by Barbara 23. July 2007 07:59

Q:"Does this product, the Animal Away Repeller P7810 bother birds? I have a cockatiel inside my house and I am concerned that this might bother him?" Thanks. Beth

Answer: The Animal Away is a directional ultrasonic animal repeller device that is used primarily outside to get rid of stray dogs, cats and other small animals. If the bird is inside and the device is outside, there is no problem. Even if the bird is outside in its cage and behind the device, you should be fine as long as the device aims out into an open area away from the bird. I hope this helps.

Note: The Animal Away and Animal Away Pro are both ultrasonic pest control devices for small animals. They operate on batteries with an option for a power adapter for the Pro model. Usually these units are placed on stakes at the animal's head level.

If you have other questions, please contact us.
Sincerely, Barbara

Treating Slippery Floors to Avoid Falls

by Barbara 23. July 2007 05:30

Q: "Could you tell me if the 4 oz. bottle of Grip On Anti-Slip Solution is used by itself? How much area will one bottle cover? How long does it stay effective? Thanks. "

Answer: Yes, you use the solution without other chemicals. All you need is a clean, rinsed floor prior to use. Coverage is about 12 square feet per 4 oz bottle. We also sell Grip On in a gallon size to treat about 400 sq. feet and in 5 gallon buckets each of which treats 2000 sq. ft. of ceramic tile, concrete, etc. For shopping malls, nursing homes, hospitals and other larger facilities, choose the 55 gallon drum of Grip On which will treat up to 20,000 square feet. Effectiveness is about 2 years for bath and shower areas and about one year for traffic areas such as walkways in malls, etc. The good news is that this a a stable treatment so that the shelf life even of an opened container is indefinite.

To apply Grip On:

  • Clean and rinse the area.
  • Pour Grip On onto the surface
  • Mop or sponge the area liberally
  • Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse with clear water
  • Area is now ready to use.

Do not wax after application. Use mop and detergent, BonaKemi hard surface cleaner, etc. The Coefficient of Friction (CEF) is increased by 100% to 500% after treatment.

I used Grip On to treat the ceramic tile floor in my bathroom. It was much easier than I thought. Remember this is invisible so you can apply it only to the walk way areas. It was on and dry in less than 40 minutes. Now when I get out of the shower or tub, my wet feet don't slide on the tile. It is almost like I have a skid resistant coating on my feet rather than the floor. The water may pool out around each foot but there is no slick sliding feeling. Truly I feel much safer. When I try to slide forward, I don't.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Sincerely, Barbara

Where Can You Use a Neck Support Cushion?

by Barbara 9. July 2007 08:40

Q: "Will the CA-232 Auto Neck Support Cushion with Headrest Strap work on an office chair?"

Answer: You can use this neck cushion with any chair just by placing it behind your head. However, it works best when you use the support strap to keep it in place.
Customer Response: "Thank you for your very prompt reply. Now I shall go ahead and order the item."

Note: Since this was answered, we've added a memory foam neck support pillow covered in navy or tan velour with a two piece velcro connected adjustable headrest strap. This is great for those with neck problems who cannot fit their orthopedic pillow into their suitcase. Use this under your neck for support while you travel. The cushion our customer refers to is a white fleece polyester filled neck pillow. I personally travel with the tan memory foam cushion and a brightly colored pillow case. I used the neck support pillow directly under my neck when I sleep with my head resting on whatever thin (usually) pillow the cruise ship or motel provides me. The pillow also pads my C-PAP machine in my carry on bag

Thanks for the question.

Sincerely, Barbara

Sliding Door Child Safety Outlet Covers in 2 Prong, 3 Prong and 3 Prong Decora Styles

by Barbara 9. July 2007 07:28

Q:"Do you sell any non-grounded Decora style sliding door outlet covers? I believe that is the name of the older style electrical outlets. Thanks. Dave."

Answer: No, we only sell 2 prong sliding door outlet covers in the standard, ungrounded style style. They are available in white, brown and almond. The two prong have two prongs one longer than the other.

Comment from Customer: "A grounded outlet has three prongs, two "knife" blade ones of two lengths and a rounded grouping prong. So do you have ungrounded or not?"

Answer: The only ungrounded outlet covers we sell are the ones that work only on standard outlets with two oval outlets with two plug slots. The Decora style have the two plug outlets in a rectangular shape and have the grounding hole as well.

Comment: Safe Home now sells three brands of sliding door outlet covers, CareCovers made in the USA, Safety Innovations, Made in China and Plug Guard, Made in China. None of the child safety covers are made other than in a duplex cover, i.e. for two outlets in a single electrical box. Each outlet is covered by a spring loaded sliding door that remains closed until an electrical device is plugged in. Each CareCoverr also has a foam strip around the outside. Note: The Safety Innovations outlet covers in Decora do not have the foam strip as there were customer complaints that getting the two screws through the foam could be difficult. Both the doors and the foam keep air from leaking in or out around the outlet, saving energy as well as fingers from shocks. Color choices: white, off-white (cream), ivory (almond), brown and red in the standard 3 prong. Decora and 2 prong are available in white, ivory and brown.

The Plug Guard units come only in white. The sliding doors move up and down to expose the outlets.

To use an outlet, simply take a blade of the appliance plug, pull the door to the side and push in the plug.

If you have other questions, please contact us.

Sincerely, Barbara

What does turbo cooling mean on a power inverter?

by Barbara 8. July 2007 05:07

Question about the product: Vector Black and Decker 1500-Watt Power Inverter VEC050D.

Q: "This VEC050D has Turbo Cooling. Does this mean that the inverter has an electric fan? What is the warranty? Who holds the warranty?"

Answer: The Vector 1500 watt power inverter has an internal electric cooling fan to keep the unit from overheating , thus protecting the internal lparts. This cooling fan is called "turbo cooling." The warranty is 2 years and is held by the manufacturer after the first 30 days.

If there is a problem with the inverter within the first 30 days after purchase, Safe Home will coordinate replacement. After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer directly. Customers report that Vector Black and Decker is easy to deal with about warranty issues.

This 14 pound power inverter has a 3000 watt surge capacity and maximum continuous power of 1500 watts. Use the 3 AC outlets with grounded or ungrounded plugs. The efficiency rating is 87%. This is a great power inverter for tv sets as the noise-free technology filters modified sine wave and eliminates horizontal lines and static that can appear on TV sets .

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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Staying Dry Using a Water Scarecrow

by Barbara 6. July 2007 06:30
Q: "I want to buy a Water Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler (ES-CRO-101) to keep deer, dogs and cats out of my yard. I have to go through a gate to turn the water supply on and off. How can I avoid getting sprayed? What is the cost of shipping?"

Answer: You probably would get sprayed unless you aim the unit in such a way that you can sneak behind it. The good news is that it would only be a few cups of water. The sensor detection zone for the Scarecrow is 35 feet deep and 45 feet wide. Shipping costs vary according to your zipcode and how you want it shipped.

Another option is the L. R. Nelson Remote control water shut off that uses a pocket remote control. It works up to 100 ft. Costs $45 to $50. We don't sell these at Safe Home Products. You can find them in hardware stores or on the internt.

Please contact us again if you have more questions.



Solar and Battery Powered Molechaser Stakes and Organic Repellents for Yard Moles

by Barbara 5. July 2007 08:58

Q: "Now in my 3rd summer of using a black polycarbonate battery powered P3 International molechaser stake in my garden. I have been very pleased with the results although now it seems the gophers may be getting used to it and no longer are repelled. I am thinking of buying a second unit. Do you have other suggestions?" Ken

Answer: Multiple units are always good. You may want to get the Supersonic Molechaser to add to the Vibrasonic molechaser as it makes a noise rather than vibrating. It also helps to move the stakes around a bit. Hope this helps.

Comment from Customer: "Thank you for your quick and helpful reply. Based upon the information you sent, I have ordered a "supersonic" from your company. Thanks again, Ken."

Comment from Barbara: We sell several mole chaser products. These are also helpful in getting rid of gophers and voles. Gophers are more difficult to chase away as, once established, they have an elaborate network of tunnels under the ground while moles stay near the top where they can eat grubs.

Some suggestions to get rid of moles:

  • Install molechaser stakes. Multiple units work best especially if your soil is mostly clay and rocks or mostly sand. Sound is contained in a smaller area and more intense in heavy soil and is dispersed farther and is less intense in sandy ones. We sell green PVC plastic ones, vibrasonic molechasers, solar mole chaser stakes and supersonic molechasers.
  • Spray grass with Scoot Mole.
  • Use grub control granules in mid summer.
  • July 17, 2009 Note: MoleScram is a granular product we've sold now for almost 2 years with great reports from our customers. This application of mole chaser lasts about 3 months. This is fast to apply: use a lawn fertilizer spreader, rather than dragging hundreds of feet of hose behind you as with Scoot Mole liquid. Treat one half of your yard on Day 1 and half on Day 2. Water in well or apply before a storm. You'll move the moles back out of your yard!
  • A new and popular addition to the mole stake line are the Smart Solar Mole Chasers. Customers in sunny regions love these vibrating mole chaser stakes for two reasons. First, installation is easier than with the P3 International solar mole stake. which has to be buried after digging a hole. First, make sure the ground is soft through watering. Next, take the bottom half of the stake and pound it into the ground using a board and mallet (hitting the board). Connect the electric connections to the solar panel, put on the top and the unit begins to charge and operate.Smart Solar also advertises mouse control in your yard as a bonus.
  • The Transonic Electronic Mole & Gopher Chaser Solar Stake is a new unit by Bird X that is solar powered, vibrates and buzzes every 20 seconds plus flashes a downward light every five seconds. Coverage is up to 1/6 of an acre.

Good luck with your gardens and grass.

Sincerely, Barbara

Buying Lengths of Hearth Guard Padding

by Barbara 1. July 2007 06:01
Q: " Hi, I just ordered 19 feet of this product (SF-KEPA-BR, Per Linear Foot, Brown Hearth Pad with Adhesive Tape). Just as I paid for it, it crossed my mind that it might come as 19 individual pieces and 19 continuous feet. Could you please check and let me know? Thanks!"
Answer: You will receive 19 continuous feet.

Q: "Hi, me again. I am sorry to be annoying. But, can you cut off the pieces to fit specific areas?"
Answer: Yes, you can cut this with an exacto knife or sharp scissors. Then you can glue pieces together using glue you would use on PVC pipe.

Comment: We sell Hearth Guard padding both by the foot, by the corner and in kits with a metal frame or without a metal frame. Colors include taupe, black, gray, ivory or brown. Customers sometimes use the padding for other safety reasons such as padding the sharp edge of a low doorway, in warehouses or on playground equipment. We also sell a narrower 1 inch padding for table edges, etc. in black, brown, gray, yellow and ivory in lengths beginning at 12 feet. Matching corners are available.

Please contact us if you have more questions.
Sincerely, Barbara


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