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Amount of Bend in Flood Check Hoses?

by Barbara 1. May 2006 05:04

Question about the Floodchek Hoses

Q: "Hello. I am interested in purchasing a pair of your Flood Check Hoses but have a question regarding their attachment. My washer will be situated no more than 5 inches from the rear wall with the water supply to the right of the washer (same rear wall). Will these hoses attach and bend sufficiently to clear the wall behind my washer without affecting their performance? If not 5 inches, how much space would you recommend in order to attach these hoses to my washer? In case it matters, the machine is a Kenmore Elite HE3T. Thanks."

Answer: You need about 7 inches for the bend. We sell brass e goose neck adapters that reduce clearance to 3.5 or 4 inches.

Thanks for the question.