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Can a Toddler use a Reliefband for Car Sickness?

by Barbara 1. August 2005 04:58

Question about the Product: Relief Band Voyager

Q: " Is the Relief Band safe for toddlers? My 3 1/2 year old boy gets very car sick and I am looking for something that will help him."

Answer: When the Relief Band was first marketed, there was a note that it was for use for children 10 and up. We cannot guarantee positive results. The variables are how large his wrist is and if he would be bothered by the sensations.

Over the years, my employees have used it successfully on children aged 6 and there were no problems with the sensations. The wristband can be made very small. Due to sanitary reasons, this FDA cleared medical device is not returnable.

My own Relief Band test was in July 2005. I took my niece and my grandson on rides at the carnival in my home town of Leechburg, PA. Sara and I rode the Scrambler and then Sara, Will and I rode the Ferris Wheel. And I had zero motion sickness. (I cannot even swing on a swing now without a Relief Band and the last time I road the Ferris Wheel without nausea was when I was in high school.)

My employees and I have used the Relief Band for flu nausea, getting used to bi-focal lenses, migraine headache nausea, car sickness and sea sickness. Our success rate was 100% but the effectiveness varies from person to person. Also remember that the electrodes do contain nickel and the wrist band portion contains latex. We cannot guarantee this will work for you: units are returnable only for manufacturing defects. You must use the conductive gel to get maximum stimulation. There are 5 levels of stimulation. Typically, a person starts at 2 or 3 when you can feel the tingling in your fingers. This would be preventative. If you are ill, up the sensation until you feel better. Then reduce the power to save batteries. Most people get relief within 20 minutes and can turn the unit off. The Voyager batteries cannot be replaced: typically you get 120 hours minimum of stimulation per unit. Priced at under $130, this is a great option to taking drugs that can restrict your activities due to alcohol restrictions, blurred vision, etc. Also using the "patch" means putting it on hours before you travel. Ditto for motion sickness pills. If you want, you can wear one on each wrist.

Thanks for your question.